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Nick Starr
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Oh goodie my Mac Mini (aka media server) has decided to slow to a hault... — feeling annoyed at Starr Street Bar
Sigh. I have to wear a Polo Shirt tomorrow for my first day at the job. I hate this. I'm changing to my regular...
Fuck I forgot I need to go buy a polo for my first day at work, and hope that I can wean into my standard outfit...
Seattle Police Investigating Threat Near Amazon HQ
It's funny to think that the Pebble is the dumbest of the smartwatches out there given that they were the first...
Still into this season of #AHSFreakShow , but it has taken a very dark path with Dandy's storyline...
Spend Your Expiring FSA Dollars on Sunscreen, Condoms, and More
Update: 30,000 People Really Did Buy Poop On Black Friday
Hmm sell my Google Glass for around $800 to buy an iPhone 6 Plus for $849?
Taxi drivers are faster, less safe than Uber and Lyft counterparts, study finds
Martin Freeman takes Middle Earth to 'The Office' in hilarious 'SNL' sketch
Hey @dominos why are there onions in this pizza I ordered 3 hours ago and just got?
Thanks @dominos we just got an automated call from the store 3 hours after ordering saying our order is finally on its way.
The manager “Jesse” also said he “forgot” to send back out our pizza. Please fire this man.
Well @dominos the manager Jesse just gave us the District Manager’s number of 208-319-6009 which is a hole state away
Hey @dominos even our cat @PepperPepPep is tired of waiting for the pizza.
Hey @dominos where is my pizza? It’s been over 2 hours and @BS_2689 and I would like to go to bed now!
watching Hotel Impossible at Starr Street Bar
Finally getting around to watching Interstellar — watching Interstellar Movie at Regal Meridian 16
Windows Phone is circling the drain as longtime users lose hope
Less than a week and we will be in San Francisco! Can't wait to be back to see a bunch of shows and have a weekend getaway.
watching The Mentalist at Star Apartments
I fucking hate our radiator. #heat #Seattle #SeattleWinter #Noise #CantSleep #Loud #BangBang
.@NickStarr just wearing Glass at dinner not OK but totally OK when the police record and it ends up on Youtube…
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Thanks to Apple, Dr. Dre had the most profitable year of any musician in history
People were up in arms when Apple released the iPhone at $599 back in 2007. The current CHEAPEST iPhone 6 starts at $649 & go up to $949
I am going to miss being able to sleep in past noon...
watching Hotel Impossible at Starr Street Bar
After 9 months and 11 days unemployed I finally have a full time job again starting Tuesday! Odd coincidence that my birthday is 9/11.
Starting the 888-BEST-BUY customer service roulette ....of which I will most likely not get my $50 Google Play...
Me: "My parents live in a retirement community." Person: "What's it called?" Me: "Florida."
Two of the best men I know in my life.
watching American Horror Story at Star Apartments
But how am I supposed to watch TV now?!
Now to calculate how long it will take me to build up 5 vacation days for a 9 day Florida / Key West trip.
I got a job!!!!!!!!!!!
#JAMMIETIME : Holderness Family 2014 Christmas Video: via @YouTube
Our iTunes Match just renewed for the 3rd year ... it's so great to have all our music in the cloud and none of...
I have the Stream 13 and it's actually a great laptop!
New official Android Wear watch faces…
I had to play the damn game through twice fully, but I'm finally a GTA 5 MULTI-BILLIONAIRE!
watching Hotel Impossible at Starr Street Bar