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Chip The Dip
Just don't hmu for a ride when I get it back😂
Just makes me mad cuz I scooped everyone when I had my car now no one wants to do the same for me.. Ha ok
I just wanna have a car again I'm tired of this
“My GF didn’t come home tonight because she was at her friend’s….but that same friend was at our house giving me head. What a liar” -HHS
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My mom just be lyin about everything idgi💀
My mom is so lazy for no reason sometimes
My mom is really about to make me mad with this whole car situation
I been on future forever my bio used to say #SpaceCadets 💀💀
Disowning Monica real quick
Rascal Flatts was definitely worth the heat
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My mom tricked me into stayin on the east smh
The video made me sick man...
@ChaseSavage_Ebk that 93 mustang was the car he had before he got that jeep bro
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I really try to be nice
If you haven't listened to the audio you can't talk down on Christian no more.. It says it all
Next person that talks down on Christian, don't even say nothin just send them the link of the audio
all this criminal, thug, burglary bullshit is a lie. Christian wasn't trying to steal a car, he wasn't trying to rob Buick.. he was framed
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You can be mindless but not heartless
I don't live in the hood no more why am I still losing people bruh
I don't even have room in my bio to put every person I lost.. It fr won't fit
Ain't nothin I can do but pray
I'm mentally exhausted from all the people I lost over the years..
I got 100's and facts, 100's and MACs, 100's and TECs..
The fact that I still haven't seen any footage really makes me wonder...
If a cop ever hit my momma like that on God he gon regret it
Candle light for Cj tonight at 8!!!!! At Koinonia 2455 s.e. Green oaks. Blvd Arlington tx 76018
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I forgot to reply to my bro CT the last time we talked. But glad to share these messages. #JusticeForChristianTaylor
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If yall read the gm rn a lot of yall would be furious
Savannah still a opp bitch for what she did
I'll say it again.. Can't none of yall beat my ass
@nike_kiddCHIP don't take others ignorance personal dawg. I know it's hard, they don't know what they're talking about
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None of yall talkin down or Christian can beat my ass so yall better stop talkin
So tired of seeing people talk down on Christian. Just shutup
So basically yall are saying a 19 year old deserves to die? Please stop talking you make me sick
Black man crashes into a building, he must be robbing the place
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Was supposed to get it back 2 days ago but ig I'm never seeing that car again
who tf i call when shit go wrong... cause i aint callin the police
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