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Nichelle Stephens
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4 Things to Consider Before Creating Multiple Blogs | Awesomely Techie
Thanks @aboutdotcom @AboutFood @allensalkin @LiviaLove for being top engaged members in my community this week (via
Find A Pop Up Space With The Storefront via Keeping Nickels - Are you looking to do a pop-up ...
Save the weekend of December 13 -14, 2014 for shopping at the @Etsy Holiday Handmade Cavalcade at Chelsea Market. #nyc
A pity casserole is worse than a struggle plate. #blackishABC
BTW, @withlovefrombk is back at Grand Central Holiday Fair which opens November 17th.
Hey @MarketsNYC Have you heard about The Storefront? It's like @Airbnb for pop-up retail space.
Carmelo Anthony's Product Picks on @ProductHunt includes @bevel and more
Beautiful autumn leaves. So glad I don't have to rake. #mystockphotos
▶ Feminists Read Mean Tweets - YouTube
The Tragic History of Southern Food - The Daily Beast
The Chicks And Giggles Daily LOL is out!… Stories via @Zulkey @AnaGasteyer @NeginFarsad
Xero Ups the Pace of Accounting Tech Innovation; Announces Xerocon 2015 - #GoogleAlerts
Why Reality TV Is the New Blackface -- Vulture -
Appreciate your recent Retweets @danamo @OnlineRetail @geomarketing have a great wednesday :) (insight by
Brace yourselves. The temp in #ATL are about to drop like the beat at an EDM show.
On my bucket list: Go to Art Basel Miami. Euros+ artists + pretentious party people sounds like fun.
Black Friday, Cyber Monday drive 24% more sales for retailers than marketplaces like eBay…
My answer to @muckrack Daily's trivia question: Singles Day.
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COMEDY SCHOOL DROPOUT with @NeginFarsad and friends November 12th At Beauty Bar- #free #nyc #standup
Right Brain, Left Brain, Right Foot, Left Foot — @Medium
I liked a @YouTube video REDEF's Jason Hirschhorn Talks to CNN's Brian Stelter: Full Event
"It's not enough to be smart; you have to also be curious." -Jason Hirschhorn of @MediaREDEF
Crowley Mausoleum : They built a Walmart around their family plot, so they built a mausoleum in their parking lot…
fintech n. The industry consisting of companies that create or sell financial technology.
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Taylor John is my favorite Taylor this season. #thevoice
Danica is Teena Marie 2.0 #thevoice
Content marketing that not afraid to be servicey is fine, but even that's subjective. #muckedup
I don't think journalists should be threaten by content marketing but should be aware of it. #muckedup
Some background: Journalism has always been subsidized by something. Is #contentmarketing any different?… #muckedup
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I watched a couple of episodes of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, and Seinfeld is actually somewhat likable. #wondersnevercease
NO! Ariana Grande and Jessie J plan to remake Brandy and Monica's 'The Boy Is Mine.'
.@tanehisicoates RE: @piersmorgan just quote Childish Gambino and tweet "Don't be mad cause I'm doin' ME better you be doin' YOU."
Joseph Gordon Leavitt is going to Edward Snowden in a film?! This can't be based in reality. Will Glen Greenwald by played by Matt Bomer?
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BlogHer call for Ideas is open. If you want more diversity at #BlogHer, submit your idea by November 21st.
#Marvel Ant-Man Downtown #Atlanta Casting Call Nov.
How to Export Your Recipe Box When Ziplist Shuts Down #foodbloggers
There should be a documentary about all the great saxophone solos on pop songs in the 1980s.
Xerocon is coming in 2015. June 2-4 in Denver. #xero #conference
The Bill Cosby #CosbyMeme Hashtag Backfired Immediately