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Карамело Класс
I swear, some devout gym fanatics eat as if they're obese..
This pain is making me want to die rn. #owwwww
🎈I just want to recover.
On peut faire beaucoup avec la haine, mais encore plus avec l'amour.
Hey kids!! This is what happens when you get all four of your wisdom teeth pulled out.. 😩😁#sahhhmuchpain #whathappenedtomyface #humanballon
Fuckin hell! Sleep just always seems to escape my system when I want it most.
Take me, away across the ocean...
Wishing a very happy birthday to a beautiful artist with an equally enchanting voice @LanaDelRey 😍
if I actually like you 😍 , be happy because I hate everyone 😭
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Mehhhh time calls for some sleep 😴😴✌️
I'm still confused about you 😕
'Guns in the summertime, drink a cherry cola lime..' 🔫☀️🍹🌊
Forever in love with people I've never met and places I've never been..
Fml with not being able to sleep every night honestly... #thisIsSerious
'Come on down to Florida'☀️🌊🌴 🍹💵🔫 #LDR #NewAlbum #FloridaKilos #Ultraviolence #Yaayo
ultraviolence tracks are all over the top 100 on itunes. slay
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Churros with the one and only @shazzsalehzahi ❤️✌️#diabetesagain