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Nicole Uy Capinpuyan
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Got a free ticket to a Mockingjay screening later. This changes my saturday night plans. Doesnt get more spontaneous than this.
"Tomorrow will be your first day of work.." 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Craving again for Green Matcha Latte sa Chingkeetea. @yiiiiin. 🍵
Nearly fainted at the sight of blood and the needle 😲😲
Turning red in 3...2...1 😡😡😡
Exactly one year! #111813
Today has been productive. FIRST TIME to get an SSS ID, bake waffles, and go wallclimbing. 😁😁😁
The STRUGGLE is REAL!! 😲 (c) @aleczfernandez #WallClimbing #111714
What's up with this Binay commercial? 👎
Mark the date: June 13, 2015 😁😁😁
Quick snapshot while roadtrippin'. 🚗�
Home-made Mango Float in a Mason jar 🍴
1:30Am and Im still not a bit sleepy. That's what you get for sleeping for 14 hours. 😱😱
Ang pamagat ng MMK ngayong gabi ay: HOPE PA MORE!! HAHAHA #RANDOM @mriedolores
There's an Eat-All-You-Can Korean resto in CDO?! Faith in Humanity restored 💝💝
I'm falling for your eyes, but they don't know me yet. #EdSheeran
thanks for the belated gift, ate @cyrielleanne! xie xie ni :)
Bucketlist of Foodtrips: 1. Katong Korean resto nga Eat-All-You-Can | 2. Pengoo | 3. Vikings (Davao) @staceynyl @yiiiiin
Annual reunion happening rn. Yay. Natipok rjud ta. @yiiiiin @staceynyl 🎉🎉🎉
Bondiiiiiiing! 😊😊😊
Simple joys of being addicted to coffee. Another pasalubong from Malaybalay. Xie xie ni, @jessabutil! 😁 😁
Sweetness level: 100%. Baygon level: 100%. We let the flavor speak for itself. 😱😱
First time to ride a golf cart. LEGGOlf! #111014
Next foodtrip: Circa 1850. Next Foodtripbuddy: ???
Exam + Interview later. Excited about this job hiring! 😁
Alcohol-free week! continuing this streak into a month... or a year. 😁😁
Riverside late afternoon jog 😁😁 #110914
Late Afternoon Jog X A Sky Full of Stars on replay.
With the bebeboi 😁😁
You watched me fall apart and weren't afraid to touch the sharp shards of me 😊�#Vscocamam
Craving the American Dream Sushi @ Omakase 😭�#JapaneseCravingsgs
There is a difference between "being alone" and "lonely". And I, on the other hand, am standing in two places at once.
Got my NBI Clearance in less than 10mins. That was fast?! 😏😏
Achievement for the day: 1. NBI schedule. 2. Watched Annabelle 😲😲😲 #110614
Ramen w/ cheese + milkteas + laughtrip kahit umuulan w/ @irenesagrado. #110514
Currently craving for Sashimi though. 😲😲