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Chip The Dip
I hate everyone now don't talk to me anymore rt.
Jackie will always be one of my favorite people 😂❤️@uaenebrahcjj
You got Travis Scott as your avi cause you got a crush on him?…
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Lord please let this work out for me 🙏🏾
Switched up for what lol
Boy been mad at me ever since he claimed I changed his name on Twitter...? I'm not childish ion got time for that lol
This niggah Corey be comin up with random problems in his head and shit
That boy trill Sammy is so shitty😭
Alright fuck you too then aha
Came home got in beef I popped him after we fought
I wonder if Gucci and jeezy got over they problems... Doubt it
When people make fun of me for goin to college I just look at em then ignore em lol
Corey talk more shit than me💀
I wanna say chase is the dumbest person I know... But really grant kroner is💀😂
Man shut the hell up💀💀💀
Chase is dumb as hell speak English man
You hardcore frat boys got me laughin hard as fuck 💀💀💀
I could listen to music for hours and never get tired of it
Comin to Dallas today 👌🏾
While people needa delete the word nigga out they vocabulary
Some of You hoes be workin at hooters like a sugar daddy finna come scoop you up and save you💀
I didn't know corn had a sister �@cornmortensenn
You niggahs use the word "glo" for everything and don't know what it means lmfao
Or how girls be talking about getting followed home💀 bitch no one wants to follow you
If any girl tells a story about an old man hitting on them they're lying almost every time💀
This cat don't like to bath, nigga said "No more" 😭E
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Abby Thot she was slick favoriting that shit.... Boy if you don't getcha childish ass on
A picture from middle school?💀
Talk think tall ripped me up when tall used to same jokes💀 yall took L's dawg
Just don't hmu for a ride when I get it back😂
Just makes me mad cuz I scooped everyone when I had my car now no one wants to do the same for me.. Ha ok
I just wanna have a car again I'm tired of this
“My GF didn’t come home tonight because she was at her friend’s….but that same friend was at our house giving me head. What a liar” -HHS
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My mom just be lyin about everything idgi💀
My mom is so lazy for no reason sometimes
My mom is really about to make me mad with this whole car situation
I been on future forever my bio used to say #SpaceCadets 💀💀
Disowning Monica real quick
Rascal Flatts was definitely worth the heat
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My mom tricked me into stayin on the east smh

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