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Nichelle Stephens
Looking at freelance jobs, someone wants a Christian CPA. What does religion have to do with debits and credits?
You saved me, and then you forsook me. #Rectify
Horrible advice to a daughter. #Rectify
The Chicks And Giggles Daily LOL is out!… Stories via @WendyExperience @jenkwok
Vine is the video version of a loop pedal. When done well, it is great. When done badly, it's just noise.
Why is it suddenly to note that someone is a homeowner? Skip Gates is a homeowner, too. #apheadlines
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Guess I am the first "Nichelle" to create a @github account. So happy to get my name.
Nichelle Stephens » TV: What You Should Watch, DVR and Stream
I so miss the Earl Grey ice cream from @VLAIC that I brewed some Earl Grey in almond milk, chilled, and blend w/ frozen banana for dessert.
If you like #scandal or #rectify, you should be watching #TheDivide. Now.
They should do a movie about Hi-5. So much drama. #unsung
I don't usually catch #unsung, but this Hi-5 episode is really good.
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The Chicks And Giggles Daily LOL is out!… Stories via @erinfoleycomic @laurenlapkus
On the 5th anniversary of his death it seems only right to point, once again, to this lovely story about John Hughes:
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23 #Food Sharing Projects That Are Disrupting Hunger -
#Atlanta Science Festival Sets Dates for 2015, Returns to Answer Even More Questions for the Curious
Just heard about @PlywoodPeople #plypresents tonight at the Fox via @JohnnyCupcakes IG. Wish I could make it. Will be following the tweets.
91% of consumers trust food retailers to ensure food safety.…
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Pulling Off A Supermarket Sweep – @geomarketing -
Out of the Binders: Symposium On Women Writers Today by Out of the Binders via @kickstarter
.@raquelita you should ghost write Lindsay Lohan's memoir.
Swap-A-Rama-Rama Is Coming To @AtlMakerFaire October 4th-
Thyme in Fettuccine Alfredo😒😒. NEVER. Sauce looks a little too thick, but then again starches won't develop#FoodFightersrs
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I hate sun-dried tomato (too sweet) but maybe jalapeño would bring balance. #foodfighters
Foodily, FreshDirect launch recipe delivery service… via @CrainsNewYork
The Chicks And Giggles Daily LOL is out!… Stories via @saraschaefer1 @theuglyvolvo
I like "The Wrong Mans", but they picked the wrong man to replace Craig Ferguson. James Gorden is sporting Andy Richter realness.
I just found out from @MTV IG that @realjohngreen is in the hospital. Get well soon!
Incomes and Outcomes: A New Report Argues Inequality Is Causing Slower Growth. Here's Why It Matters.
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New federal law puts bake sales on a diet via @MSN_Money
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What is the Billy Joel fandom called?
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"It’s important that corporate America can see a young black woman being able to sell things outside of music.”- @NICKIMINAJ in @thefader
When Walking Down the Street Is a Crime --… via @ACLU #westandwithmonica