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Jomari Rosales
"Loving someone that doesn't love you back is like reaching for a star, you know you'll never reach it but you just keep on trying."
As long she's happy I'm happy. I don't really care whatever happens next.
Best friends tend to have secret code names for people they dislike.
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"@MgaPinoyPatama: Nanay : Maghihiwalay na kami ng tatay mo, kanino ka sasama? Anak: Sa boyfriend ko po." Aba malandi. Hahaha! :))
Marijuana is the oldest natural, purest, and healthiest pain relief medication in the world. It's use dates back to 10 B.C.
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I've played the fool Thinking I can catch you off guard and score another night with you. ♫ ♫ ♫ NP: Truth by @Bamboomusiclive
Intelligent people tend to care less about the opinions of others, they also enjoy being alone because of great sense of self.
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Let your love caress me Like the tide embraces the sea Let our soul connection Bring me alive today NP: For My Dearly Departed by Franco ♫♫
When !$#)_$!^$)(@%#@ flu strikes. </3
When a girl cries for a guy it means she really misses him. But when a guy cries for a girl, nobody can love that girl more than him.
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"Emancipate yourself from mental slavery none but ourselves can free our mind." -Bob Marley
Loneliness causes people to take longer baths/showers, sleep longer and over think more.
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You’re not afraid to fall in love, you’re just afraid of falling for the wrong person.
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Hihiga nanaman. Makatulog na kaya?
Pag nakatulog dinaya. -_-"
Kailangan ng mahiga kahit kayang matulog. Mga 4hours na soundtrip lang. Pinapatulog na ng magulang eh. </3 Goodbye cyber world!
Kaninang umaga sobrang down ako. Akala ko kaya ko ng isuko hindi pa pala. Grabe bakit ang lakas ng tama ko sayo?! </3
JGH. What a day with my true friends. <3
She doesn't deserve a guy like me. She deserves better.
Maybe she's just another person passing by, teaching me lessons in life.
Mga tanong na umaasang masasagot...
Pakapalan nalang talaga minsan ang labanan eh. Haha! Sige ate itulak mo yan. :))
Not everyone is meant to be in your future. Some people are just passing through to teach you lessons in life.
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I'll never forget the first day we started talking.
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Just shut the fuck up, ok?
Simpleng bagay lang hindi mo na dapat pinag-aantay eh...
Ngayon ramdam at alam ko na. Sige kunwari walang problema. Kung ganito talaga wala ng dahilan para ipaglaban pa. ♫ ♫ ♫
Kay lamig na umaga.
Buong araw nagiisip ng malalim....
True happiness is not about a big laugh. It's about a simple smile whenever you remember someone who made you simple but completely happy.
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Hay makahiga na nga. Kailangan ng pilitin makatulog. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......
"Crushes are more cute than affairs. No responsibility, no worry, no commitment. Just look at your crush and smile like an idiot."
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When ignored by someone whose attention means the most to you, the reaction in the brain is similar to physical pain.
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We fear rejection, want attention, crave affection, and dream of perfection.
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I hate when you talk to someone every single day & then it just stops. All of a sudden neither of you say a word to each other ever again.
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"Depression is the result of over thinking. The mind creates problems that didn't even exist." Always over thinking. Always depressed. Hay
Masyado na ata akong nangangarap... #FeelingConfused
JGH. Katapos lang mag-basketball. Pagod. Namiss ko maglaro. Haha. ^_^
Can't sleep. -_-"
Her smile is my drug.
why don't weekdays go as fast as weekends do😔
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Minsan naiintidihan mo naman talaga yung isang bagay. Ayaw mo lang talaga tanggapin.
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When you fall in love with someone's personality, everything about that person tends to become beautiful..
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"Don't change the way you are just to make someone else happy. If that person truly loves you, there's no reason for a change."
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Just another day passed....
"No need to rush things, if something is bound to happen it will happen in the right time with the right person and for the best reason."
Yung bagsak ng ulan parang may bagyo nanaman. May bagyo ba?