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throw that ass in a circle
@SpankyDanks dude im watching that same show right now haha
I hate waking up in the morning because that means I didnt die in my sleep :/
forgot pianos was tomorrow now i almost dont hate my life
as soon as she touched my dick I came and started farting
@yungfoof yep just dial 6 and thats me
@yungfoof okay well my num is like 6 or something
let me take you to applebees
@JordanRaeMN pretty sure they switched up their recipe cause they dont taste the Sam to me :c
@JordanRaeMN theyre called gauges GAWSH
@summersexx im glad someone got it haha
Look with your special eyes
sometimes i wonder how many poeple actually hate me out of how many people i convinced myself hate me
why is it so fucking cold out holy fuck
@JordanRaeMN clean yourself up then homie
I focus only on the shadows when the sun shines
I don't care what anyome says Obama has had some amazing accomplishments over his past two terms.
@_sosleepy @killxdill @_danOverboard @_babyray @andreakgood the MOA sucks dude it took me like 25 just to get my soup fuuuu that shitt
@kittysquad_ I was sleep nigga. But im not going to that, I don't like monuments thats much ha
dont fuck with someone if they already fuckin with someone
@_babyray @_danOverboard @killxdill dude I bought a pint of that shit and brought it home no joke hahaha
@_danOverboard @_babyray @killxdill ive ate there the last three days in a row haha that shrimp sauce is too scrump dilly
you call yourself a friend, but you turn on me in a heartbeat
jesus fuck its cold
you're just a snake in the grass
how many miles would it take to get 80 hours
"If you take a girl to Applebees, you have to eat the ass after."
@aassiiaann you literally just explained my whole life right there
@REDEEMERAZ are so good they NEED to be huge
feed me corndogs plz
@caseycramerrr I mean like bdsm in general is promoting it
@ohhannabelles their first album is better than their new one, but they're definitely an amazing band
so apparently liking bdsm is supporting rape culture now? lol for fucks sake
hello, is this the krusty krab?
Forever a big, fat, dumb, ugly idiot.
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@littlewindjue my cat does that same shit and then she lays her fat ass on my chest and licks my face until its chapped lol