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Nicole Marie
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#Gemini #ZodiacPeople - Gemini women are prone to having many different thoughts running through their mind simultaneously
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Bree just sent me a pic of my house on Google earth, can you say stalker?
"What do you call people in Afghanistan?" I said Afghanistonion.
if you were having a bad day, here's a baby bunny ☺️
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That's what I get for texting and walking
Just fell up the stairs 👍
I set an alarm for 2 so I can write my essay
Just found an 8th in a drawer in my living room. My brother told me to keep it. What? Ha
I swear my grandma hates me
I never thought my dog would sleep with me every night, especially because he's a jackass and doesn't sit still #ADHD
Some day we could wake up in a bed we call our own
Tomorrow = Recovery Day
a guy fell thru the ceiling at Logan airport choked an 84 year old man with his cane and bit his ear off....what the actual fuck
Only me would sprain my ankle playing basketball 👍
fack fack fackkkkk
Cuddling and watching Netflix 😍@ksessums144 😘
And that its a race to the table since I eat everything. Thanks Mimi
My grandmother just told me when I moved in, all the food started disappearing. 👌
Going on sick day #3
Relationships are hard, but they're worth the fight.
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Loyal people go through the most bullshit
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If we don't associate, keep my name out of your mouth
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i want to have the cutest relationship with you.
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Too depressed to move from my bed today
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I ate so much. Just waiting to puke. YUM
A jealous girl is a faithful girl.
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everybody wanna be rich but don't nobody wanna put in the work .
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I don't regret my past. I just regret the time I've wasted with the wrong people
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You just make me fall in love again and again.
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There's deffinetly a friggin squirrel in my attic. I can hear something, might need to find my air soft gun 🙊
So apparently a bomb went off at the mall? That's so fucked I was just there
This soap is $195, it better wash Ebola, wash HIV, wash Malaria, shit…. It better wash all my sins away 😑
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Ha ha ha ha ha my life
How the hell do people come up with this shit