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@noreaga Can't lie-as the beat built, I 4got about the pain & people used 2 call me "Animal-Angie-Laaa." #Superthug
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Don't tell @butchrock718 and @qb4life that @sigghasnoig drank all the rosay in the lounge Buisness class star alliance gold @united
Been in Europe since beginning of month
@MzABoogieZDOWN: @noreaga STILL Working OUT? U've been part of my inspiration! #Guilt”<---- now U apart of mines!!
This trip will be my 1st time in Austria and Budapest hope they got smoke n blunts !!!
@BillionaireTaj: Shout to my brother @noreaga on the run eating 💰💵”<--- salute my guy ill be back at the end of the month lets get coffee!
In that good Star alliance lounge on our way to Austria
The other day in Denmark Copenhagen they version of Amsterdam
Pollying cnn #theeuropereport #CNN #goodbeltgang #starwoodboyz #spglife
Denmark Copenhagen crowd awesome!!!
Bout to perform in Denmark Copenhagen CNN #theeuropereport
So dope @fatjoe BRUNG out CNN IN BERLIN N WE HAD THE BERLIN GRIMEY ARMY WIT Us real dudes get money In Europe!!!
It's GOIN UP tonite! Fish lunches jumpin for the kids... #CNNEuropeReport #Berlin #SO36 mrsuperslime…
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Sip beers the German 1's Berlin what up!!! #theeuropereport #CNN WE HERE!!!
Berlin we here
Had a dream I met @noreaga so today I'm reminding myself why he's one of the greats
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Amsterdam love U but gotta get back to this tour Frankfurt germany on the way now!!!
I still haven't smoked a cigarette yet can U tell y ???
Enjoy memes folks I'm in yamsterdam doing my favorite thing at @chongman366 @greenplace
This the only pillow talk I do PEOPLE #starwoodboyz #theeuropereport #goodbeltgang
Every year lets be clear in Amsterdam its my year haaaa I love the green place in Amsterdam I went and got a nickle bag this time haha roll wit me lol HIGHER THEN Giraffe tongue HAHAHA get YA MEMES ON
Big shoes to fill ha #spglife #starwoodboyz #theeuropereport
I use to watch Entourage everyday religiously this guy has no idea how much of a fan I am of him and his work n to see him just walking around Amsterdam WAS MIND BLOWING TO ME I DIDNT INTRODUCE MY SELF AS NORE OR NOREAGA I JUST ACT LIKE A FELLA AMERICAN HUMAN N Politely asked for a flick he HUMBLY S
@butchrock718 wake up GAWD don't get caught slipping on tour #theeuropereport #spglife #starwoodboyz @qb4life @sigghasnoig
Gotta end the night wit bud n beers #spglife #starwoodboyz #studentofthegame #theeuropereport