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MaNikka ⚓
☺️ ☺️ ☺️ ☺️ ☺️ ☺️
nahilo ako sa 50 questions na puro quantech!
ben10! my time ka? HAHHAA sagutan mo ung bonus points ko! @antuKeem
tapos na 1st sem wala p din ung grade nung summer! 😔 tsss
Lee Kwangsoo never fails to make me laugh!
wanting to clean my room but I'm too lazy to move #SemBreakfeels!
3 year old Birkss 👍 #VSCO #Birkenstock
can we have a plot twist and let Krystal and L be together in this drama? @INFINITELKIM #MyLovelyGirl
green tea frappe ❤
Hello Sembreak! Been waiting you since June! 😜😉
Above passing grade sa quantech! Nadaan sa dasal! 🙏🎉😄
Farewell day for Quantech! ✨🙏
If you have dark skin, the last thing you'd want to wear is floral print. You wouldn't want to look like my garden now, would we?
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on the way na ko bukas magaaral for quantech! #LucyMode
multiple choice for quantech final exam pleaseee!!
should start studying for Quantech final exam tomorrow! #???
if only Yoona is the female lead in Catabile tomorrow it would be fun to watch.
Gonna miss this drama for sure! ✨✌😁
Sky is the limit. ☁✨ #VSCO
The irony of Jessie's " we are always one" line on Divine. 💔
the last MV that we're going to witness OT9… #divine
For all of life's simple pleasures, I say, "Thank You, God!"
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to the father of my son, enjoy your day and have a blast! I love you. #HappyDonghaeDay
everytime I answer the assessment of others they end up having higher score than mine. #martyr101
what a sad ep of My secret hotel.
70% of rumor in Korea is TRUE!
I survived!! Woooo!
Services Marketing plan defense! Huhuhuhu first solo defense ever!
할 수 있습니다!
INSECURITY ruins personality.
last 2 defense tomorrow!!! can't wait to finish everything this week!
Life savior! @antuKeem may silbi ka pa rin pala! 😂✌😅
I ship Jackson and Young Ji! #Roommante
good thing I'm not a die hard fan of BTS. NO money problem atm.
if this wasn't scripted then hands up to the Korean nation.…
Lucy end up being a flash drive. cool movie though! 👌
I wanna learn how to write in Thai.
*insert bad wordssss* nman nitong Cost benefit analysis! 😖😭😫
can't focus on my remaining tasks, my wisdom tooth is stressing me out.
gusto ko mag pre-qual for RMP, pro tinatamad ako.
ow please @siwon407 take over SM and relaunch it as SW! bring back my OT9 and OT12 might as well the OT15! #ifChoiSiwonistheCEOofSM
it's time for us to get married that's why he's leaving EXO. #alwayssupportluhan
will conquer the feeling of despair. #alwayssupportluhan