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Regardless of your party, these new photos of the WH cabinet on 9/11 are really moving. A memory I will never lose.
Was awoken by an #Earthquake. It never gets easier.
Es más fácil decir que cuando usted está sentado sobre un montón de dinero! Todavía, buenas palabras.…
#GrowingUpWithSiblings there's always an argument over who cleans the most and who's the laziest
Retweeted by nicolejames
Usted tiene un gran conjunto de bolas! Federales pobres y @EPN!…
I think the fact that I dance the #NaeNae means the trend is officially over. 🙋🏼
Wow, @max_read and @tcraggs22 are resigning from @Gawker. It was such a clusterfuck, but at least they're sticking up for their morals.
Working on a new website that identifies bias in the media. Let me know what you think! @topicalwinds
Just spent 60 minutes waiting for Virginia to tell Bill he's the father. Didn't happen. 😢@SHO_Masterss
Well, at least we're finally getting to something. @TrueDetective I give it a B+
Sitting down to @TrueDetective, let's hope it gets better. MUCH better. #TrueDetectiveSeason2
That episode of @NBCHannibal was the most fucked up episode of TV I've ever watched & I mean that in the absolute best way possible.
Bueno, dinos entonces! Sé que me encantaría saber más! ;)…
Watch this documentary...#Tig is amazing, and very funny. @netflix…
Slept in to the sound of was perfect. Hope we get more rain. #CaliforniaDrought
So, this was worth losing your journalistic integrity @Gawker?
Does anyone have a @bemeapp code for me? Pretty please!!??
Wait, what is happening at @Gawker? Will this mean I will never get out of the greys?
How scary! And so many are heading to Vegas. Be safe everyone!…
Wow, @nicknotned took down that awful and inflammatory post from last night. Read his explanation.… @Gawker
I wouldn't want to be @jordansarge tonight. @Gawker
Someone cheats on their spouse. It happens...everyday. @Gawker went too far trying to destroy this man's character. #ForShame
This is shameful. @Gawker has done some shady shit, but this tops it.…
When you find out @Hannibal isn't on, and was moved to Saturday night. #Fannibals #Hannibal
Running song for the summer. Makes me go faster...and farther (further?).…
Is this a surprise to anyone? Lock him up and throw away the key. He deserves no more press.…
Yes I creeped on @ArianaGrande. FWIW, she was very nice to her fans. #ArianaGrande #Donutgate
Are you a slob? Or is your teenager a slob? @MTV is looking for you! Email…
A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy? - Albert Einstein
Please read @NickKristof's reporting from #Angola, #Sudan and South Sudan. So well done. A must read...for everyone.…
Has anyone tried @JayRobbProtein? Is it gritty? Any thoughts or opinions?
Am I the only one bothered that @ScottWalker doesn't have a college degree? Or a Master's degree? Or am I blinded up here on my ivory tower?
Watching The Day After with our parents and discussing it at school the next day. #TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow
Playing Barnstorming, Adventure and Frogger on the Atari. #TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow
Transferring the colored Sunday comics on to Silly Putty. #TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow
Rewatching @SHO_Homeland, and really missed the hot ISI officer.
The man is resourceful. #ElChapo Mexico drug lord Guzman's escape tunnel is a minor engineering masterpiece
I'm kind of digging Velcoro. I like me a dirty #ColinFarrell. @TrueDetective
Remember #Scout was seeing #AtticusFinch from the eyes of a child. As she aged, seeing his true colors is possible. #GoSetAWatchman

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