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Nile Rodgers
We fly from Curaçao tonight to Ireland, then back back to NY Sunday, how far do we divert on flight home?
I'm in one of my adopted homes #Curaçao, but grab a private jet to #Ireland, my other home after the tonight's show
a little more info on that work experience ting from @nilerodgers check it -
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RT @nilerodgers: A beginner's guide: Five essential Nile Rodgers tracks | GoThinkBig
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#PatMonahan from the group @train hanging at my studio. He were supposed to be there 1hr and stayed 4. Great guy
A beginner's guide: Five essential Nile Rodgers tracks | GoThinkBig
Freaks we want u? @GoThinkBig to help @nilerodgers & @RudimentalUk REMEMBER we need more than just musicians!!!
RT @silasthehobbit: I liked it the original way-Me too-I also like "Rappers Delight" & "Mo Money Mo Problems"-The originals don'd go away
"Landed in Curaçao on good old terra firma. The more firmer the less terror." Is how it should have read!
Today marks the 51st Anniversary of the historic #MarchOnWashington. Celebrate with @PBS.
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On a plane flying to @curacaonorthsea in the groove section @nilerodgers seated in front of me and @maceoparker behind me...sweet spot!🎸🎷🎶🔥
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Touched down in Miami. Gotta run to connecting flight.
Hey Ireland! – CHIC feat @nilerodgers play @electricpicnic this Saturday night - August 30th on the Main Stage @ 12.30am!
Another day, another airport. heading to Curacao via Miami. AA2451
.@nilerodgers + @RudimentalUk want young people to help them remix Chic's Le Freak - find out how with @GoThinkBig
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RT @barrywalker64: Hey just read your excellent book on holiday. Big thanks for sharing. Every page beautifully composed! {Thx so much}
RT @Caroline_Music_: @nilerodgers why the age restriction? {It's UK law.} I had my 1st job at 11 yrs old, but even the US has changed this.
#TimeToPlayALittleDisco @nilerodgers Bloody love this! Nile Rodgers - Do What You Wanna Do (IMS Anthem) …:
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NILE RODGERS and RUDIMENTAL invite young fans to help remix Chic's 'Le Freak'. #musicnews
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.@RudimentalUk & @nilerodgers team up with @GoThinkBig to remix Le Freak, creating 100 job roles for young people -
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"Who dat, who dat. "Who dat, who dat. Get down with Rudimental and we do dat do dat."
"Who dat, who dat. Get down with Rudimental and we do dat do dat."
ICYMI: We want YOU to help remix @nilerodgers' classic track Le Freak WITH the man himself AND @RudimentalUk! #music
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If you're in the UK between ages 16 and 24, and want a real shot to get into the music business, we're looking...
Another awesome day with Alex Newell from @GLEEonFOX today. He's a vocal beast!
Alex Newell and crew at my house. This was the start of a perfect day of #music #lyrics #singing & #guitar playing.
Alex Newell aka @ANew92 from @GLEEonFOX playing @nilerodgers air guitar. His voice is OMFG serious! WOW!
RT @GeoValentine: @nilerodgers I want the story behind THOSE jeans. Those are AWESOME!! {My jeans are classic Gucci by Tom Ford.}
Alex Newell from @GLEEonFOX is at my studio killing this track. He is amazing!
This goes out to Duran Duran Bruno Mars and Kathy Sledge and you can thank Sam Smith. I was happy to just give...
Here's the serious reason I supported the ALS Challenge. I'll be posting the fun version I did in London shortly.
RT @HousesOfCandy: @nilerodgers Maybe it's the Fishing Spider? #creepy {You are on point! I'd never seen one before.}