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Lol yea ey it will take awhile "@_KageVersal_: The past is daunting. The future seems too far. We gotta move forward POI. @ngoako99"
Same am even blaming the heat ey"@TaidoTot: @ngoako99 lol not really I just can seem to fall asleep"
Lol something must be bothering you ey"@TaidoTot: @ngoako99 same"
Feel your pain "@TaidoTot: Why am I up like this"
Lol too bad they isn't a lot of whites in Midrand "@_Cattleya25_: @ngoako99 Lol yeah😱. They're like my weakness heyy"
Lol you really got a thing for white guys "@_Cattleya25_: His eyes though 😍😍😍😍"
Lol I don't know it of by heart "@_KageVersal_: @ngoako99. DM me the number"
Sis phone "@_KageVersal_: "@ngoako99: @_KageVersal_ ish the life and times of UJ" LIFE IS A BITCH. How are u using twitter?"
Seriouly -__- "@MlNDBLOWINGS: The planet Mars is red because it is covered in tomatoes."
Preach! "@STYLEZ_MAESTRO: I've got a complicated relationship with relationships"
Lmao. I can't stop laughing, like I can imagine when it just dried up after not finding it"@ngoako99: Yea "@_KageVersal_: @ngoako99 MY GUY""
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Bitches making niqqa's wait 90days till they get that pussy while God only took 7days to create the world.Your pussy aint better than heaven
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I was mad scared of x-files
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We must not lie, this year South African rappers have put in work...
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Damn that was a James Rodriguez type of goal .....#SSFOOTBALL #respectGermany
Ahh such an anticlimax ......poor ARG :/ #SSFOOTBALL
I noticed lol "@Devania_Armogam: Is it just me or does Germany's coach wear the same clothes"
You know :'')"@sboshmafu: Jump kick 😂 RT@TipsForYouDailyy: In"
Lol "@Lmao: When u miss the last step on the stairs"
How African American Artists Support & celebrate each other is absolutely commendable. Sadly Our artist are jealous of each other!Look&learn
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Lmao u just hated Netherlands "@ngoako99: Don't hate its Argentina !"@Devania_Armogam: Germany is going to win this"
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Yea he deserves to go home "@dnyamhingura: @ngoako99 me too... Especially Robben and his dives..."
"@RizzyRamz: “@SGOBO_XCV: Yall back on Messi's dick now. Watch the Germans make you hop back off.” O kwatile ne?"lol ish Argentina ws better
Don't hate its Argentina !"@Devania_Armogam: Germany is going to win this"
Lol its a shocker ypu watched soccer"@_KageVersal_: @ngoako99 CASH TSOTSI FOR LIFE. Lol"
I really hated Netherlands ey "@dnyamhingura: @ngoako99 yeaaaah :)))"
Lol. I would be happy too if I was them! "@ngoako99: Tell me about it!"@_KageVersal_: I'm sure Spain is just jumping for joy!""
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Lol oscar "@_KageVersal_: @ngoako99 "Cash Time Tsotsi For Life!" Hahahahaaha"
For me I am happy "@_KageVersal_: Rejoice. Hahahahaha! RT "@Mars_MSG: Me too hey, me too😢😢�@NalediSparklekle: I'm so sad right now :("""
Yea busy saying it will be Netherlands vs Germany :')"@Petite_Sego: Ahh well done Argentina"
Tell me about it!"@_KageVersal_: I'm sure Spain is just jumping for joy!"
What do I smell.......I smell Netherlands LOOOSING!!!!! #SSFootball
But they lost against Ethiopia"@ZiyamaMay: @Purely_Carol @I_Am_Tage Bafana has never conceded 7 goals at home"
Preach lol "@Purely_Carol: Bafana Bafana players shouldn't laugh at Brazil We haven't forgotten how useless you are."
Lol relax n sleep "@Schillo_15: Go sleep "@DzangiMageza: Ugh guys ..stop making this a big deal ..yeah Brasil lost 7 to 1 so what""
Lol"@tess_aah "@iAm_Ohgee: LMAO :') RT @Nancy_Bluez: LMAO RT @Tokyo_Trev The German changing room right now" LMAO!!!"
True "@Athi_GT: :""D Too easy @MissFoxxyAbdul Meanwhile hitler be like..."
Deep "@TedOfficialPage: Brazil have Neymar. Argentina have Messi. Portugal have Ronaldo. Germany have a team!!!"
Lol!"@lebrownieBOO: :""D"@elty_gee: Lol TWEET RT@Xoolani: LMAOOOO "@Africanprint: This score is surely going to "Did you know" #Chappies""""
A very sad match...worst than Netherlands vs Mexico HANDS DOWN!! #SSFootball
Ai guys its gonna be 10-0 Germany dominates #SSFootball
Ths is why girls shouldn't watch soccer "@gaelleunusual: So very much bae :( RT @im_Rahissa: I just feel sorry for Marcelo. Marcelo is bae"
No more Brazilian Weaves. Watch these People trend German Weaves now
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