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Khaled Mostafa
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Good morning world, have a cool Monday everyone!
Unorganized thoughts, and one annoying insomnia.
I remember the days of the conf cup where #Egypt paid a great match against Brazil. I remember Abou Treika and Zidane #GetInvolved
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Want the chance to ask #XaviHernandez a question? Tweet to us on #AskXavi and we’ll get your questions answered by the legend himself!
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Map: The countries that recognize #Palestine as a state
كل الشكر لهذه المشاعر الصادقة والجميلة وهذا هو الكنز الحقيقى الذى امتلكه .سنه أولى اعتزال جمهور الاهلى افتقدك
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Ten easy steps to happier living via @guardian
"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." - Wayne Gretzky
سيكون شتاء بائس كمحاولات جلال أمين إقناعنا بإن الغرب مش متقدم عننا ولا حاجة وإن المسألة كلها تلاعب لفظي ولغويات.
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أنا مش فاكر أي حاجة. أنا حاسس اني داخل امتحان ميكروبيولوجي تالتة صيدلة. أنا مش فاكر هي الميكرو كانت في تانية ولا تالتة. يعني ايه ميكرو؟
أنا مش فاكر أي حاجة
I started my Halloween celebration today by taking the IELTS Speaking test. Tomorrow is the big party. Wish me luck if you got this tweet.
I haven't been to Tanta since ages (@ H2O)
What would BuzzFeed do without reddit?
True story! "The Biggest Career Killer of All Time: The Performance Review"…
Mobile, non-existent a few years ago, now makes 66% of all Facebook revenues!!! $FB #fbearnings
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Weird and wonderful bookshops worldwide – in pictures* ·Renault Van Bookshop, Lisbon, Portugal*
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#NASA launches SoundCloud account that lets you hear sounds from space:
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المهندسين زحمة كآخر أيام الأرض
Good morning world. A long hectic day is starting!
GALAXY Note 4 launch event in Egypt #galaxynote4 (@ The Saladin Citadel of Cairo | قلعة صلاح الدين)
OS X Yosemite will be ready in a minute .. yaaaay! #macintosh #yosemite
سور السفارة السويسرية بالقاهرة بقى أصيع سور سفارة في العالم. ناس بتشجع الفن والإبتكار. اللهم ارزقنا عقلية مشابهة.
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الانسان أصله جوافة
We thought we knew everything about business management. We were wrong. Here's my guide to what I learned at Google:…
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Amazing idea! The world's first ever social media choreography #LoveJu #football #socialmedia…
An Academic Tweet: 1. Fix grammar. Tweet. 2. Find typo. Delete. 3. Fix typo. Tweet. 4. No response. Delete. 5. Critique social media.
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Two young women unite the countries of the Middle East in the most beautiful way (VIDEO) - Your Middle East…
I'm at الاتوبيس النهري
Sometimes I scan my brain for people to hang out with, I know I had some somewhere, but I can’t think of any. WTF?
Sometimes I wonder if I've any friends and if so, where the fuck did they go?
Good morning world!
Good morning people. Have a nice start to your week.
“Heavy exposure to media alters the viewer’s perception of social reality in a way that matches the media world” –Levin & Kilbourne
Félicitations à l'Egypte de gagner un enregistrement 0 @22mosalah et @ElNennyM Mabrouk Egypt
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حارس بتسوانا يدي على ١٥ سنة
Brilliantly placed ball from Salah from the edge of the box. A goal that relieves a nation of almost 90 million. Botswana 0-2 Egypt
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المنتخب شكله أحسن بكتير من الماتشين اللي فاتوا .. بس احساسي الماتش ده تعادل
I'm at Adrenaline Paintball
"فوضى" .. وثائقي قصير عن أحداث بورسعيد
Nada's birthday selfie @ Digital Republic
Guess what? He is a pharmacy student! "Egyptian teenager designs Pink Floyd’s new album cover | Egyptian Streets…