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Just shitted out a gallon worth of v8 splash
I'm in Paris thrusday wonder if the comrade @OriginalShyne would come out for a JEWISH meal this time
@TruthTeller410: @noreaga I need to get on my grind”just jog everyday and try n eat right
Rasta vibes everything irie today
@noreaga one of the most genuine people I've ever met. 1 if the few OGs that just want to see young niggas do good 💯
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@TruthTeller410: @noreaga How did you drop all that weight?”<---- smoking crack!!! lol jogging bruh jk
I'm the type of girlfriend that do shit like this in public places 😂😂
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I only got love for ya ass chill
Drunk White man jaywalks with gun...guess what happens? Nothing Because he's white...This is white privilege…
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Somebody tell @E40 water yolla at me mang!!!
Chris Lighty, many of you may have gotten a card like this if you met my brother it may even have had…
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Darrell "Baby Chris" Lighty August 30th 2014 marked 2 years since you past bro it's…
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My shits been smelling like old bogeys from the 7th grade glad I quit cigs I guess this is the detox process
@penaltyent real records #ripchrislighty #thuggedoutmilitainment #goodbeltgang #penalty
Farrakhan on Five Percent Nation Founder Clarence 13X « Forbez DVD Blog…
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Kongrats to my guy @TheRealMikeEpps I can't and couldn't see any one else playing Richard Pryor but him salute!!
U still fucking the same chicks since u was a teen but now u in ya 40's homey grow up
Expand yall should go to Atlanta that place really does exist stop going to war over locals they still gonna be there when u get back facts
Ever year in the summer it's a war over the same exact type chicks ever year I swear it like these dudes never heard of Miami or something
The same dudes from the hood still fucking the same wash up bitchess niggas need to grow up expand and travel da world big FACTS
Ain't it such a good day to have a good day hope you guys enjoy salute
Smoke I just ran 6.07 mi with Nike+. #nikeplus
@purelypositive7: @noreaga How much is Tragedy on the new album?”<---- a lot
Nobody party's like the conglomerate. @BustaRhymes @ShaheemReid salute family
My texts are bugging
@daboydebonair: @noreaga who is ur favorite wrestler?”<---- junk yard dog!!!
All access money mayweather tonight
No nfl on today?
@DJFricktion: @noreaga breakfast club interview was one of the best in years”thx sir
@DIGITAL_DOPEBOY: @noreaga looks like fun :)”OG FUN
@PRIMO_LAKER69:@noreaga: Just chillen on a balcony smoke vaps n blunts” foo U so high U put different socks on 😂”ha
over heard some 1 say @ElliottWilson gives the best interviews then some 1else said NO NORE GIVE THE BEST INTERVIEWS NEVER HAD A rapRADAR 1
Just chillen on a balcony smoke vaps n blunts
Fresh watermelon ,pineapple ,strawberry juice wit a mean salad wit goat cheese and a good grill cheese I'm str8!!!
I always love watching @noreaga interviews... dude got personality n he drops lessons
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@realcormega: @noreaga boss moves”FACTUAL
Going to Europe (Paris) for vacation on my anniversary and birthday @djkhaled ain't the only 1 who changed a lot ha!!
Amsterdam soon
@tymeria_: @noreaga it got you shittin?”<----- facts
I drank too much wine yesterday
@FrankSaucy: @noreaga still bogie free righ?”<---- that a fact god bless u for realizing
Jada told me nore chill u aleady in the elite Jordan club!!! Stop killing em on Instagram I said word peace #juicesforlife #love!! #lox #cnn #goodbeltgang #studentofthegame #goodbeltgang!!!
Had to add to the collection