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I hope 5 years from now u stumble across me when I've grown out of u and finally then after seeing me for all this time it'll break ur heart
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Lol deep"@TheBestRoasts: SMH THAT NIGGA GONE STARVE RT "@leylahemmings: he gotta eat this booty like groceries" "
Lol true"@jayv1974: @PaulieFeva @HulkHogan @WWE and there's an Earth 2 now. We have woken up to some weird science fiction b movie flick"
I'm really disappointed with @HulkHogan. Disgusting comments from someone that should know a lot better. @WWE did the right thing.
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When Goku gave Cell a Senzu bean
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History of Architecture "@FactsOfSchool: "
Lol got work to do ,next time b "@Blvck_Maggot: @ngoako99 Lol dawg shut up let's get liquor I'm thirsty"
Yea it looks disturbing "@Hawemuurhh: Why her panty tattered? “@Blvck_Maggot: Answers? ”"
Big Sean ft kanye !"@_NaomieChoC: One man could change the world 💕"
*watching TV untill 3am* Mom;*walks in * you worshiping SATAAN NA!! #TweetLikeBlackParents
Lol"@Bawcious_M: Lmao RT @Thatohatsi_893: Lol @Bria_Gumede: Me: *breaks something* Mom: Break everything!!!! #TweetLikeBlackParents"
Lol truuuue !!"@LenaySekoto: *doesn't finish plate full of rice* "put it in a skaftin, you can eat it tomorrow" #TweetLikeBlackParents"
Me: pops eish ke nyaka ditekkie Dad: ke bo kae? Me: R1 500 Dad: Heh? Bao loile... #TweetLikeBlackParents
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"@Bria_Gumede: Me: *Gets home late* Mom: Go back where you come from!!!! #TweetLikeBlackParents"
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All the time lol "@TshegoThaWalter: #TweetLikeBlackParents your Playstation is going to break the TV "
Plenty bad girls out there. All were born good. But the world has done so much bad to them, that they don't see the point of being good.
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Ya tha tatoo are on point !"@Dm_Kay: Sammy Sosa is gorgeous mahn! Her tattoos also!"
Lol "@Glo_Lefleur: Black with a touch of black"
Lol "How Sway HOW !!l"@Ineffable_Queen: Oh ??? "@KeithTrippin: Nympho twitter is filled with 20/21 year old girls, how sway?!""
@ngoako99 :'''D RT "@TheLifeDiaries: When someone asks me for a piece of my food "
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Tinashe x Cold Sweat, the last verse and beat change is godly!
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The average rating ;)"@sboshmafu: Spend 2 years in CT; 0 men macking Spend 2 days in Joburg: 10 men macking"
Lol "@DonaldInDenial: #NeverLetUGo by Donald RT @UMGSA What is your Saturday night party song?"
But she realy struggled to read ey,:/"@TeamJessieNkosi: Bruuu 🔥 RT@ngoako999: But damn Jessica Nkosi ,too nice !#VEntertainmentt"
Yea I finally saw the 25K Yeezy's shoes that scoop have ,they do look worth it !! #VEntertainment
But damn Jessica Nkosi ,too nice !!#VEntertainment
Me. Done"@BlckChineseGirl: #IfSAHipHopWasAClassroom K.0 would be the kid who always gives the right answers in class but fail tests"
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High skul vibe lol "@Sth_a_biso: #IfSAHipHopWasAClassroom AKA would be that kid to laugh at Cassper for getting 6% when he got 10%"
Lmao cnt deal "@IsibayaOverHoes: DUNCAN WOULD SCREAM "YEBO BABA" WHEN ZAKWE FARTS #IfSAHipHopWasAClassroom"
#IfSAhiphopWasAclassroom Cassper would be that nigga who always brags tht he knws everything bt always get 30% in math
Lmao "@uLelato: #ifSAHipHopWasAClassroom AlsoKnownAs would be that kid that brags about passing an open book test."
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Montel Jordan-lets get it on tonyt :P"@itsReally_Kuki: !!! "@Bacar_Dee: Songs that make you want to fall in love.""
@Lmao: who did this 😂�UZ”not that funny
For a sec, your existence meant the world to me.
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Ish still need to watch that ish "@Ineffable_Queen: lemme watch Fast and Furious 7 to see what all this fuss is all about"
Differences are not intended to separate, to alienate. We are different precisely in order to realize our need of one another.- Desmond Tutu
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"you got wat you want ,I got what I need "
Yo low what abt friday b "@MacLowLow: @ngoako99 When we hanging yo"
Even bored of sleeping mxm
Lol Pastor Blvck Maggot preach "@CassperNyovest: Too true!!! “@Blvck_Maggot: Put God 😇 first, and you'll never be last 👌”"
Tell me about it ,I have to allow som1 else try it b4 I "@Glo_Lefleur: This Sminnorf free ride thing sounds too good to be true"
I am watching #VuzuIAm and i am really defeated. This Ethopian guy relating his journey through Kenya, Tanzania, Zam ans Zim to SA. Ooh man.
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Especially to RnB songs "@Glo_Lefleur: Sometimes it's the same song, but the listening is very different"
"@MapsMaponyane: 😂 All of the above. @beat__freak011:@MapsMaponyanee what's your name, man? Mapaseka? Mapule?""Mapaseka
True "@HornyFacts: Why stress over something you can't change."
Tja why O_o"@Obel100: Ignore everybody else."

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