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Niena Aziz
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Something to keep me busy πŸ˜„
Pejam celik dah 2 minggu. Cepatnya masa berlalu
'Biawak' first time -,-
Berangan tinggi gila. One day. I will be like them then i'll be billionaire. Muahahaha
β€œ@syiradel: Some people with their ego. So immature. Depan baik. Belakang kutuk. Do you think it makes you good enough to condemn others ?”
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I love you so much that it hurts
Cermin keburukan sendiri before appoint keburukan orang lain. Always muhasabah diri. Diri ini tak perfect. #selfreminder
Yela sape tak dengki orang lain boleh balik every week, and i need to wait for those long holidays 😭 i. miss. 😞
Dengki itu pasti ada dalam diri setiap manusia.
I will cherish every moment with you. Every. Single. Moment. 😒
Couldn't agree more. Apa pun yang kite tentang, we will lose eventually
Game ke3???! Melampau!
Bukannya nak spend masa sama2, .. Speechless
Orang kat sini pisang tu tggu dia. Boleh x rasa apa2 pon
Nak dekat 2 jam tunggu main game. Then now continue lagi? Tape pergilah. Meme game tu segala2nya kan
Busy busy from morning but nothing had been settle yet 😀
Tuesday 🌾
Miss mummy 😒
Early Luncheon 😊
Finally, u get what u longed want
Duit yang banyak sekalipun boleh habis licin kalau pergi vs
Deep deep deep deep in my heart, malas dah nak study actually. Kalau lah papa billionaire, kalau lah ...
I am patiently waiting for my qx100 and iphone . Regret buying from overseas, took me damn 3 weeks already waiting and still no news
Tapi aku sabar je, don't know why but i keep on sabar sabar and sabar and sabar sabar till the end.
Actually i hate you. You just want me to reply ur texts. When i need you to reply my text, hantar lah berpuluh pun kau takkan balas
Tanya je. Tak usah melenting
Dins with le familia 😊
Hello πŸ˜„
Another typical day
Lunch date with mumsy πŸπŸŸπŸ”πŸΉ
For years and FINALLY. checkedπŸ˜„πŸ˜„
I miss him so bad :(
So cute. She reminds me of ME! πŸ˜…
I miss home-cooked meal 😒
I am so bored but can't force myself to study. Not yet. So i my toys and play 😊 #victoriasecret #elf #essence
Homemade #cookies Yum πŸ˜‹
Daily routine #teatree
Dessert. The last for today. Chocolate brownies again from @shafikamo Thank you baby 😊
Now @shafikamo pula bawakan french toast filled with chicken sausage and cheese. Alhamdulillah makan sedap dari pagi. Be jelous please @bellaaballoon @aliyahtahmid @nuradlinazainol @maisarahashim1405
Thanks to @aliyahtahmid for this delicious homemade shepard pie. @nuradlinazainol @maisarahashim1405 @shafikamo be jelous please πŸ˜‚
Hi, my name is Olaf and i like warm hugs #hugs #olaf
When hungriness strikes ...