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Nile Rodgers
RT @HFernandezradio: @nilerodgers Talking about guitar solos. Its you on "Golden girl" by Al Jarreau, on the album L is for Lover? {Oh YEAH}
Quantum Break Gets 16-Minutes of Gameplay Footage
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RT @RFerdenzi: @nilerodgers Any chance of you appearing on stage with @Johnny_Marr on his current UK tour? {There's always a chance!}
RT @tobyontour: @nilerodgers Is all the guitar on Let's Dance you with Stevie Ray Vaughan just doing the (understated great) solo? {Yes.}
.@QueensChristine devrait jouer un titre avec le génial @nilerodgers à la soirée anniversaire des 30 ans de Canal+. Dingue.
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WOW! @ashimashiraishi's @TEDxTeen talk has almost TEN THOUSAND views in two days!! Watch Ashima's talk HERE:
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#TBT "Lose Yourself To Dance" #DaftPunk ft. Pharrell Williams Nile Rodgers
This is the dude I've talking about since last summer: Mystery Skulls "Number 1" ft. Brandy and Nile Rodgers
Haute Event: 2014 Angel Ball Raises $3.7 Million For Cancer Research
The 2014 Angel Ball was emotional for me. I have more than 3 years cancer free. All the performers smoked it too!
Me and the mega-talented @iamjamiefoxx at rehearsal today.
I caught 3 different species of birds in a feeding frenzy after big fish chased tons of smaller fish into my lagoon.
"Lost In Music" tuning up and jamming!!!
RT @vitadivina: @mashrou3leila @nilerodgers @CokeStudio3rabi LOVE IT! Any concerts planned in the UAE? {YES! New Year's Eve!}
highlight of our @CokeStudio3rabi experience was meeting @nilerodgers. here's what the song we worked on together!
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RT @PeteAlsop: @nilerodgers @fredbillon @danke412 do the cs9 and dd3 just being in line affect much? {Yes, but my hands work around it.}
RT @fredbillon: @nilerodgers @PeteAlsop @danke412 How about compression Doc? {BUT: I rarely record the compression only mix with it.}
RT @fredbillon: @nilerodgers @PeteAlsop @danke412 How about compression Doc? {No comp on live gigs but it depends on the vibe for recording}
RT @PeteAlsop: @nilerodgers @danke412 Normal or Bright! Any Reverb? {The most important thing is the guitar level is 7 to 8 & 10 for solos
RT @PeteAlsop: @nilerodgers @danke412 Normal or Bright! Any Reverb? {Normal, The Hitmaker is bright reverb}
RT @Arseburgers: @nilerodgers @danke412 Please tell me that atleast one of them goes upto eleven! {I do have an amp that does.}
RT @danke412: @nilerodgers would you like to tell us about your guitar amp settings? {Fender Hot Rod Deville 4x10 amp V-3 T-7 B-5 M-6 P-10}
RT @sultanshepard: Watching @aboveandbeyond live at Madison Square Garden. #epic {I wish I were there. Yo guys!}
RT @sophchang: @nilerodgers Holy shit, is that a praying mantis? 1 of my favorite kung fu styles ever! {Northern or Southern? I'm Hung Gar}
RT @Bondey: @nilerodgers @Andbren Spiders are scary. I wonder if Nile is scared of them. {No. I've only had one serious bug bite ever.}
RT @Andbren: @nilerodgers Must be the New England thing. I have spiders in all sizes in my house. They eat bugs don't kill them. {I don't!}
RT @linda2862: @nilerodgers we get little spiders in England #autumn :-) {Same here. I have spiders throughout my entire house.}
Why does all the wildlife want to come into my house?
Hit Medley -- Nile Rodgers, نايل رودجرز -- Coke Studio بالعربي S03E05
@nilerodgers How did I miss this? Fantastic Get Lucky -- Mashrou' Leila & Nile Rodgers…
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