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Thank you so much to everyone who joined us online and onsite. Signing out from @MadinatJumeirah #AwakentheAwqaf
^SF Makes closing remarks and thanks distinguished panel for their participation and valued insights #AwakentheAwqaf
Via ^TAR - “Media is our most powerful tool to promote and propagate Awqaf.” #AwakentheAwqaf
Via ^AA - “You need to exceed the rate of inflation otherwise the value of Awqaf will be eroded.” #AwakentheAwqaf
Via ^HB - “Awqaf should make Sukuk and not donations the prime target. Sukuk are highly regulated and transparent.” #AwakentheAwqaf
"@HHShkMohd's Initiatives is a breath of fresh air for all Awqaf projects," says ^TAR #AwakentheAwqaf
Via ^TAR - “You cannot separate entrepreneurship from Awqaf.” #AwakentheAwqaf
Via ^TAR - “The base of the Islamic Economy is Awqaf!” #AwakentheAwqaf
Audience asks how Awqaf can be a strategic deployment to address society's greatest needs #AwakentheAwqaf
^SMAR again emphasized the need for a "Waqf law" in all countries #AwakentheAwqaf
Via ^SMAR - “Awqaf can play an assesment replacement role.” #AwakentheAwqaf
Audience members raise questions and requests for greater involvment of Islamic banks in developing Awqaf #AwakentheAwqaf
^SF opens up the session to questions from the audeince #AwakentheAwqaf
Via ^HB - “Cash Waqf and temporary Waqf will help solve these strategic problems.” #AwakentheAwqaf
Via ^HB - “The major problem for Awqaf is how to resolve financing issues.” #AwakentheAwqaf
“How can we mobilize a much wider group of people, the common citizen?” says ^SF #AwakentheAwqaf
Via ^SMAR - “Education is important to encourage and develop sustainable projects.” #AwakentheAwqaf
Via ^SMAR - “Donations do not have continuity. We need more projects with sustainability.” #AwakentheAwqaf
Via ^TAR - “My job is to turn over every stone and see what's under it. You have to market yourself and show results.” #AwakentheAwqaf
“The goal is the same, but we can counsel donors to shift focus to the highest societal needs,” says ^TAR #AwakentheAwqaf
Via ^TAR - “Awqaf organizations should act like a consultant to the donors.” #AwakentheAwqaf
Via ^SF - “One of the biggest issue is in shifting the mindset of donors to strategic issues.” #AwakentheAwqaf
Via ^AA - “Awqaf can invest in infrastructure assets as a more conservative approach.” #AwakentheAwqaf
Via ^AA - “Post crisis there is more uniformity in assest allocation strategies.” #AwakentheAwqaf
Via ^AA - “40% of assets disappeared during economic crisis..” #AwakentheAwqaf
Via ^AA - “Many of the endowments are implementing asset allocation strategies” #AwakentheAwqaf
Via ^TAR - “We have proven time and time again that we have professional management. Our partner is Noor Investment Group.” #AwakentheAwqaf
Via ^SF - “Do we have sufficient professional management of Awqaf?” #AwakentheAwqaf
Via ^SMAR - “Where we have helped develop Waqf laws, Islamic banks are coming forward to develop Waqf properties.” #AwakentheAwqaf
Via ^SMAR - “Develop a Waqf law in the countries where the Islamic banks are located - for their protection!” #AwakentheAwqaf
“We have not been successful in the involvement of Islamic banks in the development of Awqaf,” says ^SMAR #AwakentheAwqaf
“People have misconceptions about Awqaf. We need to educate the media,” says ^TAR #AwakentheAwqaf
“Ability to use media is powerful - TV, radio and even social media is vital to send the message out,” says ^TAR #AwakentheAwqaf
“We were able to raise 150 million dirham within 2 years,” says ^TAR #AwakentheAwqaf
Via ^TAR - “With The Family Village we publicized names to encourage others. Advocacy is key” #AwakentheAwqaf
“Endowment Sukuk will reshape the environment in a major way,” says ^HB #AwakentheAwqaf
Via ^HB - “In New Zealand we have been succesful in turning waste into Awqaf revenue” #AwakentheAwqaf
Via ^SF - “What is it that the Islamic Economy has contributed to growing the Awqaf globally?” #AwakentheAwqaf
Panel of experts will explore innovative ways to broaden the positive impact of Awqaf on society #AwakentheAwqaf
Up next: Panel discussion on moderated by ^SF. Stay tuned! #AwakentheAwqaf
^HAQ concluded w/ “Awqaf can and should contribute towards the goal of having a world free of poverty, hunger and conflict” #AwakentheAwqaf
^HAQ thanked @HHShkMohd for his support for the innovative work being done by @DubaiAMAF #AwakentheAwqaf
Did you know? It’s easy to give to Salma, just SMS the word “Salma” to 7750 to donate AED50 and sponsor 5 meals #AwakentheAwqaf
^HAQ: “Thus, a donation to Salma continues to support the needy in perpetuity, as per the principles of a Waqf.” #AwakentheAwqaf
“Salma fills a real need for protein-rich halal food aid in a transparent, sustainable and cost-effective way” –via ^HAQ #AwakentheAwqaf
^HAQ sites another success story in @helpsalma, a global cross-border Waqf initiative for humanitarian food relief #AwakentheAwqaf
^HAQ sites how @DubaiAMAF created second successful example with @helpsalma #AwakentheAwqaf
“Professional management of endowment’s real estate assets means The Family Village is self-sustaining,” says ^HAQ #AwakentheAwqaf
^HAQ sites how @DubaiAMAF successfully implemented these ideas through ‘The Family Village’ #AwakentheAwqaf

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