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Soooo before.... Nobody knew what " u guessed it " was.... Now they making vines and stuff using it.... YALL ALWAYS RUIN A SONG BRA DAMN.
Okay he not gone get slapped no more 💍💕
Daryl gone get slapped. 😤
"@wsbtv: Final tests confirmed a Cobb County jail inmate does not have the Ebola virus:" DUH😹
You spose to have family to fall back on... SPOSE to
First one died. Second one....
Ion gotta dad bra.
I really learned that nobody will understand the depth and meaning behind your relationship but you and yours. 🙌
Damn...words can really hurt.
😆😆 Y'all JUST now catching on to the government's antics..Y'all needa catch up..How many of you know about the meeting on jekkyl island?😴
Ariel better stop talking to higher ordered authority like that before they tupac her ass.. No known killer.
BREAKING: Cobb Co. Jail inmate being tested for Ebola Man says he recently traveled to Africa.
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I wish I had 2k in my room
Cobb county is just a funny place. Like if the virus is really there, you gone see people walking around with scrubs on cuz they so extra.
It's not even hard to be loyal and stick with one person.
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laying in my room just vibing
i'm tired jesus wept
one good girl is worth a thousand bitches
leave a pretty girl sad REPUTATION
should i be worried?
What's loveeee? It should be about us.. It should be about trust babe
I think I'm the only one who occasionally gets on my computer to get on twitter sometimes..i'm just to lazy to pick up my phone
Me and @Niyahs_World went innnnn at the gym 😂😂#BallisLifeife 😭
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Really having a bad day.
everybody go tell my sis @Snoblifestyle_ happy birthday. I love you suhh 😘
I feel like shit.
Ion know why brayah think she Finna be indoors tmmrw. Tf
“@Niyahs_World: Lex is called to be a DJ”nigga. 😒
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Lex is called to be a DJ
If I say " lol " to you or if I SAY " lol " to you...i don't care enough to actually formulate a response. Sorrynotsorry
Baby told me to go to sleep cuz I gotta get up early so goodnight. 😣😤
Weekend well spent ! 😈💚☺
I will be great because of her. 🙏
Heaven couldn't wait for you. #RIPMrsGrant gone too soon ❤
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We are not the same, because we knew you. #RIPMRSGRANT
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Even though ms grant got on me for the 3 years I took her class, she loved me like I was her own .. I felt that she did.
Just heard about another death. Please please please, tell me this isn't true lord. #RIPMRSGRANT
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Words can not expressed how saddened I am by the news I just received. #RIPMRSGRANT
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cancer is a hard thing to fight.. God didn't want her to fight anymore. #ripmrsgrant she was such a beautiful woman.
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