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Nick Starr
All 'Simpsons' episodes are now available for streaming
.@FitbitSupport @fitbit come on fitbit....just release the new stuff... My boyfriend's Force won't charge anymore...
The only time an asian is a TOP, is when it comes to RAMEN... omgosh, now I'm hungry...
Holy fuck...what happened to Renee Zellweger?
Sold & shipped off my iPad Air ... SUCKS being without it, but my Air 2 arrives Friday!
How many fucking times do we have to see fake Betty White death posts? If the source isn't CNN or credible, DON'T POST IT!
Fuck the last company I worked for for essentially laying me off for wanting to wear Google Glass at work.
It’s called a “remote” because those are your odds of finding it when you want to change the channel.
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 “CHOICE,” presented by DORITOS®: via @YouTube
Yawn — feeling sleepy at I-5 South
Sad ... Gerard Parkes, Doc From 'Fraggle Rock,' Dead at 90… via @feedly
Wild Excuses Restaurant Owners Have Used to Toss Customers… via @thedailymeal Include my @Lostlakecafe story
Wild Excuses Restaurant Owners Have Used to Toss Customers
"Florida mom petitions against Toys 'R Us over Breaking Bad action figures." I'm so mad, I'm burning my Florida Mom action figure in protest
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Apple sells 5.5M Macs in Q3 2014, destroys previous record without maj
Apple pulls in $42.12 billion in Q4 revenues, driven by iPhone 6 | Electronista
Apple Sold 39.3M iPhones During The iPhone 6 Launch Quarter, 12.3M…
Obama Goes On The Record To Say That Denying Same-Sex Marriage Is Unconstitutional
The Simpsons’ Stanley Kubrick Parody Was So Good -- Vulture
iOS 8.1 has been released - here's how to download it right now!
HA! This is actually kinda funny ... GO GIANTS!
This is the phone I've been using for a few months now and hands down the best Android phone I've owned...
OMG The Simpsons Stanley Kubrick montage (A Clockwork Yellow) on tonight's Treehouse of Horror (series) XXV was amazing!
Then the @Uber_SEA driver passes by our place again after taking an illegal left turn. We eventually jumped out to save our lives.
Yet another @Uber_SEA ride where they pass right by the turn for our house and plow on for the more expensive route. Sigh
Yet another @Uber_SEA ride where they pass right by the turn for our house and plow on for the more expensive route. Sigh.
Wow the new iPad Air 2 is even thinner than the iPhone 6 / 6 Plus. Will it bend?
Watch a citizen pull over a cop for a change
Excited to see Jinkx Monsoon and Major Scales in The Vaudevillians this afternoon ... AND Brian's mom moves to Seattle today!
watching Project Runway at Star Apartments
Now that I'm working, I don't want the weekend to ever end. — feeling sleepy
Just was hit by a van! So the light to cross the cross walk just went white and I start walking and this guy...
Just hit by a car twice!
Comcast rejoices as thousands of people hit their bandwidth cap and overage fees kick in.
The state of Marriage Equality as it stands today.. Congrats Wyoming!
Begun the Android Wear War has.
This little kid just won Halloween. via @YouTube
Just got my first paycheck in 7 months 11 days!
An 80-Foot Inflatable Tree in Paris Looks a Lot Like a Giant Butt Plug… via @mashable
I was trying to think of the hot new trends when coming up with my Halloween costume, and I've decided I'm dressing up as Ebola.
This queen is everywhere...
Watch the Incredible Shrinking iPad Air