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Nick Starr
"In San Francisco, the hourly pay for a Lyft driver is $41.60 an hour" --…
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#PancakeBob #TheSims4 can buy your privacy away from you at @davidmeinert’s @Lostlakecafe but @googleglass is still banned #hypocrite #Liar
Lost Lake Cafe & Lounge DOESN'T CARE ABOUT PRIVACY as they have previously stated as they just sold out your...
Last night on the bus I was listening to a show and thought I heard something drop as we get to a stop. Looked...
Holy fuck the hypocrisy @Lostlakecafe IS FILMING PEOPLE BUT WON'T LET @googleglass IN B/C IT HAS THE ABILITY TO FILM
When a pregnant woman swims, she is a human submarine.
HA! This is so great... Notification trolling. #noises #impressions via @vineapp
Hashtag with Lily Armani-Winfrey — at The Lobby Bar
Hopefully will have a social media success story to tell tomorrow. #SocialMediaForGood
Why is the footage of @Joan_Rivers the only clear HD video in @RichVos & @bonniemcfarlane's "Women Aren't Funny"?
Wow this guy has a GoFundMe page and has already raised over $30k in under 24 hours for his living expenses....
On second thought, the new Hershey Kiss logo *does* kinda look like a steaming pile of..
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2 weeks till my birthday and I have no idea what I want...
Fashion is like power: it's not whether you have it, it's how you use it. #suit
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Really the president's suit is trending right now? Must be a slow news day...
OMG I own most of the stuff this guy does, but even I am not as gay and egotistical as this guy Chris Dancy
Hmm... Apple introduced the Macintosh at the Flint Center. I wonder what they will introduce there Sept 9th.
Who would’ve thought I’d have @superpixels on in my home…let alone using 2 Google products to make this happen
$10 for a $15 iTunes Code (See iTunes Code Terms and Conditions)
BREAKING: Apple invites press to exclusive event on September 9th. Invitation says, "Wish we could say more."
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It's official! Apple's next event is September 9th ... 2 days before my birthday! Hopefully Apple brings me an...
This is Ike's entire secret menu @Thrillist
Guess "gotta catch 'em all" meant unemployment checks as I was just declined a position at Pokémon for my experience being "too senior.”
We do #HappyHour 7 days a week. Enjoy pure chocolate, cheese, salad, beer, and HH wines for $5 each. 4:30-6:30 and 9-close @meltingpotnw
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Of course @meltingpotnw sends me a "Happy birthday" email here's some free chocolate covered strawberries the morning after I go there.
To quote Yoda loosely, "Begun the smartwatch wars have."
To quote Yoda loosely, "Begun the smartwatch wars have."
Fondue dinner date with @bs_2689
Twitter Finally Lets You See Just How Few People Are Faving Your Tweets
After Messenger backlash, Facebook responds through its main iPhone app -- AppAdvice
Ellen DeGeneres and Chelsea's Nude Shower Fight! | Chelsea Lately: via @YouTube
Time to plan a trip to Arby's
Never have I ever seen someone so obsessed with something I've said, which actually wasn't even my original...
Hyperlapse is magical. And, I hate to say it, maybe the killer app for Google Glass.
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Watched @bonniemcfarlane & @RichVos’ Women Aren’t Funny Great documentary! Buy it! Produced by @OpieRadio
Watch Billy Crystal's Beautiful Robin Williams Tribute at the Emmys
Breaking Bad and Modern Family are the best shows on TV, say Emmys
Beyoncé's performance from the VMAs last night.
If aliens ever attack, I hope they do it in rows of 8, going right and left directly above me. I’m very skilled at shooting aliens this way.
#TrueTillTheEnd — watching True Blood at Star Apartments
#BB16 — watching Big Brother at Starr Street Bar