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punk ass bitch
I'm kinda really fucking excited for this @yourmemorial
Life isn't all about butthole pleasures
@WeatheredMN is on spotify? My life is over
I live to offend people
Someone in my household and stolen three pairs of headphones from me in the last month. When I find you, I will kill you.
steal doobies spit loogies when I puff on it
If you're looking for me in the night I got a knife don't wanna fight I wanna take your fuckin life end it right on sight
I had a dream about hotdogs and now I really want some hotdogs
"Because it would be hilarious," is probably not a good reason to elect someone to be president.
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@BarclayOlsonTF what if those flowers just so happen to be poison ivy
I want to go to local shows so bad but I refuse to pay 10$ to go to a local show if none of that money is going to the bands
*have heart playing in the car* "Wtf is this gay pop punk shit"
Empathy is the poor man cocaine
Rollin down rodeo with a shotgun
Look at that quality
If this tweet gets 4,200 retweets I'll give in and smoke marijuana.
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@FYFGOONIE well then fuck those deer
@mistachrish you're more of a lauryn hill
@FYFGOONIE did you even bother to ask them
My Facebook time line is full of people posting pictures of the deer they killed over the weekend and it makes me want to cry
I've watched four season of workaholics today what is life
It'll be like the wizard of oz, but instead of clicking heels we'll be KNOCKIN BOOTS
Someone go mini golfing with me
Best thing to do when you're sad and lonely? Binge eat until you pass out β˜ΊπŸ‘Œ
She probably hated me for taking this but she's just so damn cute
Lucifer please come save me, throw crucifixes at my feet
@Pouyalilpou over a thousand rt in 15 minutes 🌎🌎🌎
@Pouyalilpou wanna hook a bro up with some tickets to your show on Oct 14th in minnesota? I wanna come see you but I'm too broke hahaha
1,000 retweets and I'll drop a song off of my album today ...
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Donald Trump is Hitler, pass it on.
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Yup. Bush was a great president. Yes. No doubt. Great president. All Obama's fault. #DebateWithBernie
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I wish I had tabs on my car so I could blunt cruise in this gnarly storm :(
I feel like I just lost one of my closest homies
@This_Nukka I shed real nigga tears for dobby
@ebizaltits everyone needs to feel my sadness
Currently watching deathly hollows prt 1 and dobby just died and I can't even handle life right now
Any of the Harry Potter books/movies always get me right in the feels
Oh I'm sorry? No one has died from weed? Really? Hmmm how about explaining THIS PHOTO!!!
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