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Ill do anything to never have to shovel ever again
@tylerokaycool @Coreysonnn saint cloud :/ under this 4 feet of snow
@Coreysonnn @tylerokaycool come pick me up ill suck yo dick
I have a feeling it's going to be a merry dmxmas this year
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@SpankyDanks @_babyray you already know I rocked the shit out of that handbag
@SpankyDanks @_babyray found a LV handbag at goodwill for like 25$. Turned out being worth like 1900 lol
drife safe kids snow is a dick
Im fat and sassy
@Ohhjoo @dapoopolice ranch literally tastes good on everything
turn that nickel rock in my pocket to a half a mill
@negativexspace bent life went hard as fuck im guessing
@WeciPieces other than me right
save a deer, hunt humans instead
@TRASHKINGIX no. It was a joke since no one pays attention to the wnba.
@littlewindjue awh that sucks! Kill your boss for me
@littlewindjue why are you awake go back to bed lol
bitch get up and get out, I most likely forget to mention but we was in my trap house
I just slept for like 20 hours something is wrong here
hunting for sport is fucking disgusting honestly
Remember Minkus from Boy Meets World? This is him now. Feel old yet?
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I wish my glasses didnt get stolen those were expensive frames man
@WeciPieces I dont even know what that is
@WeciPieces oh ill enter it bby
@WeciPieces you smell like a hot foot forest
lit my last cigarette backwards kill me please
when u hook up with a drunk girl at a party and she wants to know who u are the next morning
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That ass is a higher truth
tell me why every girl has that one eyebrow that looks gucci and the other eyebrow looks walmart
@_danOverboard @Tyyyywaaaaaamn I have a lever you can pull bb
@_danOverboard @Tyyyywaaaaaamn helms is my last name so im the original inhabitant
*tweets how someone should slide into DM's* *no one slides into DM's*
I want to start a shoe cleaning business. I bet id probably make a shit load of money
slide in my DM's and make me not bored
@nvmvste are you just always in the shower or something hahaha
@nvmvste oh yeah even better. whats chicken without a little period blood
@nvmvste is that buffalo sauce mmmmm
Buffet Boys store opening soon! 1 random re tweeter gets ah free care package!
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