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Nia Vardalos
My goal is to become a producer powerful enough to say "We're hiring @Lexialex," and everyone says "Great idea."
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Please everyone follow @thisbar, for yummy bars that you can eat while feeding the world.
How rumour, innuendo turned a man’s death into a double tragedy
Thank you Kristen Bell for launching #ThisBar to feed kids, thank you @CSiriano for my dress!!
About to host the Fall Dinner Fundraiser for the Empire State @prideagenda. I'm a great person!!!
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Enter your best scream and win a walk-on role on the big screen!
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Oh just singing on Broadway for a charity benefit with Sir Paul. Happy namedroppin #tbt
Oh just singing on Broadway for charity benefit with Sir Paul. Happy namedroppin #tbt
Hot. RT @thomaslennon: Courtesy of @mshowalter -- here's The State, NYC, early 1990's. #tbt
Enter your best scream and win a walk-on role on the big screen!
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Ha! Melina, this is my cousin Peter! RT @PeterSkoufis: @TherealMelinaK @NiaVardalos .... Or we will take Prince Phillip back !!
Hey @helloross, CelebGame HairNMakeup Geniuses told me they turned you on to Clarsonic, dontcha love it as it loves your pretty face?
Yep. RT @MAKERSwomen: "Go after that endless frontier." We hope #MAKERSfilms inspires you to follow your imagination.
:) RT @shondarhimes: Fun Fact: Everyone at #TheMindyProject is EXACTLY as awesome as you think they are going ...
Time for a class action lawsuit? MT @Lexialex: ...DGA...No women, no minorities allowed.
PLEASE VOTE FOR DANIELLE, she does good things for kids!! @DGletow @PANDORA_NA…
It's so hard to get a film made, plus win awards! You can see Life Inside Out Oct 17 - 23 Theatrical Premiere!:
My mom sent this and she is always right:…
Women must support women; there isn't a finite amount of success.
Psssst, follow @neilmeron @craigzadan for all the BehindTheScenes prep of 87th #OSCARS.
To illustrate my previous post, this is Louie Bagel.
Just found out our dog's breed(s), they all list traits of obedient and energetic. #wrongdog
Ok, you can owe me one. That's fair. RT @ScottIcenogle: It may already be eaten. 😳
Bring that over now. RT @ScottIcenogle: One of the many reasons I love going to a farmer's market. 👌
Yep. RT @MysteryExec: It's obvious that one thing is working and everybody's trying to get a nibble of that before it dries up completely.
Lookit my partner on Celeb Name Game!!
I'll have wine chilled for your return. RT @diablocody: Alcohol is like putting on life-canceling headphones.
Ha!! RT @Doug_Rush: My son caught My Big Fat Greek Wedding for the first time; definitely a fan of Toula
:) RT @TheRealDratch: Dan Cortese is trending. HAAA!
ICYMI: "This writer's lovely words helped me grieve and move on. I heart @CherylStrayed."…
Whee! MT @CherylStrayed With my latest kickass woman crush: the brilliant @NiaVardalos at the #powerofwomen lunch.
Back up against the wall. Time is running short. I believe in long odds! I believe in good! Help me help the Blind.
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For years I made my living as an Improviser, I know how the sausages are made, but I am awed & humbled by this:…
Make A Difference with Loukoumi national TV special ! For stations/times: Show promo:…
Thank you! All #InstantMom $$ goes to adoption! MT @UnpregnantChick: ...your book is amazing! Thank you...It gave me hope!
Me. But I don't get it. RT @steveagee: I keep reading 35,000 people an hour are signing up for Ello and yet I don't know anyone who's on it.
Ian is a bear too. RT @blue439: I am 6’7”. I am on my new racing-green @BromptonBicycle. I look like a circus bear.
I thought you were coming over for a sleepover? RT @debrabirnbaum: I met @NiaVardalos at #PowerofWomen We decided we're now best friends.
This writer's lovely words helped me grieve and move on. I heart @CherylStrayed.
I love this group, please vote! RT @OneSimpleWish: help us win $10,000 to grant more wishes 2 foster kids?…
RIP Jan Hooks. Dammit.
Great. MT @katiecouric: 12:30pm/ET @Laurie_David joins @HuffPostLive /marketing sugary food to kids: @fedupmovie
Okey doke. RT @MAKERSwomen: "Ultimately, women have to make movies, and we don't need institutions to ...