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chubby pumpaloaf
@AlamoPage too bad you left some amazing local bands out
@kittysquad_ oh I thought you were working at dairy queen. Or did that never happen? Haha
people should follow me on ig so I can follow you back. I need more interesting people to follow
@kittysquad_ they gave you your job back?
@_danOverboard packing spirits is impossible
people always get mad at me because I smoke a whole cig in three or four drags :/
@liilbitx I know exactly what you mean. The minute my girlfriend sees me talking to a female she immediately thinks I'm cheating on her lol
I say the word bae just because people hate the word bae
@WeciPieces how could you....
my girlfriends cat has been in heat for almost two weeks and its so fucking annoying
All this rain is bumming me out
Me n bae on on our one year anniversary
"@dapoopolice: Man Overboard makes me wanna vomit. Bunch of whiny lil titty babies." @_danOverboard
@colbyxmoores no way man scars by papa roach is heavier
Balance and composure is the best driving music