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Krzysztof Nowakowski
When I think about it, it is really funny why I have started to support @LFC in 1995. Shortly after @StanCollymore was signed. #YNWA #LFC
#olympics2014 round the corner. Lets hope #Sochi2014 will be successful and held in #olympicspirit
Traffic in reading is awful
Said thing about #SochiProblems is that most of people's twitting about them don't care about Olympics. Let sport win #Sochi2014
To anyone in Sochi: I am now in possession of three light bulbs. Will trade for a door handle. This offer is real:
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watched #rudetube #rudetunes. where those people coming from??? :) #queenofvagina , #chocolaterain #isitonyou and many more
Not sure where is that #globalwarming??? its seems like is #globalraining here in #uk its been raining 35 days this year
One more toilet from Sochi including 3 seats for the jury: you start.. voting now. @VStarok:...
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Inability to speak #English while living in the #UK by some of the #polish #immigrants is #shocking. Be #ashamed for your laziness
Another awful performance. Similar to that against villa. Another 2 points dropped
#Gerrard outstanding in a holding role so far. #wbaliv
Good to see @borinifabio29 on fire yet again!! Well done!!!
looks #Ayre couldn't do more. Stubborn Ukrainian President of #Dnipro pulled out from selling #Konoplyanka feel sorry for him
would love to know what was the reason behind fail of #Konoplyanka if @LFC and #Ayre were doing everything possible #confused
Ian Ayre is an easy target. Collapse of this particular deal was not his fault. He was dealing with an impossible owner
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Love the way kid running @FNN_Ukraine made many believe in his sources and updates. #Konoplyanka #DeadlineDay
So all the ITKs a few hours ago are like, "Done deal. Announced 8:30/9." What fucking time zone was that exactly?! #Konoplyanka
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.@BenSmithBBC on Liverpool transfer: "Yevhen Konoplyanka has undergone a medical. Transfer talks still on-going." #DeadlineDay #LFC
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@ViktorVatsko: Дніпро і Ліверпуль, схоже, домовились. Тепер завдання встигнути оформити папери.” Looks like they have agreed terms. #LFC
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anyway if Ayre wont finalize that deal, that will be major failure..few days spent in Ukraine and comeback empty-handed?
according to #Konoplyanka transfer to @LFC will be announce in ten minutes. usually dont believe in twitter,but...
great looks like #Konoplyanka transfer is off disappointing #TransferDeadlineDay
2/2 for me its very similar to transfer of Assaidi...
so #Konoplyanka deal doesnt look promising. Why cant we sign any big name??? Looks like #LFC will sign someone for sake of signing 1/2
no doubt #Konoplyanka is a quality player, but none of players from eastern europe really made an impact in England, so people calm down