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trying to keep myself from crashing asleep by watching films, this isn't going to end well. #fukUjetlag
i want to watch Paper Towns tho
SBS On Demand gives me life in times like these
It's now a quarter past 01:00 and I'm awake & screwed
that was actually a huge mistake
alors, maintenant j'essaierai dormir pour le première fois depuis plus que 48 heures #pray4mi
I'm literally going to dump everything into a trash bag and donate
these clothes are driving me to the brink of insanity
where could I find an on-campus house keeper
well, since it's 05:30 and I'm jet-lagged af I'm just gonna proceed to unpack everything
yh I need to purchase gloves a$ap
wearing a peacoat w joggers. Aka committing the biggest fashion sin possible. it's k tho bc air travel is an exception to the rule
It's refreshingly cold actually. #megusta
I'm back in Melbs putas✨✨✨
Australian immigration forms 😓🔫
can't be with the one you love, then love the one you're with
dramaz in the skies
i'm pretty certain the lass sitting behind me has Ebola
so close yet so far✨🐨6
Kudos 2me for being the most socially-connected jet setter. where's my award?
oh and 2 hrs 30 mins left yez
decent wifi onboard this time?
everyone @ this airport looks just like Moby wtf
I'm sitting adjacent to this odd couple going on about the most dumb topic of conversation OMG what is life
and I'm not even in oz yet
That was legit the worst flight of my life
high-maintenance 90's puta
I'd much rather not spend upwards of $200 on textbooks rn or EVER
professors need to stop emailing me. They give me anxiety
bless mum for sending me motivational quotes on the daily to ease my venting
I've been in & out of DXB more times than I have w a burger joint, and DXB isn't a fast-food outlet lol.
j'suis tellement fatigué mentalement
okay what happened to mobile Twitter
wanna get lost w me?
so I'm nowhere near where I want to be and yeah that's all I have to say
also I'm really just sad to be leaving home
I've just witnessed a 45 y/o man wearing crocs at the airport. He should be ashamed of himself
yeah.. I'm gonna need more help than I thought
I forgot how colourful Australian currency is
this waking up at 14:00 thing won't cease until I land in Melbourne jet-lagged af in 2 days.
why do asos models do this awkward bounce/hop in every "View Catwalk" thing¿
tweet modifying needs to happen now plz
Slumdog Millionaire is the saddest film ever why am I watching this?!
watching dad live in Kenya courtesy of CNN. oh hay
my whole life is a life. I legitimately thought I was 5ft 11 this whole time, when I'm really just 5ft 9.
down the rabbit hole 🐇🎩
"if you want to please a real lady, give her your chicken, chicken, dick" 😂�lr
uniqlo probs has the most boring-looking/shapeless clothing. You're better off shopping at target tbh

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