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Nicholas A. Ferroni
"A Letter To Every Student Who Is Anxious About the New School Year via @HuffPostEdu" #firstdayofschool #backtoschool
Perhaps a 'Dear Students' letter is in the pipeline? This one is brilliant @KNargish…
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.@NicholasFerroni @BadassTeachersA Schools are much more than places to learn; they are critical to survival.
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"You look exactly the same in person as you do in your pictures." - every person I have ever met
Be kind to those who are kind, because they deserve it. Be even kinder to those who aren't kind, because they need it. #mondaymotivation
Evaluating artistic students by a standardized test makes about as much sense as evaluating strong math students by an art test. #artsed
We finally finished all our backer thank you tweets! We 💖 you all! About 2 weeks until we begin shooting!#LWMSeason33
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School finds #music is the food of learning as students outperformed peers academically:
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Thanks for a great weekend @Summit ~ here's to the future!
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Wednesday is #EqualityDay, and if you #valuewomen too, join us at the town hall to discuss the @WomenOn20s and @WomenYSK campaigns.
Here's a teaser for my "Just Words" campaign, where celebs share all the names they were called as kids.!574qeab
You'll find an amazing group of people to sit with. Besides, bathroom friendships are too brief.…
"Poll: More Young Girls Want To Be Like Malala Yousafzai Than Any Kardashian or Jenner" #HeadlinesWeWouldLove
"Congress Puts Party Politics Aside and Does What's Best For Americans" #HeadlinesWeWouldLove
"Teachers Finally Receiving the Praise And Pay That They Always Deserved" #headlinesWeWouldLove
My hero is the student who sees another student trying to find a place to sit at lunch and invites them to sit down. #firstdayofschool
Take a deep breath, you'll be just fine. #firstdayofschool
"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”" - C.S. Lewis
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"I hear & I forget. I see & I remember. I do & I understand.” - Confucius
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My new book, 1 #Teacher in 10 in the 21st Century, goes on sale tomorrow. Get yours now! #LGBT
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My only Instagram accounts are @MissUSA and @theOliviaJordan all others are simply fan accounts!!!!
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How much do educators care about education? In Illinois they went on a hunger strike.… #RT #backtoschool
We mustn't forget that for so many students it's not just their school, it's their sanctuary. #firstdayofschool
"A Letter Every Student Should Read On the First Day of School via @HuffPostEdu" #firstdayofschool
Teens, It won't matter if you were the most popular kid in school or the least-- it only matters in school, not in life. #firstdayofschool
@NicholasFerroni will you help me get iPads for my music class? Use JUMPSTART to have your $ matched!!…
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Thank you to all the educators who put common sense before the common core.
"We are conditioning students for a world that is multiple choice, when it's really open-ended." - N. Ferroni
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Great meeting @EricLeGrand52 tonight... You're a true superstar and inspiration. #SummerSlam
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Why Straight Educators Must Support The LGBT Cause via @huffpostgay #sunchat #backtoschool
The only people who are truly investing in education, are educators.
I have found that students will only care about learning if they believe that their teachers care about them.
Good luck to my friends, and superstars, @DarrenYoungWWE and @TitusONeilWWE at tonight's #SummerSlam. I'll be watching. #tagteamchamps
Someone who never met my students, and doesn't know their strengths or circumstances, is telling me how to teach and test them. #sunchat
I'm now $200 away! $30 for a thank you snapchat $50 for a signed pic - leave addy in comment area.#endsextrafficking…
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Thank you to everyone who attended the viewing of Pee-wee's Big Adventure last night!… #PWBA
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