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leaning towards watching Howl's Moving Castle bc anime never hurt anybody
I feel as though I can barely articulate myself 90% of the time
today is so beautiful wtf
i am not pharrell
RIP. I have insane friends
as soon as darude - sandstorm is played at any club I'm outta there asap
I'm lk the only non-italian at this ball
Vorrei fumare sempre narghilè
box hill is actually so amazing
So many LV bags today, it's almost like we're in 2003 again
EVERYBODY NEEDS TO WATCH Me and Earl and the dying girl lk now
holy fuck that film had me in tears
Hearing people endlessly converse about tinder and I'm ready to kms
I love observing the way humans interact w one another, never ceases to fascinate me
Me and Earl and the dying girl yEz
who can you trust?
Think imma watch a film at the cinema by myself for the first time ever.. should be interesting
one of my german friends I met last semester is in freaking Oman right now?! Wtaf
now I'm eating literally everything, and I'm pregnant so
lowkey wish I was going through that phase in my life where I thought 90% of food gave me acne.
I think the wind has almost successfully knocked me out this evening
I've made a positive impact in this world.
I've consumed more sugar than a coca cola factory today
I went full black last night #sorry
The shops are open.. but their minds are closed.
actually who am I kidding
I need to revert back to my old ways, this lethargy thing isn't cutting it 4me
tonight was a beautiful mess
I thought about Zanzibar for the first time in a while earlier
today was shit af
the amount of times I've misplaced my SD card today is just unreal
I despise tutorials that grade you based on how much verbal input you make in class, lk I can't help my introverted self
os odio a todos malditos hijos de puta
hard times ain't hard to find..
spending my afternoon watching 4 guys trying desperately to knock over a slushie bucket w a footy ball. #nice
today is so beautiful and I'm stuck in an accounting lecture
anyway, off to bed.. It's been a long day of accomplishing absolutely nothing. enjoy the photograph I took earlier x
all I'm thinking about is how I don't have anymore facon left. I'm depressed
everyone is losing their shit w this new McDonald's nugget deal like why
i really wanted to watch the vma's up until I stumbled across Kanye posts and I'm like nahhhh
sleeping is SO much better than rl
what kind of film title is Babadook wtaf
i keep giving myself excuses to go to woollies every 30 mins.. no wonder I'm broke
I'm legit going to kms w the amount of food I've eaten today
I've been awake for five minutes and my iPhone's battery has reduced by 10% already

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