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Scott Van Pelt
If you missed @notthefakeSVP's One Big Thing on yesterday's events in Canada, listen to it here:
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This guy sure gets mad after people hit bombs off of him.
Lefty passes always work on those tricky numbers. The other team never considers the guy can throw it. Even if they know he's lefty.
Whatever the outcome, this game has been a treat and I was wrong about ND in this one. They have played a fantastic game.
The @UVMmbb tip off dinner happening tonight -- the program welcomes alum @ryenarussillo as guest speaker
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PAC 12 never, ever is trying to let a fella get any sleep.
Sometimes all you can do is tip your cap. This is one of those times. Happy for KC fans. W/O Manny & Wieters O's had a remarkable run.
Dear KC, all that flowery crap about how much I wanted you to make it back to the playoffs and whatnot? Well...that was dumb, wasn't it?
Why the Rams ever messed with this clean, classic uniform is beyond me. Great example of trying too hard to be clever.
Winners are now 73 % for the year after another 4-1 week. If $$Mayweather bet all my picks, Vegas would be his. Friday 2:15 @SVPandRussillo
Bill just cussed a lot. Put em all together in complete sentences.
I gotta go to work. I mean Waco. I gotta go to Waco. #BMOC
Pence has that Wondeland look going. I assume this isn't an original thought.
Cowboys are 3-1 and it sounds like a home game for the visitor for the 2nd time this year. What's the story with that?
Can someone take this guy to the sense of humor store? "@bigeps: @notthefakeSVP Lost to a 3-loss South Carolina team. By 2 scores. #Weak
I'm just gonna put ECU 2. I like their uniforms.
"Winners" now stands at 20-8-2. All were underdogs & 15 of 20 won outright. Sell now, correction coming.
Made me smile. Big "@PhilipRLee: @notthefakeSVP ...Cincinnati Eagles YFB getting the Devon Still jerseys you bought
Ned aint dead, baby. Ned ain't dead. #chopper "@Buccigross: Whoa, ohhhh, here we come. After the Game. #watchout
Lotta red on that board....
I'm wearing a teal tie in support of my friend who's beating cancer & #ocamonth. Please help her raise $ w/ a RT!
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Searched Keegan Bradley Euros crying about slow play is high comedy. Like the game, you invented that too.
Sports x's infinity billion
Sometimes a text message will suffice #TweetAtYourself10YearsAgo
Story time is now a must. "@OutsiderMike: I'm done!!! Just when u think u seen them all.. #tinderdisaster
Az just did what LSU tried to do. Wow. #BearDown
One of the Allman Brothers is Qb for Iowa. Keep it close Gregg.
Too many replies to respond individually but thanks to all who enjoyed One Big Thing. Will be in podcast if you missed it.
We will take the early clarity. Called SD outright. "Winners" goes 4-0-1 with only Rutgers melt preventing the sweep. Nice 10-4-1 start
Google hand, foot & mouth disease. Sounds like something pilgrims or prospectors got. Who the hell gets such a foul sounding malady? Me.
Please never stop "@ryenarussillo: Here is your morning Rusty.
The thread of legacy....and the color of honor. Spend some time & remember what matters.…
One Big Thing today could be special. Need your help. 1:45 on @SVPandRussillo @Bengals @Dev_Still71
What that coming down the track ? It's the mean machine in red & black See you this afternoon Athens. #BaldManOnCampus
To @ScottHanson and all at my favorite channel to watch all year....this isn't some sappy note - put on your diaper and entertain me. Please
Just a gruesome day for B1G underway. Worst case scenario type of stuff.
Oregon has a chin too. Helluva game.