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Niena Aziz
Masa tgahari tadi 54.5kg, otw ke petang 54.4kg, sebelum berbuka 54.2kg. Selepas berbuka 55.1kg. Choiii -,-
Jangan bersedih jika apa yang mahu tidak diberi Allah. Allah tahu yang paling baik untuk kau. Dia akan beri yang lebih baik. Insyallah.
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And it will be some irreplaceable memories i will never forget. The best i've ever had
Nearly the end :(
Bilalah duit nak masuk ni 😪😪😪
Carry on as if nothing really matters.
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Starting here. Bismillahirahmanirahim 😊
Rasanya dah jaga sebaik boleh :'(
They noticed 😱😱😱
Always go out in public dressed like you're about to meet the love of your life. It'll help you gain confidence.
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Nak bahagia? Nak! nak! Kuncinya cuma sabar dan jangan putus asa. Jangan letak had pada sabar kita. Sabar dalam bersabar. Yakin. Syukran.
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touch every rainbow, painting the skies
luckily class at 4pm tomorrow
haven't finish reporting, haven't finish drinking detox tea, haven't finish my nescafe, haven't brush my teeth, haven't wash my face
saikou no kataomoi 😘
i love you who miraculously come like a gift
the day we fell in love
victoria's secret punya earphone pun tak boleh lawan apple punya earphone, haih bazir je duit beli
Banyak pula repairman datang harini😴
When you are avoiding someone, that's the person you tend to get stumbled upon. #firstworldproblems
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Can't bare this. Close to giving up
Harder and harder
Saw this at Facebook; Things to be avoided during Ramadan.
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not to forget in my #waitinglist jurassic world
people said crazy thing
#nowplaying rumour has it - adele
you are your own worst enemy
from now onwards, i won't tell anybody. they just want to see us fall .. and laugh their ass off
some people being so ridiculously funny
that funny moment when you eventually seek for my help any way or another
its about time I start treating people the way they treat me, tired of being nice to the wrong people
people change over time
san adreas, tomorrowland, spy #waitinglist
Basic weight loss tips: • drink more water • adjust your portion sizes • lower your sugar intake • limit carbs to 1x per day • no fast food
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nothing i can do. nothing can i do
One subject, cleared.
Excited and nervous too! 😁😁
Dulu aku turut, aku ikut. Now i am better off alone. Less drama
Note that not all of my tweets are for him. I have a life too.
I felt so stupid. Putting trust and making effort only i want it to work
A mask. This is all bullshit
Omgee 1hb baru renew 😱😱😱

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