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Nicole Marie
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This tent smells like cigs and bad perfume
"I look like satans child" @AnnieMillez 's high words of wisdom
Fuck you I won't do what you tell me
Correction, "Fundip and Water" @AnnieMillez
I always seem to choke on water or food whenever I'm with @AnnieMillez
so used to it by now
Who needs boys I have barcardi and Nicole. Let's cry.
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Almost just burned my house down
We're so dumb @anniemillez
Can't wait to see Luke soon! 😍😍😍
Feeling the need to punch someone
If I hear one more girl say "he's a pro at pulling out" I'm going to smack some sense into you
I was doing so good πŸ˜”
Damn i didnt get shit accomplished today
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I always fall for the ones who live way to far to have it work out
Honestly I hate when I can't fall asleep😣😴
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This is the first thing to come into my mind as I took this picture of my eye
I hate when I finally think someone likes me and I open up, then I get fucked over anyways.
311 tomorrow 😁