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Nick Frost
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Thank you for following @nickjfrost. We hope you like your supremely stylish Mint List additions when they arrive. Have a fabulous weekend.
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The last thing I need is to punch the core of a rain wrapped f4.
Big wall cloud descending over Richmond right now.
@simonpegg @nickjfrost @edgarwright finished the trilogy! If be awfully grateful if you retweeted this 'un. Ta!
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What a night! Met some lovely old faces at Sunnies last night. Lot of cuddling. #sunnysideup
Who's ready to meet The Croods?
When are the government going to do something about all these Wing-mirror spiders? Enough is enough.
The internet got a second series!
@nickjfrost the people replying seriously to this are the reason silica gel packets need to have "Do Not Eat!" warnings on them.
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If you sat and watched films for 12 hours a day, everyday, it would still take almost a month to watch every movie ever made.
The Smiths - Shop Lifters of the World - goodnight.
Sorry I had to run... Baby troubles #AskMrSloane Thanks for all your questions.
@MysticalMel: @nickjfrost what's it like being a sex symbol? #AskMrSloane” Amazing.
@_hellogaby_: @nickjfrost If you were a beverage, what would you be? #AskMrSloane” Half a bitter...
@JBeasley1412: @nickjfrost greatest achievement? #AskMrSloane” Kids!!!
@chapperzzz_: @nickjfrost would you prefer to look at Sergeant Angel's horse or arse? #AskMrSloane” Arse
@JasonONeillST: @nickjfrost Who is Mr Sloanes favourite ever West Ham player? :-) #AskMrSloane” Bobby Moore
@KittyLaRoo: @nickjfrost What's the temperature of your armpit right now?” #AskMrSloane 106c