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bakit ganun ngayon lang nag-sink in na di akO PASADO SA LA SALLE
Retweeted by Nikki
Can i just cut everything off
Here's to the guys we've lost 🍻@tyrinecanteroo@CindrElaaaa
"You should not have to rip yourself into pieces to keep others whole"
If these exams get postponed again, I swear I will kill every living creature I see (except for my friends)
Tired af πŸ’€
Dahil mahal namin ang San Beda! #PaskongBedista2014 Alabang at Mendiola! Back to back to get you #deuced 12.17.14
Retweeted by Nikki
Happy birthday! @chrstnncnnzd πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ‰
Training finally πŸ’ͺ
Thank you, whoever you are 😭�
Biolab + chemlec tomorrow jayzuz halp us
Happy birthday @dianebongar! Have a safe day & stay dry πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ‰
I'm sorry guys, I give up 😭
JA // biggest crush omg guyth he is perf πŸ™Œ kidding hehe sorry for everything, and i hope our friendship will be stronger πŸ™ˆ
LD // forever bffs pala ha πŸ”« visit us soon please and i miss you homie πŸ˜™
KCB // oh hi there, i miss you and your bookmarks πŸ™ didn't really see you during graduation. I miss your hugs too, may I have one soon?
FI // guys kung brownout sainyo, siya sisihin niyo πŸ’‘nagaral ka na? 😭
RM // you're finally getting some fat 😭 and it suits you veery well aw i miss you :-( so so so much see you soon!
LC // all around but mostly commute bud 🚘 anneyong chu chu omg haha
JML // its been a long time! Talk soon? Time to catch up πŸƒ
LC // hello πŸ‘‹ an old friend told me alooot about you haha (you are awesome) gorg and white πŸ˜‚
DU // love life advice? Luh keep it cool okay? She misses you, i think? πŸ’¨
CF // too shy to tell this to you in person but, you're so pretty like super i cant even 😭 ok bye
SC // you're pretty much amazing and hilarious. You never fail to make me laugh and i thank you for that πŸ˜™ miss u
VDT // aw i love this girl so much! Such a beaut πŸ™ˆ
MS // awh st. Maur memories i love your hair though thank you for being a very awesome friend x
TM // biolord! Miss you na agad ano ba yan πŸ˜… pretty and funny hihi
JM // payatot *runs for my life* miss you and your mahorny πŸ’‹
JH // skipped some people for a homie πŸ‘ jk hang soon!! Bring her sometimes din 😊
GR // such a strong woman *salutes* flexible and gorgeous too! Miss you so much πŸ˜”
GP // hi cutie πŸ˜‹
BB // perf initials doe, i miss bear hugs! How's it goin? 😏
RL // so much things to tell you about, so less time πŸ™ expect me on the 20th! Haha love and miss you, always x
AG // team no awkward? Hi dear, he's really lucky to have you and I thank god he met you 😌 ily and oh, tell him team no awks na rin thanks!
ED // hottest french fries I've ever laid my eyes on πŸ‘€ if u break her hear, then I'll break your balls πŸ‘ miss you bΓ¦ πŸ’•
JG // we aren't that close but hello πŸ‘‹ i heard alot about you though I think you're really nice haha
TB // what did i get myself into πŸ™ i have kwento :-(
AT // are the girl from our volleyball club? If yes, then you really changed alot (in an awesome way tho) haha see you around beda ✌️
HB // applause!! How can you balance you studies, body, social life huhu help 😭
IF // i miss you so so so much 😭 everyone, this girl is one of the funniest and most adorable person i've ever met. She can bump hard too 😹
PC // πŸ‘ˆ blogger! Team no awkward? I may not know you that much but I think you're a strong woman ✌️
CJC // such a cutie! I love your voice omg πŸ™Š
CO // hi babe, in whatever you're going through these days, keep in mind that I WILL always be here for you. Through think and thin, okay? 😌
CS // hello πŸ‘‹ you're so thin (but in a good way tho) it suits you 😊 stay fab and classy ✨
LN // I miss you busmate :-( stay safe in UP-LB ayt? See you around? 😹
DV // the real sexy nog nog ok what's for dinner? And workout sched? Miss you d! You'll forever be my thinspo πŸ™Š
KC // You are one of the most fabulous person I know. And thank you for being so nice to me haha I hope we'll be close 😌
AA // "who's the weirdo now?" Aw remember this? How are you? You're too pretty for the earth to handle yie πŸ’•