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Scott Van Pelt
Thanks to @thecooleyzone for sitting in the last two days. Big fun. @ryenarussillo back from Ibiza Monday.
One week from today, we're kicking off the CFB season with YOU! Come see @notthefakeSVP & @ryenarussillo in Atlanta
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Who will be the best RB in CFB in '14? Spent today with one @Melvingordon25 He's got an eye on @TG3II @Ameerguapo @DukeJohnson_8 All nasty
No place quite like Madison. Always good to be back. Hey @BarstoolBigCat NBD but KBD ?
So are all of us @SVPandRussillo "@BoPelini: @TeamJack The whole team is thinking of you buddy. #TeamJack
Don't know if all these flags are going to sneak up on people when the season starts, but it's going to drive fans insane.
Flames are coming out of Randy Moss' head, y'all. Somebody ice bucket him pronto.
Spooky #notme @JBoydMSU: Great seeing you at Silky O'Sullivan's on Beale Street in Memphis tonight @notthefakeSVP
So...the place where I watch vines of a llama dancing to DMX is the only place I can get any news/updates from #Ferguson ?
Oh hey, Madison. Doing anything next Wednesday? Rumor has it Bald Man on Campus begins.... #OnWisconsin Let's get weird?
He didn't want to wear that hat...but it meant he got birthday cake, so Otis the dog wore it like a boss...
The grassroots baby of @Buccigross the #bucciovertimechallenge is great in season. Better part is now as he awards the $ raised to charities
RT to congratulate Gary Williams on his induction tonight into the Naismith Memorial Basketball HOF! #GaryHOF
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I know it's seemingly been forever, but I look forward to seeing you all Monday with @ryenarussillo on @SVPandRussillo
Look at that salad, Y'all. Hairdo game & pocket square for days "@KCconstrlawyer: Is this @notthefakeSVP ?
I know his record in the playoffs, just like you. Just giving context of opinion w/in the game on Dalton that likely differs from yours.
Had a Super Bowl winning coach tell me on Dalton: "3 straight playoff trips & people talk like he's a bum? GTFOH."
So @dannykanell wants to mock my tie game? When he buys his on a website with matching suspenders? Where can I get the gear in my avatar?
You can play like a genius and win your 3rd major...but if you wobble....just a little...Rinaldi can make you weep.