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Nick Starr
When Ariana Grande gets fat can we call her Ariana Venti?
Purposely bending an iPhone doesn't mean #Bendgate is real, it means you're an assh*le
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Apple releases OS X bash update 1.0 addressing Shellshock vulnerability
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Bash update for Lion, Mountain Lion & Mavericks is available via Mac App Store
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OMG Please bring Hocus Pocus to Seattle @PeachesChrist @JinkxMonsoon @bendelacreme BenDeLaCreme - Dark Horse Live:
PRINCESS RAP BATTLE: SNOW WHITE VS. ELSA Whitney Avalon (ft. Katja Glies...: via @YouTube
Last night's segment on drones is here for you to enjoy/be terrified by.
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"Hey, Caffeine Addicts: It's National Coffee Day"
******Special Online Offer****** Come out to the best damn drag brunch in the Northwest! "Mimosas with…
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.@TheMamaTits Looks like they got it fixed… thanks that was quick! Everyone go buy tickets for
My new addiction is @ABCSharkTank  Working my way through season 1 right now…
HA! She was so great! RT @Sparta: FLOATERS, YOU BETTER GET A LIFE VEST!
Excited to see @TheMamaTits & @IsabellaExtynn at #MimosaswithMama tomorrow perform my favorite musical Mama Mia!
Just had to place our weekly Friday night call for noise complaint of 100s of partying college students to @SeattlePDE3 @SeattlePD @jseattle
Being unable to use Facebook freaking sucks. I don’t see how these performers will have any audience if they leave.…
We should demand better journalist integrity than, “I saw a lot of my local friends doing it…”
How can you even consider yourself a journalist when you make the statement that, “Ello is really only catching on in the Pacific Northwest”
When I die I want my body donated to science, but more specifically a scientist who is working on bringing dead guys back to life…
‘Bendgate’ is driving some people to believe insane ‘9/11 Truth’-style conspiracies
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Since they're loud and heavily scented already, Abercrombie & Fitch stores really are the ideal spot to go fart.
HA! @netflix joined Ello and is asking for likes on their Facebook page. Brilliant!…
WTF? Someone is using my photo on Craigslist to solicit sex? Sigh… PLEASE flag this post everyone, it ISN’T ME!…
BREAKING: Apple responds to ‘Bendgate,’ says only 9 customers have complained about iPhone 6 Plus… via @BGR
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Center of a doughnut is 100% fat free.
How am I just getting turned onto @ABCSharkTank? This show is my new obsession.
If you think Facebook will EVER start charging, you should log off and look at their home screen. Sigh…
Liam and Chris Hemsworth re-enact Charlie Bit My Finger also starring Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks as their parents.
@NickStarr funny you mentioned just that topic. We filmed our 2nd show last night and that was one of the topics:p
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@NickStarr if we get famous enough, we will hire you to give us those facts:)
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Can’t wait for Big Brother 17 and 18! #BB16Finale #bb16 #bb17 #bb17
DONNY is the winner of America's Favorite Houseguest and the $25,000 prize! #BB16 #BB16Finale
DERRICK is the winner of Big Brother 16! #BB16 #BB16Finale
Please give Devin as little airtime as possible #BB16 #BB16Finale
Wow Jacosta finally grew a pair #BB16 #BB16Finale
Cody is bombing these questions. He is handing Derrick they money. #BB16Finale
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