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Nick Frost
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The Smiths - Shop Lifters of the World - goodnight.
Sorry I had to run... Baby troubles #AskMrSloane Thanks for all your questions.
@MysticalMel: @nickjfrost what's it like being a sex symbol? #AskMrSloane” Amazing.
@_hellogaby_: @nickjfrost If you were a beverage, what would you be? #AskMrSloane” Half a bitter...
@JBeasley1412: @nickjfrost greatest achievement? #AskMrSloane” Kids!!!
@chapperzzz_: @nickjfrost would you prefer to look at Sergeant Angel's horse or arse? #AskMrSloane” Arse
@JasonONeillST: @nickjfrost Who is Mr Sloanes favourite ever West Ham player? :-) #AskMrSloane” Bobby Moore
@KittyLaRoo: @nickjfrost What's the temperature of your armpit right now?” #AskMrSloane 106c
@teapot_fairy: @nickjfrost #AskMrSloane I've caught man flu off the husband. Can I have a hug :(” No, go to bed.
@SeijiBaylis: @nickjfrost Would you rather be able to be invisible or fly? #AskMrSloane” Fly
@cam_olive: @nickjfrost Point Break or Bad Boys II? #AskMrSloane” Don't make me chose!
@elevensbowtiee: @nickjfrost #AskMrSloane would you love to be a policeman officer like Danny or stay as an actor?? :)” Can I do both?
@HannahCahalane: @nickjfrost Will there be another series? :) #AskMrSloane” Sky?
@stuperrins: @nickjfrost could you punch the face off a stoat? #AskMrSloane” 24/7 - yes
@SamLucittRees: @nickjfrost do you keep ketchup in the fridge or the cupboard?” #AskMrSloane Ketchup
@moviescramble: @nickjfrost I'm eating a strawberry cheesecake cornetto. Jealous? #AskMrSloane” Little bit. Yes.
@tomfriskey: @nickjfrost Favourite film of the Cornetto trilogy? #AskMrSloane” Don't make me choose.
@dannyjbrown: @nickjfrost have you left the @_TheWhiteSwan yet! #AskMrSloane” Yes, sadly. Shit was gettin' real.
@LAfuckingA: @nickjfrost If you were a soup, what soup would you ve? #AskMrSloane” Beef consommé.
@Brown97Danny: @skyatlantic @nickjfrost #AskMrSloane do you get back together with Olivia Coleman later on?” Wait and see...
@LoganWalker75: @nickjfrost which of your characters in the cornetto trilogy was your favourite to play?” #AskMrSloane Danny Butterman
@CaptainHostile: @nickjfrost if you could be a Marvel superhero on film which one would it be? #AskMrSloane” Concrete Bee
@ubendme: @nickjfrost boxers or briefs? #AskMrSloane” Defo briefs
@tiddySPA: @nickjfrost could you drink a pint of Bovril? #AskMrSloane” Absolutely.
@Ronanm94: @nickjfrost did danny devito get smaller? He was taller when I was a child #AskMrSloane” We all get smaller.