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Nickelodeon Casting
#CastingCues When prepping a song or monologue, be aware of your time limit. 1-2 minutes is plenty of time & respectful of the full schedule
#CastingCues Don't be arrogant. It doesn't matter how many roles you've booked before. Be humble & be present in the current audition.
#CastingCues Don't show disappointment if your performance isn't perfect. Be confident in your acting choices & don't apologize for mistakes
Items to keep in your car on long audition days: Snacks, spare clothes, extra toiletries & lots of change for parking meters #CastingCues
#CastingCues The audition starts from the moment you walk into the room so treat it like a quick snapshot of who you are & what you can do.
#CastingCues for open calls: Be yourself! You'll stand out more for being natural than putting on a fake persona. No need to overdo it.
#CastingCues for open calls: Don't burn yourself out on memorizing the lines. Learn the scene as opposed to just repeating the words nonstop
#CastingCues Keep your audition simple. Avoid using props or anything that's distracting from your actual performance.
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#CastingCues Real life experiences are the best motivation so enjoy time with your loved ones. Have a safe & happy 4th of July!
#CastingCues for stage parents: Don't make excuses for your child. Kids are going to be kids, we get it. So let them be themselves.
#CastingCues MUST repost for parents! DON'T GO to auditions when sick. Just reschedule. No one'll be offended unless you make others sick.
#CastingCues Don't go to auditions when sick. Even if you've taken meds, reschedule. No one will be offended unless you make others ill.
#CastingCues Make a connection either with the reader or the material. Auditions aren't long so fully invest in the character & the moment.
#CastingCues Don't forget to always bring your picture/headshot and resume. And make sure it looks like YOU!
#CastingCues Don't panic! If you need a moment to read the lines right before your audition, just ask the casting director & take a breath.
#CastingCues Dress for success! When getting ready for an audition, pick an outfit that is appropriate for your age and the role.
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#CastingCues Always bring your headshot & resume to auditions, even for voiceover. The casting director should have your contact info handy.
#CastingCues Having a bad day? Act like you're not. We all have bad days but when it's time to work, get down to business.
#CastingCues Do your research & know your audience. Find out who will be in the audition room, from either your agent or the casting dir.
#CastingCues for cold readings: You'll be expected to do it right then but its ok to ask for a few minutes to review. Use the time wisely.
#CastingCues Didn't memorize the material? It's ok, just don't pretend like you did. Perform the material as written w/ the script in hand.
#CastingCues Practice, practice, practice. There's always room to learn when working on your craft. Strive to be better!
It's ok if you don't book the role. Focus on giving a great performance, rather than getting the job. #CastingCues
Basic #CastingCues: Arrive to your appointment on time, be prepared and professional. This applies to every job, even when there's traffic.
#CastingCues Speak up! Use your full voice & project when saying your lines. Everyone in the room should hear you & feel your performance
Happy New #CastingCues! Want to be an actor? Educate yourself before spending any $$. Research local classes & theaters that are reputable.
HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Stay tuned for more #CastingCues in 2014!!!
#CastingCues for auditions: Know what you're saying & why you're saying it. Don't just repeat lines but feel what the character is feeling.
#CastingCues for headshots: Keep the photo updated & make sure it actually looks like you so the casting director can easily spot you later.
#CastingCues Be thankful for every opportunity that comes your way. You never know what new door it may open.
#CastingCues Be prepared to make adjustments. Try different ways of delivering the lines so you can easily make changes when given direction
#CastingCues Before every audition, you will be asked to slate. Simply say your name, age (if under 18) and agency (or contact info). Easy!
Be prepared for every audition w/ your headshot and resume so you can hand it to the casting director as soon as you walk in #CastingCues
#CastingCues Create a character based on someone you know so that your take on the character can be original, surprising and specific.
#CastingCues Carefully read the character breakdown before an audition. Ask yourself - What does the character want? What are they feeling?
#CastingCues It's not always quiet in an auditioning room so don't let outside noise easily distract you. Remember to stay focused!
Make bold acting choices in auditions. Casting directors love to see unique perspectives on material they've heard many times #CastingCues
#CastingCues It's important to have an active life outside of acting. It makes you a more interesting actor. Pick up a new hobby!
#CastingCues It's ok to ask questions about audition material if you don't understand. Remember that casting directors want you to succeed!
#CastingCues This tip is basic, yet necessary. Eat your vegetables and take care of your health. Being sick on set is no fun!
#CastingCues Leave your costume and prop at home unless it's requested by the casting director. They're not necessary and often distracting.
#CastingCues Here's an easy one - don't forget to turn off your cell phone! Even a vibrating phone can be distracting in an audition.
#CastingCues Sign in as soon as you arrive at a casting office! The sign-in sheet often determines the order of who will audition next.
Casting offices aren't always easy to find so give yourself enough time to find parking & locate the office. Avoid the stress #CastingCues
#CastingCues Love to chew gum? Save it for after your audition. It's hard to understand someone while they're chewing and reading.
Being prepared means having your material memorized but also being comfortable with any direction the director may give you #CastingCues
#CastingCues When auditioning, remember to look at your reader, not the camera.
Thank you to everyone who came out to our open call this past weekend!! We met some great talent in Miami. Keep an eye out for the next one!