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Nitzz Crpa
#MohitChauhan #Challa #np superb...i don't understand most of the lines but it's superb
There's hard to find someone who cares about you,misses you and loves you back as much as you do...
The friendship between me and you:I will not compare it to a chain for that rain might rust,or the falling tree might break.
Come back and hey oh...listen what i say oh...
I play cricket bcoz i love this sport with true heart <3
I dont fight because i just want peace...Buddha who have give all his lives in search of peace have shown many ways and i just walk that way
Ya Allah! Give me a heart of love so that I can pray for people who hurt or disappoint me.
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Good morning twitter world....getting ready for some running....see u....
@shreyaghoshal : good mng didi :) have a nice day :) luv u sooooooo much :)
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You may want to crawl into a safe place and let the world pass... More for Aries
Damn just feels sleepy when no one's here :( good night all
Never change yourself just because someone does'nt like the way you are
The two most unforgettable day of your life if you are a Sgian (1)YOu wishing @shreyaghoshal happy b'day (2) when you meet @shreyaghoshal :)
Valentines coming...1 week remaining :) @shreyaghoshal i'm definetly gonna say Firstly ILY to u and then comes other :) love u sooo much di)
Timi aayau-Love forever #Np @shreyaghoshal mad addicted to this song :)
I can hear anything about me but i promise is you tell anything about my parents you are gone..
@shreyaghoshal Want that hyper insomniac masterchef kiddo Shreya back who used to tweet so much !! 😔
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@shreyaghoshal eagerly waiting for 9february. Will see U again on tv..(GiiMA Award). :D
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RT @Tanjina_SG: @shreyaghoshal eagerly waiting for 9february. Will see U again on tv..(GiiMA Award). :D
A good friend is hard to find...harder to leave and impossible to forget