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Nicholas Kristof
@NickKristof and Sheryl @WuDunn are champions of girls' and women's health worldwide. Check out their new book @APathAppears , coming 9/23
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We're nuts RT @nycjim: Sanctions on Russia mean no AK-47 imports. So a gun-buying frenzy
We often cover police failures. Here's a town that improved policing drastically, with lessons:… by @KateZernike
Negative criticism of personality shows in nearly all performance reviews of women, almost none of men, in this study…
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Imagine yourself going back to school abroad next fall! @PeaceCorps is looking for educators #ApplyPC #teaching
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With chaos in the Middle East, Ukraine and West Africa, the crisis in Pakistan isn't getting enough attention:…
For those Aussies indignant at me calling Vegemite the world's worst food, here's a piece I once wrote about it:…
Boko Haram militants reportedly planning to attack and take over the major Nigerian city of Maiduguri…
.@lscott1967 Stinky tofu is fermented tofu, chou doufu in Chinese, meaning "stinky tofu"
On balance, stinky tofu is even worse than Vegemite. Vegemite is disgusting only to ingest; stinky tofu is lethal at 50 feet.
Worst food ever, along with stinky tofu RT @mashable: American kids eat Vegemite and react with absolute disgust.
Israel mounts new land grab in West Bank, of 1,000 acres near Bethlehem. Settlements should stop!…
In further sign of Xi Jinping dictatorship, Chinese government squelches hopes of free elections in Hong Kong
Obama should allow Richard Holbrooke, peacemaker and public servant, into Arlington cemetery.… by @NYTimesCohen
@NickKristof offers cure for "smug white delusion" one devastating stat at a time. When Whites Just Don’t Get It
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Whites in US have net worth 18X more than blacks, more than the disparity in apartheid South Africa. My column
Critical take on my column tonight about race…
Ouch! RT @JoyceCarolOates: @NickKristof Once present when white male asked Toni Morrison when she'd get beyond theme of race in her fiction
.@NickKristof on race: The United States now has a greater wealth gap by race than South Africa did during apartheid.
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Great piece by Tim Egan about the glories of public lands in the American West
Bahrain repression RT @MARYAMALKHAWAJA: Tomorrow, I will be taken to court in #Bahrain on unknown charges. I'm being held at the airport.
Lessons from other global health campaigns about how to handle the Ebola outbreak
UPDATE: CNN's Dana Bash says, like Senator Gillibrand, she has also been sexually harassed by male senators
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I'm feeling deflated. After asking readers to find the mistake in the column (esp over on Facebook), readers are claiming lots of errors!
Copy editors often save us writers! RT @Amynishiki: @NickKristof I'm a copy editor; that was a piece of cake!
You win. Now you have to take over my column RT @Amynishiki: @NickKristof it should be forgoes, not foregoes
No, my mistake is worse than that RT @mll404_miller: @NickKristof I was taught never to start a sentence with the word "And"
A reader points out a grammatical error I made in this column. Anybody spot it? It's in the last 5 grafs:…
Why Gillibrand's story didn't surprise any woman on Capitol Hill (plus when Strom groped Murray on an elevator)
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Appalling! RT @julieburtonwmc: 97 of Every 100 Rapists Receive No Punishment, RAINN Analysis Shows…
I'm in the office, trying to write my Sunday column, and distracting myself by looking at photos of my 200-mile PCT hike this month with my daughter.
ICYMI, great piece on how private companies profit from the privatization of the justice system… by @Edsall
More than 1/2 of Syrians have left home. Biggest operation UN refugee agency has faced in its 64 years.…
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SYRIAN REFUGEE FIGURES: 31 August 2012 = 199,471 31 August 2013 = 1,834,708 End August 2014 = 3 million #Syria
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#Africa's trade remains uncompetitive because shipping costs are on average more than double those of Asia
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If only jihadis would follow own logic and go after those killing their Muslim brothers. ISIS would turn on Boko Haram. AQ on al-Nusra etc.
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Smart Piece That Urges Serious Self-Examination: "Is Everyone A Little Bit Racist" @NickKristof…
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@NickKristof can you please call them ISIL or IS? ISIS was a goddess and many worldwide have great organisations named ISIS. Thanks from Oz!
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"When we go to the mosque, they order us to [watch] heads cut off, lashings or stonings" -- life under ISIS…
Waterboarding is blatant torture. Hardly surprising that ISIS would stoop that low. Deeply shameful that Bush did.
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V bad sign @MiriamElder: "New Russia" is born RT @johnson: Wow. Putin uses the word "Novorossiya" in an address
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A year ago Obama administration avoided calling a coup a coup. Now it's trying not to call an invasion an invasion. #Egypt #Ukraine
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The biggest Presidential whopper was that sanctions on Russia are working. Huh? They were supposed to improve Russian behavior.
@NickKristof Wow. And making speeches is the Presidenting thing he's done best. Doesn't bode well...
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I'm normally a fan of Obama but that was a very weak Obama speech and press conference. Only strong suit was his suit.
Wow. 5 authors of the Ebola paper out in Science today have died of Ebola.…
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