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Nix Samson ♔
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Everyone's in their halloween costumes. This is ours.. The nerd and brief man 👻🎃 #tiredcouplenotimeforparties
I need a foot massage
I need a massage. Tired from wooork 😕
Lulu and Hooch's Grand Opening a while ago! #luluandhooch 👏
Legit Filipino style of eating. Buuurp! 👌#boodlefight
I'm the queen of the world!!! 👑
Bonfire🔥night 🌌 by the 🌊
Baseball ootd ⚾️👟
Lee min ho is back. Bwisitor. 🇯🇵
Pangasinan in a bittt 🚘
Sunnies 😎 by Singit.
Listening to my student's song while getting ready. #VocalCoachIppushKo @hannahbols 😂❤️
I don't wanna hear about it ✋"@marjlums: Guess whos my date awhile ago. He ate kitkat ice cream 😂😂@nixsamsonson”
Testing testing 🎂
My dog scratches the crap out of my skin. I've got scratches everywhere
Gusto ko ng cream o! Yung blue!!!! 😫
😒 (@ DFA Consular Office in Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila)
Yes this is our morning conversation 😂💩💩�
Italian for dinner. Burp! Thank you for the dinner babalu 🍝🍕🍗
Happy 75th anniversary Quezon Cityyyy 🙆
He was staring at me like that while I eat. I keep on yelling MAX!!! Coz I'm scared on how the f he looks hahaha
I say to myself "he's sucha lucky guy" to have a girl like me, is truly a dream come true. Hahaha! #Justyourimagination Happy 30th baba! Baka maka sleep ako later. 💋💕 thank you for always loving me through my darkest days & being patient, like really patient with my mood swings through thick and t
Pls slow down time. So nervous for fridayyy. #speakingtest
@SteveStfler: I love the Kardashians because they literally do nothing and that's why they are famous and it's so inspiring honestly”
Loooove surprises 💕
Missin this ostrich 👑 @tataluntayao
I want The Huddle's wings!!! To die for 🍗🍖
This ielts review is giving me a headache 😑
Thanks for the dinner babe. @HeromeOfficial 🍷🍴 be home safe 💋❤️
I feel sooo tired. All i did was eat. Wth
Lunch time (@ 鹿港小鎮 Lugang Café - @LugangCafe in Quezon City, Metro Manila)
Sino may scanner and printer sa bahay. Pwede pumunta? Hahaha
Being a person is getting too complicated. Time to be a unicorn 🌈
Miss you daddy. Hope u can see everything up there ❤️
Ain’t nothin’ better, We beat the odds together. I’m glad we didn’t listen Look at what we would be missin’ ❤️☺️
Walking dead season!! 👻