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Nicholas A. Ferroni
Join #StuVoice tonight at 8:30p ET as we chat about ways to increase student #employability. #StuRights
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Dear @kanyewest, You won't be in history books or discussed in schools. You'll be a pop trivia question at best. Sincerely, A Historian
It was a pleasure to finally catch up w/ @mrbradgoreski, and I'm very thankful he approved of my outfit.
So nice to finally catch up with @NicholasFerroni! What an amazing guy doing so many great things!…
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And thank you @mrbradgoreski... for not judging my outfit. Seriously. 🙏 Repost @mrbradgoreski with @repostapp. ・・・ So nice to finally catch up with @nicholasferroni! What an amazing guy doing so many great things! Perfect way to start the week!
First: that would be the most boring movie ever. Second: I'd have to say @MattBomer. At least people would watch.…
We live in a world where amazing teachers are not nearly paid as well as actors who play amazing teachers. #edchat
If you are against LGBTQ equality for moral reasons, remember that it also used to be "moral" to burn women as witches and own slaves.
@EduAllStarsHQ podcast with @NicholasFerroni. PRAISE and CELEBRATE your colleagues daily! WE are celebrities! #etlc2015 #teachersrock
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@klgandhoda So psyched for my @goodhousemag segment tomorrow. My kids are making their TV debut! Tune in at 10:30!
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Students who are loved at home, come to school to learn... - Nicholas A. Ferroni
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I was there last year too! Congrats and see you this year. I can't wait. You guys are rockstars.…
What we forget is that crucifixion, slavery, monarchical rule and even witch hunts were all "traditional" at one point.
If you ever play a song for @TeriPolo1 and you value your life, let the entire song play before moving on... You've been warned.
If @realDonaldTrump (a man who married 3 times) is an example of "traditional marriage," then I am DEFINITELY for untraditional marriage.
Man who got married three times runs for president, defends ‘traditional’ marriage -
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As educators, we must openly support all of our students, especially #LGBTQ students, because it will surely save lives. @HRC #sunchat
Last night I had the honor of attending the @HRC Gala w/ @TeriPolo1(who was honored) and @SherriSaum1. #Equality
Today I got the road for Atlanta with some fellow teachers + my principal for the ICLE Model Schools conference!…
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Any time you think teachers take weekends and summers off, just go on Twitter. #sunchat
I had the honor of meeting @HRC President @ChadHGriffin tonight. Thank you for all you are doing for the #LGBTQ community and youth.
My dates for the @humanrightscampaign Gala. I have no doubt that a million guys (and girls) wish they could trade places with me. #TheFosters #equality #LGBT
People laugh whenever someone says they want "world peace." The irony is if everyone woke up tomorrow wanting world peace, we'd have it.
@humanrightscampaign Gala.
I'm honored to be with these two stunning and remarkable women at the @humanrightscampaign gala in Utah... Even if it is to hold their purses. #TheFosters #teripolo #sherrisaum
Mrs. Martino, my preschool teacher; Mr. Weez and Mr. Caliguire, my history teachers... to name a few.…
Yesterday's decision was historic, but we mustn't forget it took African Americans 100 years before their promised rights were fulfilled.
When I meet a celebrity I ask them, "Did you have a teacher who changed your life?" And their response (every time) is "Yes." #satchat
There's no better way to follow up yesterday's historic decision than to join @TeriPolo1 & @SherriSaum1 at the @HRC gala in Utah. #equality
Is it against the law to visit LA and not go hiking or eat at In-N-Out Burger?
As an educator, I look forward to when today's historic decision is mentioned in school books and taught in history class. #SCOTUSMarriage
"Students who are loved at home come to school to learn, and students who aren't come to school to be loved." - @NicholasFerroni #sel
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#Repost @johnrussophoto with @repostapp. ・・・ Crushin it at the gym with @nicholasferroni #jersey in the house 💪🏻🇮🇹
#Repost @vangoldman with @repostapp. ・・・ Check out our new series tonight @10p on A&E #AmericanTakedown
#TheFosters the #5 Social Media Show this summer! So cool considering viewers are changing the way they watch TV.
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Be careful what you wish for. Maybe 2day. @TeriPolo1 insists, plus who better than a teacher to keep her on task.…
#Repost @scoobznsh with @repostapp. ・・・ #tbt for that ass..!! So true. You either had fun or got hurt 😌😂😂😂
It was an honor to see @BradleyBredeweg yesterday, give him a hug and thank him for @TheFostersABCF. It is changing lives and opinions.
Always a pleasure to be invited to be on @dirtypoplive with @lancebass, @drewpokorny and Wendy.

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