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I feel like I spend more time correcting autocorrect than I do actually spelling words wrong.
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Can I kill myself now?
Jesus fucking Christ, this place sucks
I wanna punch someone, but since the society says that it is wrong, I can't. #NormalCivilianProblems
You know, sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion!
I'm now ranked Hardcore (top 20%) in Smite on Raptr!…
This person is following me. Should I do something?
Too awkward to be coincidence
I think I'm been followed too
This feels awkward
That's weird
I think this person is stalking me
Not everyone is meant to be in your future. Some people are just passing through to teach you lessons in life.
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You can judge a lot about a person's character by what they laugh at.
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"Syndrome" *
I must know people with this "disease".
Celebrity Worship Syndrome is an obsessive-addictive disorder where a person becomes overly interested with a celebrity's personal life.
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How can I sleep being this sick?
I think I got a fever
"@Fact: The world's most fearless creature is the Honey Badger, according to Guinness World Records." The Honey Badger don't cares.
Hoje são as eleições? Pena que não posso votar daqui
I'm just lucky people don't notice, so I don't break their mood/vibe
I feel so depressed when I get sick
Being sick sucks
I think I'll reply random people
But my face still sucks 😳
My hair looks so good when I'm home, why?
Fucking flu
I'm sick 😷😖😫
Ainda tô curioso pra saber quem disse pra Dilma que esse corte de cabelo é bonito.
I'm trapped in my bed
Jesus help me
The laser shooter is impossible to explode
Freeway Fury 3 IS IMPOSSIBLE! :/
eFukt is so funny. I keep wondering why I don't visit this website more often.
It's funny how I dislike so many things in me, but I don't hate myself.
(And I also hate my voice)
(I don't know, I feel so ugly seeing myself in pictures or videos)
But I hate taking pictures.
I need new pictures.
It was supposed to be "Life", but yeah, love is a funny thing too.
Love is a funny thing
A friend who almost went through the same thing just asked me to watch Becoming Belle Knox, and wow, how stupid and mean can people be?
Yesterday I had a pretty busy day, but meeting people and having fun are things that makes me happy.
No data until October 5 😡
2 girls just came and said hello, hugged me, asked how my group was going and said bye. They knew my name and I had NO IDEA who thwy were...