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I'm SUCH a people person. Lol I stay making friends. #UWG18
I refuse to get far and get a face full of pimples while I'm in college. I will do EVERYTHING in my power to avoid that.
Somebody come fw me @LexDaJeezus & @Niyahs_World in the meeting room on the 3rd floor in CP. #UWG #UWG18
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somebody come fw me @LexDaJeezus & @arielxo__ in the meeting room on the 3rd floor in CP. #UWG18 #UWG
Plot twist ... We make it
I'm still eating.
Is there a party or sum tonight or nah? 😩#UWGG#UWG188
β€œ@Niyahs_World: Who is staying in the oaks? #uwg πŸ˜©β€
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Who is staying in the oaks? #uwg 😩
Hardest part of this whole process .. Saying bye.
And I done did everything but trust these hoes
I find myself constantly making sure my brother is good. Like i really do care bout ty like he my own brother fr. Nun but love @Tyzaryhud1
Had to check up on my little brother
ooo.. who are you?.. What the F**k it do?
this world really gay
deleted all my tweets
Cherish What You Got Cause It Could Be Gone In One Second !
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I need signs I need some guidance
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I have a blockage.
When I cry over one thing, everything else that makes or has made me mad just surfaces too... Let it all out
11 pm: I think I might go to bed early tonight 3 am: lol
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I have A LOT of anger built up .
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Typing that message made me fuckin cry ..
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Why y'all up? Don't y'all got school in the morning !?
Lol I had to sound sick and shit with the manager. But I'm Finna walk up in there healthy as HELL to pick up my check. πŸ‘
I called in sick today for work πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Like what if everything I ever wished for and hoped for doesn't happen and everything just goes completely south? 😳
I just got scared asf yo
Ever just get nervous asf?
I like my cereal crunchy and my milk cold.
@Niyahs_World 😘😘😘 I love you too ! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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