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*goes to market w objective of buying weekly fruit & veg* *ends up buying a skeleton onesie*
Christmas decor scares the fuck out of me tbh
this is giving me srs caitlyn jenner feels..…
lol what's a social life
i've literally done nothing all day. This is shamin'
listening to mass ultraviolence songs pour le première fois in a long while
got ur bible, got ur gun
is that's so raven really making a comeback?!?! Don't play w my feels plz
i love old people on facebook, they're all adorable
everything is good
i don't remember anymore... what i used to be
"just cruising past the G" .. are you fucking kidding me
i think i'm going to start wearing black everyday for the rest of my life
Rüfüs smashes again
timehop just makes me want to weep for the past, present and even future me
my marketing lecturer is literally life 0mg😂
what kind of 20 y/o dyes their hair grey like you wanna be 70 that bad
why I can't I have friends in any of my lectures smh
i have never experienced snow in my entire life
especially when I'm not there.. fak
of course it's snowing in Canberra
Everyone's life is ending one minute at a time
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I always see snaps of people getting free food at uni, but I'm like always either asleep, attending a lecture, or dead so..
I'll just pursue my lifelong dream of finding a cave somewhere in Ethiopia and become a recluse
100% done w living on campus
people who eat cup noodles in their bedroom are so disgusting. The stench is fucking toxic lk ew
I hate Tuesday nights and I hate people. good night x0
I don't want to do this anymore. #done
lecturers always getting my name wrong
my room is so cold, I legit dress up like a burglar from the sims before going to bed.
could i just be japanese pls
it's a soothing delight, and it's moving my life
kylie's been 17 for 5 years until today lmao
on this tram w @_hannahmarco accompanied by annoying school kids
Ci aveva studiato tutte le parole, una dopo l'altra, in ordine alfabetico.
at least I walked 6 k's today, I mean it's gotta count for something right?
uh experiencing major regret/nausea bc I've pretty much eaten my entire life today. i'm a disgusting human being
يوم كامل بدون سكر
San churro literally takes 5 years to bring food over like hello¿???
cartoon-network should really have a 2000's screening session or something bc their new stuff is absolute rubbish and i miss my childhood
Vegemite is actually the most amazing thing wtf is wrong w me
ratchet people are my guilty pleasure
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okay so she's Lana del rap now

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