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#thatawkwardmomentwhen you want to say something to a person who already introduced themselves, but you can't remember their name.
Hot rocks + Feet = Hot rock feet. That's what my feet are like right now. #hotfeetpictures
#pacificrim Looks pretty good, typical I leave the USA for Norway before it hits the big screen. :c…
Walk in to eat lunch, rick roll playing on the speakers. D: #rickrolled
Soooo... We thought we we're going to a music jam session. Turns out it was a Christian sermon. Talk about #FalseAdvertising ... >.>
#ThatAwkardMomentwhen you walk into a family reunion and everyone in the building looks at you as you walk in and sit down.
Oh my gosh!!! Chuck Norris commercial :D #chucknorris
Playing Pokemon SoulSilver: Your Cyndaquil looks at you with big eyes and a freshly plucked flower lying on her head. #Cute #Pokemon
Oh my gosh :D Old Naruto episode is on Adult Swim! #awesome #naruto
#imweakfor Cute creatures/things/people, Softness and... Oh, Oreos! Oh my god Oreos!! (And my girlfriend, she's better than Oreos.)
Grandma talking about my little brother: "He's a growing boy. He will probably grow another foot!" Me: "3 Feet?! How does that work??".
Grandma: "How are we going to put your mother down? ... Wait, I mean how is she going to be put to sleep. ... This is coming out wrong. xD"
#ihatepeoplethat think or act like they're better than everyone else. Be modest, don't take things for granted and appreciate kindness! ^_^
Mom: I always find clothes I like when we're in USA! All the female clothes are so... funky-looking now. *goes to male section* #MomQuotes
Dad: "Ok, lets go!" Flings his bag from the bed to the floor. Bag shoots open and everything falls out. "Closing it might be an idea." #fail
Dad buys a belt with black on one side and brown on the other. "Which side should I use?" Me: "Once you go black you'll never go back."
#iwishicould see a cloud in the shape of a triforce. Now THAT would be something!
Is there a word for "I don't feel like eating anything, but I'm hungry."?
#thatawkwardmomentwhen a girl behind you opens an umbrella while sitting in the shade during a sunny afternoon.
#FamousLastWords "I can fit my head through there!"
First word on five sponsor slots at a baseball field: " It's A Double Drug Mart " !
Wonder how a banana would look with a bathrobe on.
Look! Over there! A Cloud!

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