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Here's a dope collaboration that I did with Deathflare! Catch me on the hook, bridge, and second verse. Very...
We are the technology that creates technology.
Nadal needs to turn UP and thrash.
Did you hear "the †ree of knøwledge" yet? If not, get your DOSE OF DOPENESS!… | #Indie #HipHop #Experimental #Awesome
release limited beliefs & unpreferred emotions by breathing them out of your system. imagine them leaving you with each exhale. feel it...
Marshall Mathers > Life Itself.
Who's looking for some mixing and / or mastering? I'm open for business and would like to hook up some more...
entering secondary dreamstate. must retrieve some answers..
life just gets better & better, man.. <3
@Questionnier: when your girl keeps laughing at your homie's jokes” sickening lmao.
If you can't consciously understand the words that I speak in my music, that's okay. As long as you can feel it...
Producing a few more records for my next full-length LP dropping later this year. My first one ("skylines |...
New freshness from the kid Jacey Jasnoch. I'm loving it, and you might, too! #Hatin' |...
We're making choices in every moment. Choice of thought, choice of emotion, choice of action, and even the choice to choose anything at all.
Choice is ruler over belief, and belief is ruler over reality.
What we fear requires the power of our belief to actually occur.
Fear is only full belief that something you'd prefer not to experience will happen inevitably.
maaaarshall maaaathers.
I chuckle as everybody bloodies their bare knuckles.
iiiimmmm taalkingggg squaaare bizzzz.
I'm talking Square Biz to ya, babyyyy.
i·de·al (adjective) 1. satisfying one's conception of what is perfect; most suitable.