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Almost hit a deer just now
niggas sell their soul go against they god fuck nigga playin like they real livin in disguise
Fall can't come soon enough OS X Yosemite Launches For Free this Fall, Developers Get Preview Today…
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: 800 million iOS devices sold. 100 million touches, 200 million iPads, iPhone 500 million units. 130 million new Apple customers last year.
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You can now call Dr. Dre from your Mac desktop, FYI.
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No one makes time for me
After this keynote I’m going to sleep
Someone come cuddle
Fuck me till I can't feel anything
You’re so ugly
Send the booty my way bitches
Where all my hoes at?
Safari has improved sharing, RSS feature, quicker sharing to most messaged people, improved tabs view with birds eye glance, stacks per site
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These bitches ain’t bout shit but suckin dick
Can we fuck like animals?
A refreshed Apple Mail with faster message fetching will also be available for Windows users.
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can you see the "fuck you" in my smile ?
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We're getting closer and closer to seeing Siri in OS X.
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OS X Yosemite is looking great and it still will be free. Your move Microsoft.
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OS X Yosemite is so beautiful
Rt if your watching the  keynote!! #WWDC14
Apple unveils Mac OS X 10.10 -- now officially known as Yosemite #WWDC
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Apple always goes all out every year to blow us away still
This is user adoption of OS X (50%) vs. Windows 8 (14%) based on total platform users. #WWDC
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I was alive on: 1/1/1 2/2/2 3/3/3 4/4/4 5/5/5 6/6/6 7/7/7 8/8/8 9/9/9 10/10/10 11/11/11 12/12/12 and 11/12/13. I'm Dat Nigga
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Never used Mavericks 
Cook going over Mavericks added last year, better battery life, performance, etc. 40 MILLION downloads of Mavericks. 50% of install base
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"This morning we're talking about two platforms. OS X and iOS."…
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Cook says Apple talking OS X and iOS today. And “mother of all releases for developers.” Entire section of the presentation for Dev tools.
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Never give a bitch a complement now a days
basic ass thanks
Fun fact: #WWDC started in 1990 with 1,300 developers talking System 7, Tim Cook says.
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My nigga Tim!
Love you’re booty