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Chip The Dip
sport music texas nike clothes 1,085 followers
@TheBlakeHudson_: @nike_kiddCHIP fucked skeetsy hahaha” why is this happening
@studzmuffffin: Who is up” no one go to sleep
@KuykendallRyan: Team no lackin” you lack hard af
@KristenGayy: Sad I'm older than Kylie Jenner and she's 100x hotter” ew no she isn't
@hannahlyn27: @nike_kiddCHIP you're such a real mf. I fw u” 😂😂😂😂😂😂
@hannahlyn27: wowzers stop mentioning me” stop tweeting
@MeltonTheGreat: People take me and @nike_kiddCHIP too seriously” rt
@LindseyDavidso2: Can I just be tired pls” no
@CaliforniaSugar: @nike_kiddCHIP yes of course I am” I know that's why I said it..
@LindseyDavidso2: @nike_kiddCHIP nah” darn it Lindsey I thought you were better than that
@CaliforniaSugar: @nike_kiddCHIP that doesn't make any sense lol” you're remedial
@LindseyDavidso2: To buy an acidrap shirt or nah” lol despite the artist you do acid
@PapercutKisses: I just need a puppy to cuddle with” don't drop it in the toilet
@cornmortensen: @nike_kiddCHIP ya ur probably right” I know I'm right now go to bed
@cornmortensen: coming home tomorrow who missed me lol no one ok” no one
@Anthony_Scott66: Can I get a dirty money sticker guys?!” Lol
Sike Brooke doesn't hate me
@jelluhbabe: @nike_kiddCHIP oh shit I do & your ecig” dammit Malibu Barbie
@kiaahbrown: Last summer was SOOO much better than this one.” No it wasn't. Yours was bad bc you don't see me