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Nich Caronna
Got into neo-soul lately, thrilling. It's influencing album#2 maybe? For now, get "Into The Dark" Sep 15 w @SeizeEnt
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OUT SEPTEMBER 15th!!! I hope you check out @iamlerumo 's body of work that I contributed to. Was a fun project and we have began our second major project plus a studio album releasing next year !
Mmmm oh my god.... Let's just be honest, let's just be real. 😂😂😂
I definitely had to #Repost @devonfranklin ・・・ I saw this image and thought I'd #repost it because I sensed that maybe one person needed it. I really want to let someone know to calm down because your frustration is grinding your progress to a halt. When it's all said and done Morgan Freeman will
🔥🔥🔥🔥 @jrcastrolv
Progress is progress no matter how small
Be the change you want to see
One of the best projects I have worked on - again, I'm not being biased because I manage @iamlerumo. This project took about 3 months to find the right sound and songs to put on this album. #goodtimes Track List - #IntoTheDark @iamlerumo @seizeentertainment 2 weeks !!! #lerumo #seizeentertainment
I forget to reply sometimes
Had to make a stop in #niagrafalls of course. BIIIIIIIIG THINGS on the way !!! Can't wait to show yall!! #new #music
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i'd rather choke on greatness than nibble on mediocrity.
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We've been working! That catalog is growing! @iamlerumo is dropping an album next month and then his freshman STUDIO album next year! So proud of the accomplishments and milestones we have achieved in just a few months. #TeamSeize #LerumoGang #music #indie #motivation #summer #vacation #fun #travel
If I wasn't me then who the hell will I be
People need to chill out
People are wondering what the hell Kanye West was saying. They couldn't figure it out because they're small minded individuals. I absolutely love Kanye ! It's about NEW IDEAS PEOPLE! #kaynewestforpresident2020
Awkward moments turned into epic memories
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Name the Artist Name of the track And What movie it's from ????? Goooooo!!!
That new @justinbieber - what do you mean is hot!
Lerumo location scouting behind the scenes of his new song with @FinallyZack & @SeizeEnt #NumberOne
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Wanna be a balla shot calla 20 inch blades on the impala…
U.S Airways Center
Oh really???? Shots fired!!! I know people who work at Def Jam Cali !!! People watch out for this low life guy. Labels WILL not contact you via text lmao. #artists #indie #lowlife
Lose the emotion, keep the passion.
#happynationaldogday it's a dog eat dog world! My pitsky and husky when they first met ! She was 4 weeks old here!
Keep them close.
Let's get dis money!!!!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉@NichCaronnaCaronna 💯💯💯
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I never would have thought that things could change so much in only a year. I wonder what next August will be like.
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Tooooo blessed toooooo be stressssssed…
No worries. We're workin ! @iamlerumo… new drop. Last one until the album drops next month! Check it out here
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can't be more hyped 2 drop this free album while I record the other 2, #IntoThedark comes out next month #newalbum
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So much love has been shown to @IAmLerumo !! I'm thankful 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Dang @NichCaronna this happens to be the best track I've ever made ever dude it has that groove
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@iamlerumo is dropping an album mid September for FREE! #IntoTheDark #newalbum #free #lerumo #seizeentertainment #album
@IAmLerumo FREE ALBUM will be set to drop mid September! He wanted to drop a free album for his fans! #IntoTheDark
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That moment when you get in the car and it's 110 out
If you haven't heard "Long Face" listen to it now!… "Why the long face" ! Everyone's listening! #MUSIC by @IAmLerumo
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L A this weekend? Yup.

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