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Nicholas A. Ferroni
My teachers also #coach on weekends, #supervise dances,line the soccer field,shop for drama class & do the planning!…
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@NicholasFerroni☺ I believe that teachers never have time off. They constantly have work to do. Tests,class projects etc., the 1s who care.
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If you think teachers have weekends off, then you must not know any teachers. #satchat #lessonplans #grades
#fbf Talking to @MTV about how incredible the @hsfilmfest is for nurturing artistic youth. Photo by @samanthavanpelt
If we sit around waiting for "progress," we'll be waiting forever.…
No one, especially a child, should have to be brave to be themselves.
#Repost @scopestudiosla with @repostapp. ・・・ Featured on The Drs with @nicholasferroni / photo by @jaymccracken_ #photography #thedrs #teacher #lefthandedleader #killer #guy #la #hollywood #ca #work #canon
The fact that we consider it "brave" when a person comes out as #LGBT, tells a lot about how accepting we are as a society.
If you're looking for a sign not to kill yourself tonight, this is it.
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Never, you are brilliant and very good at what you do. We got to connect next time you're in New York.…
You are definitely smarter than a brain surgeon too.…
No, I may not be a brain surgeon, but I now know I'm smarter than a brain surgeon. Seriously #BenCarson?!
Young adults are not more mature than we were at their age, they are just losing their innocence much sooner than we did.
You try explaining to your nephews why Santa Claus is already at the mall over a month before Xmas. Way to destroy the magic Menlo Park mall. #itstooearlyforxmas
To help my male students better understand pay inequality, I'm going to subtract 28 points off every test. A 100% becomes a 72%.
Dear Guys, Do not wait until you have a daughter before you become a feminist, because by then it's too late. #Suffragette
On this day in 1872, #SusanBAnthony was arrested for voting. She chose jail time over paying a $100 fine. #tbt
On this 1872, Susan B. Anthony was arrested for voting. She went to jail for 10 days instead of paying a fine, because paying a fine would acknowledge that she did something wrong. #tbt #womensrights
I often wonder how society would treat and view women if #Malala and @GloriaSteinem got as much media attention as @KimKardashian?
It's comforting to know that my mom still thinks "Twitter" is just an inappropriate slang word for a woman's private area.
#Repost @knockingonforty with @repostapp. ・・・ #quinoa is always a #goodidea. #healthychoices #lunchtime
Me going to #Target for 3 towels: $18.37 Me leaving Target with 3 towels, a TV, Star Wars toys and for some reason an Elsa doll: priceless
Teaching is like putting on six shows a day to an audience who is not sure if they want to be there.
Please follow me on Instagram @therealselmablair. Xx
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@SelmaBlair my girl/client/friend looking stunning @hm @Balmain event tonight.
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It's not every day I get to film a commercial w/ the beautiful @SofiaVergara, but when I do, I get to wear @TOMFORD.
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Happy birthday @BrettGursky! Thank you for always treating me like a celebrity when I'm in LA. #njfamily
Check out our Malala lesson plan and others related to girls' empowerment on @sharemylesson #girlpower
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Democracy: a system of government where the minority who vote determine who governs the majority who choose not to vote. #ElectionDay #vote
31% of NJ voters voted on #ElectionDay. That means 69% of the registered voters will be governed by who the 31% elect. #voteorshutup
Lafayette and Steuben helped train the American troops and were crucial 💪🏻�#amrevtesttest
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France helped America win the war 🇺🇸�#amrevtesttest
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British General Gage declared MARTIAL LAW in Boston in order to keep peace and maintain control. #amrevtest
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Washington👴🏼 attacked TRENTON on Christmas night in 1776 in order to surprise a Hessian arm#amrevtestst
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SONS OF LIBERTY was founded in response to the Stamp Act #amrevtest
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The Boston Tea☕️ Party🎉 was an response attack in 1️⃣7️⃣7️⃣3️⃣ to the British taxing tea �#amrevtestst
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Jefferson👴🏻 was the main author of the Declaration of Independence🇺#amrevtestvtest
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Thomas Paine👨🏼 wrote a pamphlet called "Common Sense"📚📖 to help encourage colonists👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 to fight👊🏼 for indep#amrevtest� #amrevtest
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Inflation occurred when congress continued to print more money to help pay the war #amrevtest
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Valley Forge was the location for the 🌍 army's ❄️ camp in 1️⃣7️⃣7️⃣8️⃣#AmRevTestt
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