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Nix Samson ♔
Hhahahahaha! Happy monthsary. Pagod sa pagkain 😴 😂 @heromeunofficial
Thinking abt Channing Tatum, Chris Evans and Bradley Cooper's abs before going to sleep. Omg thank you for this advice betterhalf @nixsamson
Retweeted by Nix Samson ♔
Painting Exhibit today at Lulu & Hooch! But seriously i don't get it. 200k for one? 💭 #whowouldspendthat
Kiddie meal. Hahaha currieee. 🍔🍟
My favorite time of the year ❤️🎄🎅 #December
I swear they make the best Biscocho ever. Obsessed ever since! ❤️❤️ thanks to Mang Homie (herome's dad)😬
Break after how many hours! Busy day. Everyone just had their paychecks. 💸
Am I too late to jump in the Jack Daniels band wagon? 😂 OOTD for the Mockingjay night! Thanks for the date babe 💙 @heromeunofficial
Max eating his Malunggay. 🌿Hahaha! I miss you bud! 🐶❤️ #maxthemaltese
Hahahahahahah so someone's trying to ruin us @HeromeOfficial POGI PROBLEMS! Ate @serina_sy Fuck off di mo ikasisikat yan dun ka sa showtime
Choo choo! 🚂💨 #throwback @gaius954
My face when it's a Sunday and u need to get ready for work 😒
Don't mess with people who handle your food 😉
Home from workkk. Next work.. Dealing with @HeromeOfficial 's snoring. 😓
I could conquer the world with just one hand.. As long as you're holding the other ❤️ #bestrelationship
Happy Birthday Baaabe! @hannahbols ❤️ penge boobs at pwet next month na bday ko ha! Hahaha. Loveyou! 😽
1190 php for an iPhone charger cord? U kidding me Apple!? #stillboughtit #justranting :( :(
Torn between pressing the check out button or not. Gerard cosmetics! Yes? No? Yes? No
Just watched Blood Ransom Trailer and the comments..... embarrassing lol
OS X Yosemite upgrading
I'm actually a very nice person until you piss me off
Retweeted by Nix Samson ♔
Selfie before shower. (Can you tell by my greasy hair?) 😛
"Bakit hindi mo nililike yung picture ko?" -MommaSwan hahahaha 👻
Everyone's in their halloween costumes. This is ours.. The nerd and brief man 👻🎃 #tiredcouplenotimeforparties
I need a foot massage
I need a massage. Tired from wooork 😕
Lulu and Hooch's Grand Opening a while ago! #luluandhooch 👏
Legit Filipino style of eating. Buuurp! 👌#boodlefight
I'm the queen of the world!!! 👑
Bonfire🔥night 🌌 by the 🌊
Baseball ootd ⚾️👟
Lee min ho is back. Bwisitor. 🇯🇵
Pangasinan in a bittt 🚘
Sunnies 😎 by Singit.
Listening to my student's song while getting ready. #VocalCoachIppushKo @hannahbols 😂❤️
I don't wanna hear about it ✋"@marjlums: Guess whos my date awhile ago. He ate kitkat ice cream 😂😂@nixsamsonson”
Testing testing 🎂