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Карамело Класс
من العايدين ومن الفايزين
Need someone to have sushi with and complain about uni in between lectures.
Guys that think they're top shit... Pls.
When someone makes u take out ur headphones to say something pointIess
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Is it bad that I hate everyone in my course?
U should feel lucky to have my $79 lipstick kisses all over your face. Ur probably used to those cheap tricks kissin u w their .99 cent lips
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My baby lives in shades of blue..
So glad I reverted to iOS 7 before it was too late.. #nightmare
We will level the necks of our enemies.
Of course the new iPhone fucks up just when I'm willing to buy it.. #smh
i'm literally not joking when i say i hate humans
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Today's going to be so shit. I can just feel it.
"You better get that shit away from me.. " 🚫🐹
Great. Not only is my phone moving at the speed of a sloth,I can't even ASOS shop without the app crashing thnx to iOS8.#regretupdatingsobad
This update has made me realise how desperate I am for a new phone... And a life.
Heading off to bed now. Don't wanna miss out on tomorrow's "spring break" antics such as heading off to the library for 7hours. #fml
I don't even know what priorities are anymore
Only I would stay up till 2am cleaning a filthy apartment toilet.
Retail therapy is the best kind there is.
This 3000 word essay will be the end of me.
There's honestly no point for me to even take a glance at the new iPhone 6. Will never be able to afford it given the current circumstances.
Taking a fish&chips lunch break 🐟
It's meant to be spring. Still bloody cold.
Sprink break... Pfft! catch-up-with-almost-overdue-assessment-week is more like it in my case. #Wuaiiii #Daysinthebilbliotecha
This cutie just came up to me randomly saying "Mahraba" she meant مرحبا😭❤️
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Les gens me disent, "L'espoir fait vivre". Such a perfect night 😍👌
Guys that wear way too much cologne make me want to throw up on their face.
when I see people woofing I'm like were you a dog in a past life are you ok
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~ Si bô 'squecê me, 'M ta 'squecê be, Até dia Qui bô voltà ~
Srs don't know how I'm going to push myself to attend this formal event looking like 💩.
Those New York Fashion Week snap stories are just..... 😍🔫
Why do I agree to have study sessions in the library?¿
- Reasons for not replying - 1) I'm busy 2) You're boring 3) I'm mad 4) You replied with one word 5) I'm on twitter 6) I've died
Comment m'faire vivre ? Je suis un zombie.
Let the only sound.. be the overflow
Sandalwood frankincense is quite possibly the best thing I've ever invested in. #holychakra
Saturday Chills con mis amigos. 🍹#BadFrankies
My face looks absolutely horrendous in other people's photos lately. Idek