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50 lions face starvation at Crimean safari park:
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Illegal buyers will pay $15k for a golden lancehead pit viper, to sell as an exotic pet or for its venom. The snake is now endangered
The venom of a golden lancehead pit viper burns through flesh, causing you to bleed to death in under 6 hours - #SnakeIsland #NightlinePrime
Off the coast of Brazil #SnakeIsland is home to the golden lancehead pit viper – and someone is stealing them! #NightlinePrime
NEXT on #NightlinePrime @danbharris gets up close and personal with one of the world’s deadliest snakes -
Church members from around the world perform for the brides & grooms, and they receive a blessing from Rev. Moon’s wife, Mrs. Moon
Some of the couples were matched just a few days before the #MassWedding in a ceremony reserved for the most devout -
With thousands of brides, getting everyone’s hair and makeup done takes all night. Some don’t sleep at all - #NightlinePrime
“The romantic in me thinks it’s a little sad that you’re engaged to a man you’re not entirely sure you’re in love with.” - @JujuChangABC
Members of the Unification movement follow the teachings of Rev Sun Myung Moon who wanted to unify the world through multicultural marriages
Parents in the Unification Church were married in mass wedding ceremonies, & now it’s their children’s turn #NightlinePrime
What do you know about mass weddings and the Unification Church? Now on @ABC #NightlinePrime #unificationchurch #wedding #masswedding
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NOW on #NightlinePrime – watch 2,000 couples participate in a Unification mass wedding ceremony outside of Seoul, South Korea.
Meow. How much does a hypoallergenic cat cost you? and how much would you pay $$$? #hypocat on #NightlinePrime @Nightline #abcnews @ABC
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Meet “Dollar Bill,” the supposedly hypoallergenic cat featured on #NightlinePrime
#NightlinePrime discovers the ‘hypoallergenic’ cat that cost $7k was actually purchased from a local breeder for $260 – quite a markup.
“We actually had many of your cats tested and your cats are no more hypoallergenic than a cat you can pretty much get for free.” @danbharris
Next on #NightlinePrime - @danbharris confronts the owner of Allerca about whether his cats are actually hypoallergenic or not
#NightlinePrime orders a $7,000 hypoallergenic cat, in hopes to find the owner of Allerca
I'm so allergic to cats watching @danbharris @Nightline right now is making me sneeze
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A lab tested Allerca’s hypoallergenic cats – but the expensive felines triggered just as much an allergic reaction as shelter cats.
Some people claim they paid a company called Allerca thousands of dollars for a hypoallergenic cat – which they never received
Now on #NightlinePrime - @danbharris confronts a man who sells kittens for thousands of dollars, claiming that they’re hypoallergenic.
#NightlinePrime starts NOW on @ABC - RT if you're watching!