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Niena Aziz
Dins with le familia 😊
Hello πŸ˜„
Another typical day
Lunch date with mumsy πŸπŸŸπŸ”πŸΉ
For years and FINALLY. checkedπŸ˜„πŸ˜„
I miss him so bad :(
So cute. She reminds me of ME! πŸ˜…
I miss home-cooked meal 😒
I am so bored but can't force myself to study. Not yet. So i my toys and play 😊 #victoriasecret #elf #essence
Homemade #cookies Yum πŸ˜‹
Daily routine #teatree
Dessert. The last for today. Chocolate brownies again from @shafikamo Thank you baby 😊
Now @shafikamo pula bawakan french toast filled with chicken sausage and cheese. Alhamdulillah makan sedap dari pagi. Be jelous please @bellaaballoon @aliyahtahmid @nuradlinazainol @maisarahashim1405
Thanks to @aliyahtahmid for this delicious homemade shepard pie. @nuradlinazainol @maisarahashim1405 @shafikamo be jelous please πŸ˜‚
Hi, my name is Olaf and i like warm hugs #hugs #olaf
When hungriness strikes ...
This is what i favor from my previous elf haul 😊 #elf
Its a lot (wayyy alot) more cheaper than buying them online
Went to an indian shop today (pure indian shop) and bought myself a kurti, now i have 10 of them altogether and i love it muchoo 😘
ooooooooooooo O.o
2 ke 3 ke. Seminggu ke. I actually dont really care πŸ˜™
Physically and mentally exhausted
Wishful thinking
Okay I deserve rest. I need to lie down.
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Bad cat! You just gave me a heart attack!
Nak berjaya kena usaha, bukannya tidur waktu orang bekerja atau menghina saat orang lain sibuk membaca.
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I am close to done when suddenly tak faham -,- #worstfeeling
Lucky for me. Tulis lah surat. Mereka kata
Omfg! Stressnya. Why me lah. Why this sem la. Why why why
What the eff. Takde warning letter terus kena bar? Ramai pula tu πŸ˜”
If i were home. I can sleep. But i can't. I have to study. Kenapalah aku rajin sangat ni
Aku dah tengok gambar yang kau cakap tadi. Haha memang buruk pon @AliyahTahmid
Manusia. :_salah sendiri tak nampak. Salah orang. Wahh 0.o
This is so stupid. For god sake
Adakah kwsn anda tersenarai sbg kwsn kes denggi tertinggi? Periksa senarai ini. Sebarkan & Ambil Tindakan. #mediktv
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Sleepy and bored. Bored and sleepy 😴😴
Kau. Semakin. Tegar. . .
I admit but should i be punish for the thing that was even not my fault
Remain silence is the best remedy
Doing some ELF haul, several sierra bees, tea's,supplements that was unavailable in Malaysia and i can't wait for my babies to arrive. Cost me $487 including shipping via DHL-international but it's definitely worth the money rather than buying from Malaysia online shoppe that obviously we all know a
Monday 🌸
Lega quiz habis. Tapi bukannya blh buat pon