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Nicole James
Ugh. @BCFootballNews always breaks my heart!
Thank you @steveannear for this gift to those of us who no longer live in Boston. It's PERFECT.…
Topical Winds Debate #2 - Did Donald Trump Win The GOP Debate? via @YouTube
Women—not the politicians on stage—should make decisions about their own reproductive health care. Period. #GOPdebate
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.@HillaryClinton's Snapchat was awesome today. Make sure you check it out!
Southern California's tsunami advisory from 3-7 am PT; widespread inundation not expected - @weatherchannel
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In my political wet dream, the moderator asks them if they support Reagan granting amnesty to 2.7 million undocumented immigrants #GOPDebate
.@realDonaldTrump should stop complimenting women and start respecting them. #GOPdebate
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Fiorina looked like a character from 28 Days Later when taking about harvesting brains.
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This is hysterically true. Gotta love L.A. When It Rains In L.A. via @YouTube
What a great start for the @Patriots. Bring on the haters and accusations of cheating. The Pats are just that good.
Such a GREAT cause! Help! Help make it happen for CARE Rescue: Tiger & Lion Cub Habitats on @Indiegogo
First Varsity doubles match for @KellyCutieJames and she killed it 6-3, 6-3, 6-1!!! 🎉🎾
That's that. Serena wins. Diatchenko retires at 0-6 0-2. Highlights include a medical timeout and a bathroom break.
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There are times in the day when I forget @NBCHannibal isn't coming back. I like those times. #Fannibal #HannibalMicDrop #Hannibal
Hannibal Redefined How We Tell Stories on Television… via @vulture
Sees a dead cat on the side of the road = day completely ruined. RUINED.
Netflix's @NarcosNetflix is great, and thank goodness I speak Spanish. It's like 80% of the dialog. Killing the cat and dog wasn't cool tho.
I was thinking of watching Palin interview Trump and mentioned it to someone. My TV said, "Not on me youre not!" and walked out of the room.
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#Youowemeawe The face of a man who just realized his ex psychiatrist is in love with him & that he's kinda into that
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#YouOweMeAwe #Hannibal he really caught an earful from team sassy science
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"You put your hand on me in the picture. Like a pet." Chilton's a Chilabrador. #Hannibal #YouOweMeAwe
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#Hannibal is the only show that leaves me emotionally and physically exhausted when it's over. #YouOweMeAwe
Poor Frederic. All he ever wanted was to be taken seriously. #Hannibal #YouOweMeAwe
Freddie Loundes has survived this show remarkably unscathed for someone so "rude". #Hannibal #YouOweMeAwe
Will Graham really needs a better shrink. #Hannibal #YouOweMeAwe
Holy shit. @BryanFuller you are one marvelous sick bastard. #Hannibal #YouOweMeAwe
That might have been the most disturbing #Hannibal scene ever. And I say that with all the love in the world. #YouOweMeAwe
Jesus. That scene was worse than the one where the dude was ripped from the human mural. Christ. #Hannibal #YouOweMeAwe
I feel like I was just holding my breath for 60 seconds. #Hannibal #YouOweMeAwe @RCArmitage is just so terrifying.
Seeing Chilton beg is heartbreaking. We know how this will end. Why no love for Chilton @DeLaurentiisCo? #YouOweMeAwe #Hannibal
Omg a maxi-pad. How demeaning. Poor Frederic. #HANNIBAL #YouOweMeAwe
I'm in total denial that this is the second-to-last #HANNIBAL ever. #YouOweMeAwe #QUANTIFIABLYBITCHY
Oh Chilton, things aren't looking too good for you. #Hannibal #YouOweMeAwe
Well, I bet more people are learning about William Blake now? #Hannibal #YouOweMeAwe
Hannibal has no intention of seeing me dead by any other hand than his own. And only then if he can eat me. #Hannibal #YouOweMeAwe
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And the penultimate episode of @NBCHannibal is about to begin. #YouOweMeAwe 😩
I just read this on @AmericanThinker. Nixon invented the term Hispanic. For votes. People read and believe this shit?

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