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That's dope man "@ngoako99: Damn did you draw that ? O_o"@Glo_Lefleur: my Angelina Jolie tonal""
Retweeted by Tony
"ahhh you killing it sun !!" "@Glo_Lefleur: @ngoako99 yep I did :)"
Damn did you draw that ? O_o"@Glo_Lefleur: my Angelina Jolie tonal"
Yho TV is soo boring , even watching South Park :/
Lol don't you mean temporary "@Devania_Armogam: The problem with alcohol is that it can't make happiness last forever"
When you buy a dope Album before your friends do, you talk to them about it like you helped make it... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚#2014ForestHillsDriveve
Retweeted by Tony
Lol "@realslu: @akaworldwide settled matters last night. There must be no more shit talking because it's clear who's the man here."
Na na @akaworldwide. Fans literally worship him ....and trust me this aint a compliment :/
Lol wow I don't blame you ey "@iim2spoons: @akaworldwide @ngoako99 I'd do worse actually"
@ngoako99 @akaworldwide dog you'd do the same if a nigga was talking shit about you with no common courtesy to do it in your face
Retweeted by Tony
The moment I smacked his fitted off his dome and he smiled and picked it up off the floor ... That's when i saw fear, and weakness.
Retweeted by Tony
Does @DJ_Sabby ever retweet Most of his fan comments on yfm ? Seem like he doesn't give -__-
"@AbSoLut_OG: Why show problems to people who can't solve them ? Its why I keep shit to myself at times"
Retweeted by Tony
True that! "@AbSoLut_OG: Why show problems to people who can't solve them ? Its why I keep shit to myself at times"
Uhmm.."@MapsMaponyane: Fact: South Africa is home to the most beautiful women in the World!"
Like seriously ???"@HornyFacts: Text me paragraphs about how you feel πŸ˜πŸ™ŠπŸ‘ I love that πŸ™Œ"
Lmao awe low low ,halls at the PLK girls for me !"@MacLowLow: @ngoako99 guy I just got to plk and its wayyyy better than midcity"
Mxm lol "@_KageVersal_: That is definitely u bra @ngoako99 "@GabyGrl90: It's gone now""
Ahhhh"@drunksixthgrade: When u hand stephen hawking the aux cord"
Lol "@drunksixthgrade: when u think u wrote a fire tweet but the retweets arent coming in"
Lol"@Mukudzei_:β€œ@xoliswamadolo: @CassperNyovest this 7yr old adores you” | let kids have a normal childhood, please."
I cared in my savage days. Back then, there were few things better than another nigga's pussy that he thought was only his.
Retweeted by Tony
Don't get too down on yourself for failing a final or a class. Some kid from your high school is still trying to be a rapper.
Retweeted by Tony
Teepee had a party.? Must we chill tomorrow though ? "@MacLowLow: @ngoako99 I was bo Teepee bruv"
Bra are you at midrand now ? "@MacLowLow: @ngoako99 bout to hit urside of town"
Just found out that am bulking up too many emotions in me ...
Lol "@FactsOfSchool: When you stayed up all night doing homework and the teacher says "Keep it""
Now that's mess up !"@TrvpModel: πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚οΏ½"
Tja "@jbisa: Cc: @angelplusana RT @desusnice: *white people breathe a sigh of relief*"
Lmao !!!!"@K___Pac: πŸ˜‚ RT@GenericNiggaa: When you're trying to have a threesome but the girls start sobering"
Haha true "@gorgeous_lipss: This why a part of me wants to quickly get the sex out the way before the relationship gets serious"
@CassperNyovest get the celebrity mentality out of your system fam. Ask why are they doing this to our sister or fellow human being
Retweeted by Tony
Lmao a fashion trend "@iim2spoons: @ngoako99 @HornyFacts yes and its true b I know too many hoes that do this"
Hmm"@HornyFacts: whenever a girl is wearing a hoodie, she's only wearing a bra underneath. No shirt or tank. Always just a bra."
You know kids are being influenced by cassper "@Mpumehnyathi: @ngoako99 wow"
You know you made it wen you managed to influence young pple in grade 7 ,well done @CassperNyovest :)
Lol ayeye !"@MacLowLow: Tomorr my nikk RT @ngoako99: Yea b wen you coming "@MacLowLow: @ngoako99 u still round the city homes?""
Yea b wen you coming "@MacLowLow: @ngoako99 u still round the city homes?"
Cole World !!"@_KageVersal_: Everything that glitters aint really gold!"
Cole World !!"@CassperNyovest: Forest Hills Drive."
One track I can talk abt @JColeNC Forest Hill Drive album is ...."No Role Models" #toocrazy
"Don't worry about me, You never cared anyway"
Retweeted by Tony
Preach "@HornyFacts: Let's cuddle.. jk I wanna fuck"
RECORD! Real Madrid is the first club in Champions Lesgue history to win ALL group stage matches in a single season TWICE! Β‘HALA MADRID!
Retweeted by Tony
4-0 well done to my team Real Madrid !!
#HalaMedran is a potential soccer player , biggs up !!