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Nick Starr
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Why I want to Delete Half of my Facebook Friends during a National Crisis.
If you have a dog grooming business and didn't name it "Doggie Style" then something is seriously wrong with you.
All the food bought for Thanksgiving, except the turkey which QFC is making for us ;)
Toshiba Chromebook 2 (1080p) vs iPad Air 2 vs Nexus 9 ... hmm.....
The Once and Future Queens: Vignettes From A Season of Seattle Drag - Vanguard Seattle
Seattle's embarrassing, dishonest reaction to Ferguson
Group robs, kills young man over smartphone in San Francisco
If I have to see this God damn message from @car2goSeattle after finding 4 different parking spots Im going to scream
The Great Google Glass Experiment Is Fucked
@NickStarr Hi Nick, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and we appreciate the feedback.
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Why is it so difficult to get a Microsoft Band? You'd think it actually had mainstream appeal given the shortages in stores and online.
20 years from now, some adults are going to say they grew up on the “bad part of town,” meaning there was no 4GLTE in that area.
Honest Trailers - Love Actually: via @YouTube
Just when you thought a 4th movie of any series couldn't be good... the trailer makes Jurassic World look great.
Officers responding to disturbance @ 7/James. Individuals in crowd threw bottles, rocks &lit flares, tried to get on I5.
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watching Two Broke Girls at Starr Street Bar
Taylor Swift- Shake it Off [Parody] "Shake and Bake" Starring Danny Fran...: via @YouTube
The handyman is in our apartment fixing stuff and all I want to do is poop… ugh… can he hurry up lol #TMI
Black Friday is starting to turn into Black Thursday...
Seattle police get help publishing body camera videos online
I posted 46 photos on Facebook
It would seem as if Microsoft Studios spent a lot of money on Sunset Overdrive and isn't seeing a lot of sales....
30 days without Facebook... SUCKS! Glad to be back. So much happened in the past month. I was hospitalized, and...
What could possibly go wrong....?
Can I post on Facebook finally?
Just over 14 hours till I can finally use Facebook again…Sigh. I get banned b/c someone else was harassing me IRL and I post about it online
So odd. I can write comments to Facebook groups but can't like anything or post my own content to Facebook on day 29 of this 30 day ban.
"Netflix scoops up Tina Fey's 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt'"…
Will we use it? Probably not, but it was only $19 #Amazon #FireTV #FireTVStick
Ugh gotta stay off social media. Too many of you are posting #AHSFREAKSHOW spoilers. #AHS
Last week this place is open before being taken over by the evil @davidmeinert (@ The Lobby Bar - @TheLobbySeattle)
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Eve 6 - Open Road Song RT @knitpurl: If you had time to listen to 1 song during an Uber ride what would that song be?
Two trips to the hospital already this week… sigh. I wish I could just be healthy.
Goodbye free time. #GTAV #GTA5
One set of pills gave me a different type infection. Now this new pill has caused me to break out in an itchy...
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A ‘card carrying nerd’ explains why Google Glass is too dorky even for him
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Pre-orders 2 are live right now for 1 hour only! Head to to order the One #PreordertheOne
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Hurry! You have less than an hour to preorder the OnePlus One
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Movie that doesn’t hold up … The Net
The Science Of Simplicity: Why Successful People Wear The Same Thing Every Day… via @EliteDaily
So @BrentCorrigan aka @SeanPaulLock is switching to mainstream movies, but with a title like #TheDarkPlace are we sure it isn't a porn? ;)