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Nick Starr
We are staying 2 blocks from @ikesplace in SF in an @Airbnb I’d say we have better location than any Union Square hotel at 1/2 the price.
RuPaul on 'gaymers,' Tim Cook's coming out and why we need to lighten up
Ooph it is a bit too rainy for SF. I feel like we haven't even left Seattle. — feeling wet at Duboce Triangle
Carolers at SEA
First Look At Neil Patrick Harris On American Horror Story: Freak Show Video
Flight now delayed 2 hours. The flight isn't even 2 hours long. Ugh. — traveling to San Francisco, California...
Santa Claus and his elf showed up at the airport to spread holiday cheer #SEATheCheer
Wish we had known the flight was delayed an hour before we RUSHED to the gate and woke up so damn early — feeling...
SEA ✈ SFO on Virgin America Main Cabin Select! Cannot wait to relax and see old friends. — traveling to San...
Sorry to everyone in Seattle who bought tickets to my shows, I cancelled my upcoming weekend because I will be shooting something here in NY
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I hope @JimNorton rescheduled his Seattle dates. Was really hoping to see his act, it's been too long.
Why the fuck is @davidmeinert's den of inequality & discrimination @Lostlakecafe on my Facebook news feed?
In the middle of a week of holiday drag shows between Seattle and SF and super excited to see RPDR Season 6...
Thank to my mom Holly Ann Starr I got to play Tetris yesterday... in the freezer ... trying to squeeze in the...
Upgrade to Virgin America Main Cabin Select ... sure why not...
'American Horror Story' Reveals How The Seasons Are Connected
Damn this @ikesplace coupon is only valid Mon-Thur and we are in SF Fri-Sun this weekend … oh well can’t wait for my #26 Jerry’s Big Meat.
Time to put @crashplan to use as my 3TB media drive died …
In 24 hours our flight to SF takes off. I cannot wait for a weekend vacation. — feeling exhausted
Wow getting up and leaving the house this early M-F is going to be very difficult.
I cannot wait for the best Christmas present ever of all time: the release of Into The Woods!
Bought an iPhone 6 Plus. Goodbye Android! — feeling relieved
Dr. Dreidel: Where Hip-Hop Meets Hanukkah
@NickStarr But but but... That's still ok, right? 😉 Glad we could be there for ya, Nick! Hope you're well!
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Of course this @car2goSeattle is parked in a closed garage and forcing me to take an @Uber_SEA home instead.
Pebble 2.3 For Android Brings Interactive Notifications, Will Work…
Fitbit says Charge skin issues aren't caused by its materials
Off work day 1!
We won't take away your LTE data. If you don't use it, you shouldn't lose it! Keep it! It's now in your @TMobile #DataStash
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That data is rightfully yours, so we're letting you roll it forward.
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Ugh so going to be late. Damn late bus (at @westfield Southcenter in Tukwila, WA)
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T-Mobile Data Stash lets you keep the data you paid for, with 10GB free
Oh goodie my Mac Mini (aka media server) has decided to slow to a hault... — feeling annoyed at Starr Street Bar
Sigh. I have to wear a Polo Shirt tomorrow for my first day at the job. I hate this. I'm changing to my regular...
Fuck I forgot I need to go buy a polo for my first day at work, and hope that I can wean into my standard outfit...
Seattle Police Investigating Threat Near Amazon HQ
It's funny to think that the Pebble is the dumbest of the smartwatches out there given that they were the first...
Still into this season of #AHSFreakShow , but it has taken a very dark path with Dandy's storyline...
Spend Your Expiring FSA Dollars on Sunscreen, Condoms, and More
Update: 30,000 People Really Did Buy Poop On Black Friday
Hmm sell my Google Glass for around $800 to buy an iPhone 6 Plus for $849?
Taxi drivers are faster, less safe than Uber and Lyft counterparts, study finds
Martin Freeman takes Middle Earth to 'The Office' in hilarious 'SNL' sketch
Hey @dominos why are there onions in this pizza I ordered 3 hours ago and just got?
Thanks @dominos we just got an automated call from the store 3 hours after ordering saying our order is finally on its way.