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Une immense espérance a traversé ma peur
I look like an old man, but I miss this so much 🍁�
98% of the posts on my instagram feed tonight are of Americans doing American things
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Prolonged eye contact makes me so uncomfortable.. like hello I have nowhere else to look¿
does anybody else find family dinners incredibly awkward?
le corps, l'âme, et l'esprit 🌀#mantraa
whenever I look outside and it's overcast, I wonder if there's a chance it'll rain. I then realise it's summer and I'm in the desert.�#aridd
being nocturnal is unsettling. I wish to have my old sleeping pattern back.
Perché soy gordo these days tbh
strangely, ramadan has not affected my weight at all this year.
I think Departures is the only travel show that I find inspiring and interesting, contrary to the rest. Nat Geo is literally life. 🌐
I'm so used to being crazy ahead of time in Aus, and now that I'm in the Middle East the time difference w everywhere is refreshingly decent
staying hydrated at 05:00 is a horrible idea
could I just have one of those careers where I'd essentially snapchat people's lives for them?
nervously pacing around my living room as if I'm mad. Average
It's a Bonobo kind of day
how I woke up feeling more tired than when I went to bed is beyond me..💀
So it's 04:00 and I'm finally going to bed. #nocturnal4ever
قيام الليل✨
However; should I be a passenger in a plane taking a 180° nose-dive, the last thing i'd scream would be "what the fuck" lol
I've seen that Egyptian prank show thing just about everywhere now
It's okay to be ugly, as long as you have 💸💸 it's all good
just a gal that likes to relax by reading about mexican drug cartel executions 😊
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Today's buzz cut was so rough, I'm surprised the barber didn't slice my throat w the blade
bye Apple Music
I think my loyalty lies w spotify tbh
wearing a dishdasha becomes problematic when people start speaking to me in Arabic...
actually the new music app on iOS 8.4 has screwed up all the album artwork so idk
could people pls not invite me to play 8 ball pool on fb.. can barely play sht in real life lmao
the new music app is so good, I've been on it for 2 hours now since I've updated. I need to sleep
OMG 😂😂😂😂 I don't know why I laughed so much at this!…MOUV
I need to update my phone, iOS 8.3 has been so buggy
Having no responsibilities is amazing! I can finally fulfil my desire to binge-watch Departures!111 YEz
we all claim to be unique in our own right, but us humans are really just the same shit tbh
I've found so many doppelgängers this year, I should be hired by some specialised detective agency
in the mood to watch another life-changing film rn
the music that we make, will heal our mistakes and lead us. 🌿🌵
it's too early in the morning to be doing this, bye. 😴
Reached 7000+ tweets!! many thanks to all those who've stuck along regardless of my nonsensical trash 💋
I feel like I have an identity crisis
literally while making dinner for guests, she PURPOSELY drops the pizza on it's face. like wtf shit takes effort to make
house keepers are quite irritating to say the least
I literally look and feel preggers in all my clothes now. Food is the worst
I didn't know what to expect tonight but it was pretty incredible tbh

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