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Niena Aziz
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What the use of all the things i owned if u aren't here :(
I have to face it. Face the reality
Panasnya mentari
Alhamdulillah and in sha Allah 😊
Syukur for everything nice that happen to me, i may failed certain things in life but allah blessed me with other amazing opportunity ahead
I really hope he will take me to the route that i wanted most!
If u are at my place. U would choose the same reason as i did...
Setiap jasad ada seketul daging, apabila daging itu baik, baiklah seluruh jasad & apabila daging itu rosak, rosaklah seluruh jasad. Hati.
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My mind was disturbed. Can't think of anything else
One day will come true. #iwish
I just need 12k to buy pochette eva, speedy 25 and zipped purse. And i am gonna put my initial on it
No fakes, if i cant afford, i won't buy. .. .
I need to stop spending and start saving
Too many distraction
Win if i can, lose if i must, but i will never quit,.. Bangun jatuh itu adat dalam belajar mahupun lain2
To stay strong and prove people that i can, no matter what.
I am slow, and i am in my slow path, but i will change and be better
I am not yet at the top, but i have dream to be one, to be like others
People start talking back when we achieve what we desire
Rezeki datang kepada orang yang berusaha, true. But who sees our hardship? .. no one.
I have witnesses, that the more i spend in the right way, the more i get in return. Syukur and Alhamdulillah atas rezekimu
Allah? Never i forget, who am i without Him
All in my way and alhamdulillah i manage to get through them all, thanks 2 my parents that had been really supportive from the beginning
The secret ... that has not been told
The failures, the cries, the downfalls, the people who condemn ... But who knows what I've been through
From one to another, i tried without stopping
For those who didn't know, i worked so hard to achieved what i have now
@nadyIman: Finally!!!! Kedah Maju Wawasan 2020”about time
Marah. Tak dapat2 lagi. Berjanggut berbulu tunggu. #frustrated
Tazaberrr. Excited
I'm not perfect. I'm only a human. So if I make mistakes, please read the first sentences again.
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Biar apa org buat kite. Kite jgn buat benda yg sama
Issue: sexy? Hmm not a big deal. Been there and i don't think its a big problemö at all 🍃
Motif kat situ apa ya? Up to u lah nak letak apa. Nobody cares but people still will talk behind. Biasalah, dah nama pon manusia