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if she's acting up, dick her down 🍆
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And they wonder why I'm still staying around🙊🙈💦👅
I remember the first time you went down low , no one did it like youuuu😜😝🙊
i could be so mean & nasty , but when you mature speaking on someone's struggle is so beneath you!
Like fr! I'll be glad when Laronnie get my radio put in! Tired off listening to 100.1😒
A car without an AUX cord is the WORST
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I've never cheated!
If I'm talking to you, I want you and only you. But if you wanna fuck around and slut around be my guest . I just won't cuff your hoe ass
Sometimes you just need to distance yourself from people. If they care, they'll notice. If they don't, you know where you stand
Be with someone who brings out the best in you, not the stress in you
My night/morning was wonderful 👅💦🙊
@TwYYYYn_Boy: "Can't Run From Ya Feelings"”
Maybe I'll chill when somebody pop me in it!
I got a mouth on me😩😂😂😂I see why people don't like my little ass but... who cares not I 😝
now everybody tht know me , knows my mouth to slick😼
I Have NO BEEF With NOBODY. Im Chilling 😎 Might Have A Couple Of BITCHES And NIGGAS That Dont Like Me But They Ain't Making NO NOISE
Ion mess up happy homes😬 but i am single😏 & i like to play😝
aww man that bitch she go hard. Put it on me I'm like owhhh Lord😏
a nigga that's a real solider stripped up like a Sarg & you see that respect n love he getting from his Squad💂💏
that make you wanna save that pus-y if he get some time🔐⏳
I'm not bothered by yo Dissing you was in yo Feelings😅