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Nicole Richie
On next week’s #CandidlyNicole, Nicole takes her BFF’s to summer camp Tweet us your craziest summer camp memory using #CandidlyU!
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@nicolerichie I don't think I have ever laughed so hard! #CandidlyNicole is my new fave! #CheersBitch
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@nicolerichie NEVER disappoints! Another awesome episode of #CandidlyNicole on @VH1!!! 🙌
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@candidlynicole "Should I ask this tinder guy that just said hey to help us move our tv upstairs?" #CandidlyU #yes
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That yoga instructor has molester toes. #CandidlyNicole
I would rather grow a tiny half wiener than speak in public. That's normal right?
In other news, tomorrow I'm on #CandidlyNicole w/@nicolerichie See me high on painkillers for half of the ep. b/c we did yoga in first half
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Saying yes is so easy! I don't know why I didn't do this more in Frat houses.
REGRAM: follow @kidadajonesog ✨🌟💫
If I only had a right hand and a D... @jessicaalba #ADameToKillFor #SinCity #CheckItBooz
Behind the Scenes: @HOUSEOFHARLOW1960 Fall 2014 Campaign 💋
Coming Soon: @HouseofHarlow1960 #BTS #HouseofHarlow 💋
What was the weirdest thing you said yes to? Keep it PG...HAHAHA! Tweet us your moment using #CandidlyU and YOU could be on TV!
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I touched Emily Valentine. Goodbye. #CandidlyNicole
@candidlynicole Boy Meets World and Full House definitely define my childhood! #CandidlyU
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I'm only hammering 90210 onto Sofia so she can survive high school and life. #CandidlyNicole
What was your answering machine song? #CandidlyNicole
Mine and Sofia’s connection is electric…like a phone charger to a wall outlet. #CandidlyNicole
#CandidlyNicole Tonight @VH1
My weekend was chill #ALSIceBucketChallenge @gwenstefani @gavinrossdale @jessicaalba @jenmeyerjewelry
About to turn up tonight on #Undone with my favorites @amandadecadenet & @atlantabean #DecadenetSandwich #ReverseOreo
For now... RT @WhoWhatWear ATTENTION, ALL! PETER IS SAFE! We love our @dolkaspeter so much. @Refinery29 @NastyGal
Nicole LOVED 90210! What's TV show defined YOUR childhood? Tweet us your fave using #CandidlyU and YOU could be on TV!
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Peter motorboated my chest & stabbed me in the back. I might Tonya Harding his knee. #CandidlyNicole
I believe being naked and drinking with your employees helps to create a positive and open work environment. #CandidlyNicole
I can’t help it if your employees actually like me @KatherinePower#CandidlyNicole
No showing skin. No penises. No drinking on the job… I just wasn’t cut out for the 9-5 office life. #CandidlyNicole
TONIGHT #CandidlyNicole @whowhatwear @katherinepower 💋
.@nicolerichie gets into all kinds of trouble in the Who What Wear office. Tonight at 10/9c on @VH1! #CandidlyNicole
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Office Life. TONIGHT #CandidlyNicole #VH1
Yasss Bish Yass #NikkiFresh #harvestboo #youdontknow #MakeEmSayUhhh
@HouseOfHarlow1960 REGRAM
House of Harlow boo boo @hoh1960 RT @itsniikkiib: Where did you get that chocker 😍😍@nicolerichiei#CandidlyNicolele
Good idea! RT @JaimePrimak: In a perfect world @nicolerichie and I would spend an hour discussing the cultural divide on #CandidlyNicole
Nicole wants to write a piece on girls and their dream jobs! Tweet us your dream job using #CandidlyU and YOU could be on TV!
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@candidlynicole @nicolerichie My dream would be to twerk with Nicole Richie by the Eiffel Tower.
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These little assholes have GOT to catch up on their 90's erotic thrillers. #CandidlyNicole
NO IM NOOOOTTTTTT!!!! 😭😭😭😭�@IGotDatOBeeLuvee@nicolerichieichie is so dramatic!#CandidlyNicoleicole
I have to thank Dr. Sole for touching my soul… and my soles. #CandidlyNicole
Velcro orthopedics are going to be all the rage this fall…you just wait and see. #ISetTrendsBitches
Yeah, wildly BEAUTIFUL! RT @lilcourtsays: That Spin Class made @nicolerichie hair go WILD!!! #CandidlyNicole
This deserves a RT 🙌#CandidlyNicolee RT@yomanshousee: POOPING WITH THE DOOR OPEN SO I CAN AT LEAST HEAR@nicolerichiee