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Niena Aziz
Cramps 😭
setiap orang ada had kesabaran dia
Do you know how heartbroken it felt. How frustrated. How devastated it is
I am willing to help. But you push me away every time
Need guidance.
The problem is. Your mind is 12 while your body is 22
If you can get hold of your life perfectly i won't even bother
If you do everything smoothly. Nobody gets mad
Tell me, that what am i doing right now is wrong
What i do is for you. To bring out the best of you. Supaya kau tak hancur. Punah. Supaya kau x jadi macam lalang tak tahu mana arah tuju
From now on, you on your own
My behaviour is based on yours
Your actions are all predictable
I can forgive and forget easily
Take it for granted
It's easy but you wasted it all
It is impossible for miracle to happen in 4 months time
I have to bid goodbye sooner or later
I run out of words
Looking for someone who can take care of himself, manage his time well and can overcome all his insecurity
Dah lepaskan semuanya yang tersirat dan tersurat. Kalau tak sentap, tak insaf, mohon bunuh diri sendiri. #harapterasa
Psychology: When she is happy, she can’t stop talking, when she is sad she doesn't say a word.
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Never argue with stupid people, never! I regret for doing it 😩😩😩
Can't you relate an example?
So stupid. Pfft -,-
I don't even need to charge my phone πŸ˜ͺ
I nearly lost my mom's fav sport shoes in a quick sand πŸ˜“
"If you don't wear a mask, you can never survive"
"If you wear a mask, you can't ever be happy"
Half of me saying yes, you should. And the other half of me saying, nah they threw you babe
I don't know if my heart really want to see them at all
Waiting for a miracle to happen
Tired of waiting
You are a human being with no vision in life
I don't understand why certain people do not want to apply for a job
I don't feel good about the painting
Slow learner -,-
Terms i don't understand

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