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Nicholas A. Ferroni
#Repost @historyphotographed with @repostapp. ・・・ Pablo Picasso at his home studio in France, 1956.
Based on what's trending, we can assume that God is no longer priority for Americans on Sunday's.
An amazing blog by an inspiring young lady. So many young adults can benefit from @jacquiewhitney's words. #sunchat
I finally am... finally. Are you and @RachelNichols1 going to Seattle-Detroit 2moeo? If so, keep an eye on @iamisa1!…
S/O to @TwoGuysBowTies for providing the epic wood bow ties at last years #AAHSFF Awards Show #NationalBowTieDay
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Home is where the heart should be, but, when it's not, so many students find it at school. #sunchat
#Repost @rutgersfta with @repostapp. ・・・ Hey, future teachers! We have a special meeting with NICK FERRONI tomorrow, Monday, October 5 at 9 pm in the GSE Lecture Hall! He is a Rutgers alum; former actor; and current teacher, Huffington Post writer, and education/LGBT activist. He will share some seg
Just think: Somewhere in the world, a teacher is teaching a student who is going to grow up and change the world. #sunchat #edheroes
There is no greater pleasure for an educator than to reach students who were believed to be unreachable. #sunchat #hope
"Teacher Stands Up for LGBT Students (as If We Could Love Him More)… via @people" #lgbt #bullying #satchat
Students who are loved at home, come to school to learn, and students who aren't, come to school to be loved. -N. Ferroni #love
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America is slowly becoming the most popular reality TV show on the planet.
A new poll shows that Americans now like a slow internet more than any of the Republican candidates.
Watch how strict gun laws would get if every woman carried one and called it a "rape-prevention tool." #guncontrol #OregonShooting
Music and art are the most effective antidepressants that anyone can ever take. #artsed #kidsneedthearts
I have found that students will only care about learning if they believe that their teachers care about them. #satchat
Teaching is so much more about inspiring than informing. #satchat
How would @JebBush feel if people were asked about his father being hospitalized and they responded, "stuff happens"? #stuffhappens
Who was the best teacher/teachers you ever had? #bestteacherever #edchat #edheroes
For me it was Mrs. Martino, Mr. Weez, Mr. Caliguire, Mr. Monaco and Mr. Carmella... to name a few. Who was the best teacher/teachers you ever had? #bestteacherever #edheroes
If my students use @marcjacobs pencils, at least they can take a test in style. #Bookmarc
My nephew said he throws just like me... actually, he's a little better. Lefty quarterbacks rule!
"It's Friday! That means I have the weekend to myself and don't have to think about school or do any school work!" - said no teacher ever
America: a nation that cares more about someone's right to own guns than about someone's right to live. #guncontrol #OregonShooting
Saying "gun control laws won't matter because people will break them," is like saying "Why have any laws because people will break them?!"
Tell that to all of families who lost loved ones because of guns.…
Yes, but it wasn't their mental health that killed people.…
New Tradition: students ask their favorite teachers to wear their jersey on game day. I was honored to wear Jacob McKnight's jersey... And now it smells like expensive cologne.
@NicholasFerroni our letters are heading your way! Thanks for giving us an audience! #keshmshs #keshmshs
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It has become obvious that the #NRA believes someone's right to own a gun is more important than someone's right to live. #OregonShooting
What's students say when asked, "Do you have any homework?" #edchat #whatstudentssay
You're right, guns don't kill people, however, they always seem to end up in the hands of someone who wants to kill people. #UCCShooting
For those who say that stricter gun laws will not make a difference, at this point, I think it's at least worth a try. #OregonShooting
"Love, love, love." - singing in my horrible John Lennon voice
Upon retirement, kindergarten teachers should be sainted.
Our #RaynorWhitcombe issue is on sale now in the UK, US & Canada. Get your copy now and get @TRAINforHer FREE!
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No, teachers can't save every student, but they will always try to.
Educators (and maybe pediatricians) are the only people who lose sleep worrying about other people's children.
Tonight is the premiere of my dear friend @BonSomerville's new show @CodeBlackCBS. You have never seen a medical show like this. Promise.
"Combines the rookie-doc jitters of Grey's Anatomy's early days with the graphic realism of ER." - @usweekly…
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I have an idea for the toughest game show ever! It's called "Can You Answer Every Question a 5-Year-Old Asks?" No one can win it.
We are never thanked by others for things we do for ourselves.

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