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Niena Aziz
Dr Martens or Nike Airmax ? 😪
I lost my fitbit 💁
Is anyone else's Fitbit doing this? So angry, it's been like this for days. @fitbit @FitbitSupport
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Tggu posmen datang be like 👀👀QAH
the best sort of man; knowing how ugly you could be yet still loving & looking at you like you mean the world to them
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Running low on inventories. Worried sick 😭😭😭
Alor setar is upgrading to the next level
Kalah cacing kerawit tulisannya
Aku call kau tak angkat. Jual mahal now :( @CikAdlina
Your shoes are the first thing people subconciously notice about you. Wear nice shoes.
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Worried 😞
Woot woot. Someone sent me this. Mac lipstick counter. Hint hadiah birthday ke 😍😍ivw
my cat waiting for my sister to get home from work yesterday
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I need travel buddies. Anytime, anywhere . . .
I love guerlains. Nice scent and natural finish 😍
Kesian farah kena dengar aku bercerita sampai pagi #padanmuka haha 😂😂😂
Tak berhenti cakap dari tadi. Kena rest kejap
Been bared for 24 hours -caught cheating. All i use was a little boost 😞😞
I succeed in B pun just because i don't care about what people said. Tahu je siapa and apa. Dari mula2 start. But ignore is the best option
How i wish : a closet full of hrc shirt. Vanity full of high end makeup. That's how i want to live my life
Now, study first.
Business modal from parents? None. I started from dropship. Kumpul, tawakal. Ada rezeki ada, alhamdulillah berjaya.
My hard work. My effort. My parents money just for education. Lain2 hal, kalau nak usaha sendiri. Dats how i was raised
Sekalipun i lavish. None of it was ever from your bank account.
So, never again ☝🏻
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For the one who tell me the truth. I truly appreciate it and nothing i can do to repay your kindness. May Allah bless you always.
Oh. Wow! You just lost my trust
Be careful who you open up to. Few people care, the rest are just curious
Tak perlu nescafe, ariz lufias di sisi dah cukup
Farah ni comel sebenarnya
Omaigooood faraaah, haha, so sweet -,-
Dari mengantuk terus segar
Kedekut la miss ni
Confident gila housemate aku sorg ni 😂😂489
Siapa yang edit video ni sumpah rajin and lawak 😂😂�pYKQ
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Ani from Indonesia earns USD16,000 every month. Jadi orang gaji Adam Levine je kott!! Nak jadi org gaji Beyonce!
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Jum makan @faraainazman @tupperwareputih 😋😋😋😋😋
Pagi petang siang malam tengok ariz lufias
Handsomenyaaaaa 😍😍😍 macam Kim Bum pun aKEV

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