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Love this! Ideally I would sleep from 3am-10am. The Sleep Schedules Of 27 Of History's Greatest Minds… @FastCoDesign
Wish there was an easy way to swap stuff from #SubscriptionBoxes. I have so much stuff I will never use.
S2:E10 of @OITNB, when Alex & Piper have sex for the 1st time, Alex doesn't have bangs. #Continuity
Can anyone chime in about the @PressedJuicery 5 day cleanse? Really want to try but $75 a day is quite high. Love to hear your thoughts!
Started #MasterCleanse today and used 5 times the amount of Cayenne I was supposed to use. Forgot recipe! Guess I'll be cleansed all right.
Kid took college Astronomy classes with his mother at 7. He finished high school at 10. Btw, he is from #California.
That's why Financial responsibility should start at a young age. "#Millennials 'overwhelmed' by #debt" via
Here's the list of 10 fastest growing states in US based on #state #GDP and GDP growth rate as of 2013
Events like #FifaWorldCup aka #WorldCup2014 speed up the circulation of #money from one hand to another. #spending
Yay! My guilty pleasure is back. @Suits_USA
.@BlueShieldCA Just called MS & they said they can't find me a Dr who takes @CoveredCA. They said this is a serious problem & I'm not alone.
Think twice B4 getting @CoveredCA. The premise is great. But no @BlueShieldCA providers will accept #CoveredCA plans. I pay $350 & for what?
.@BlueShieldCA sent me a personalized list of doctors who accept my plan. Called 5, and not one accepts @CoveredCA. No doctors accept it.
At the close of the #market, S&P fell behind Dow & Nasdaq with -.0.02%. That's not too bad given that the other two only pulled +0.02-.04%.
In #GrowingEquityMortgage, the life of the mortgage becomes shortened as the monthly payments increase over time according to a set schedule
Will you pursue these professions given that they'll make you consume gallons of coffee or that's quite a motivation?
Tolver:For over a decade, I worked in work envi. where my expertise, drive, creativity was not accepted. Sad truth about gov't as workplace.
This isn't too bad simply bec. grads choose #career satisfaction over #money. #Financial freedom is still possible.
If you get married, never get #divorced. At least, never marry a #narcissist. Off to punch a wall.
Here's the link to the full text of Congress' resolution on the rampage and mass #shooting in #IslaVista, California
Right. Aim higher! Aim more than just 1 #million. I also agree on making your #money work & make more money for you.