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Nick Starr
Maybe posting my birth certificate wasn’t the best idea as it was getting RT’d by black sites and anarchist groups … oops.
Codenamed “Moments”, Facebook Has Built An App For Super-Private Sharing
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Don’t get me wrong @SisterRoma I am a HUGE supporter of drag queens / local talent / etc but as a victim of anon attacks I support #RealName
I fucking hate when people clap at the movies 28 Simple Things All White People Just Love To Do…
Another example of personal attacks on Twitter which allows fake name accounts #RealName #MyNameIs @SisterRoma…
This is just ONE example of the attacks I’ve gotten by networks which don’t require #RealName… #MyNameIs @SisterRoma
As a victim of anonymous abuse, threats, & attacks online I OPPOSE @SisterRoma’s #MyNameIs campaign & pray Facebook doesn’t budge #RealName
CONFIRMED: Frankie was evicted, and Derrick won HoH. #BB16
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Wow San Jose Del Cabo was really hit hard by Hurricane Odile…
Its finally out! @JinkxMonsoon (feat. @FredSchneider3 founding member of the B-52s) - The Bacon Shake: via @YouTube
Meeting with @facebook on Wednesday and bringing ALL of your compelling stories with me. #MyNameIsYou
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Today’s Capitol Hillbillies - Drag Queens Serving Facebook… #MyNameIs
Why Facebook Is Deleting Drag Queen Profile Pages
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SURGE IS BACK! Welcome to the 90s people! Just saw this on Amazon: Surge, 12 ct, 16 FL OZ Cans by SURGE for $14.00…
.@SisterRoma you should coordinate with @TheMamaTits for your Tuesday protest as Facebook has a large office here in Seattle.
The @Pebble Steel band on the Moto 360 smartwatch
"Come'on dad! No more pictures!" - @PepperPepPep #CatsOfInstagram
Where is @truegerman's personal public apology @SeattleOutProud for him making light of LGBTQ suicide?
Although I have NEVER seen a public apology from Eric Bennett @SeattleOutProud … Where is this public apology?
I appreciate @SeattleOutProud statement on their President Eric Bennett’s horrific joke about me committing suicide…
Yay @BS_2689 is making us banana pancakes. Nom nom.
Two Comedy Show Tickets and One Appetizer -…
Guess what watch I got today? #Moto360
.@SeattleOutProud I call for a public vote for impeachment of Eric Bennett for his horrific jokes about LGBT suicide…
LOL ... this is why I love this man
ehh wasn’t my best RT @5SportsLive: Don't miss this Nick Starr interception tomorrow at 11 a.m.. on Channel 5!…
Maybe Facebook isn't targeting the drag queens, it's just a lot easier for their algorithms to realize Helluva Bottom isn’t a real name?
Using Mama Tits as an example. She has MORE likes, comments, and total interaction from the SAME post on her fan...
Using @TheMamaTits as an example. She has MORE likes & comments on the same post on her fan page vs boy profile
The PRESIDENT of @SeattleOutProud Seattle Pride makes fun of and jokes about LGBT suicide? I vote for impeachment
Joking about suicide and suicidal ideations is a serious and horrific thing to do. This man helps run Pride in SEA?!?
Joking about suicide and suicidal ideations is a serious and horrific thing to do. Is this the type of people...
The argument against me when I was asked to leave Lost Lake Cafe & Lounge for wearing Google Glass was that as a...
Facebook isn't budging people... you are standing on the wrong side of history on this one. "If people want to...
Apple confirms iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus crushed earlier preorder records
I wish I could fall asleep... been awake since 4am. Ugh!
iPhone 6 and 6 Plus already selling out, 5.5 inch model quoting 3-4 weeks shipping
Pepperoni pizza made with french fries crust is a delicious way to die
Awake since 4am? Sigh... — feeling tired
#IAmCherrySurBete #IamRomaRoma #IamJamesMajesty No you aren't! You are a fagot wearing makeup violating the rules…
If you can't respect the rules, get the FUCK OFF MY FACEBOOK!
I'm sad Robert Scoble hasn't wished me a happy birthday yet.
BenDeLaCreme one woman show! — at The Tin Table
Omg @BS_2689 bought us tickets to see my favorite drag queen @bendelacreme ON MY BIRTHDAY today!
Aww how sweet @bs_2689 got me flowers for my birthday! Thanks sweetheart xo
Wow was just given 20GB at $10.99/year on iCloud b/c I was a current paying customer (paying more and getting...
iPhone 6 preorders go live tonight - here's everything you need to know!