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The New Yorker
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In swing states, is Obamacare an asset? @SamWangPhD analyzes the latest polls:
I Love Ferguson: @williams_paige attends a meeting where residents discuss how to repair the town’s public image
“DO NOT GIVE THE BEACH YOUR CREDIT-CARD INFORMATION.” Humorous beach-safety rules, by @jhowellharris:
An early look at Eric Drooker’s cover for next week’s issue: #Ferguson
“We don’t have to look at Iraq for an analogue to Missouri.” Elif Batuman on the problematic comparison:
Adam Gopnik looks at a new theory about the origins of symbolic communication in early humans:
Mark Singer on the choices James Foley made:
“Baldwin wrote ‘Stranger in the Village’ more than sixty years ago. Now what?” @tejucole revisits the 1953 essay:
An early look at next week's cover, "Ferguson, Missouri," by Eric Drooker: #Ferguson
The Real “Knick”: @tnyfrontrow on a fascinating and vivid supplement to Steven Soderbergh’s TV series
Podcast: @tnyCloseRead and @jelani9 discuss what we know and don’t know about Michael Brown’s death in #Ferguson
Read Tessa Hadley’s short story in this week’s issue: #fiction
.@jaycaspiankang asks: When it comes to allowing gruesome videos, where, exactly, is @twitter’s enforcement line?
Are GMOs a scourge or a solution to hunger? @specterm explores @drvandanashiva’s controversial crusade: #longreads
1987: Father of your firstborn disappears. 2012: You find out he was an undercover spy. A story by @laurenzcollins:
Why do some people need less sleep than others? The answer may be in our genes:
Is country music prepared to say goodbye to one of its biggest stars? Kelefa Sanneh on @taylorswift13’s new song:
RT @johnbaileyowen: for all those hoping to keep your sandcastles safe from jerks: @tnyshouts
“They wore each other like a pair of socks.” From our Love Stories Collection, fiction by T. C. Boyle: #TNYarchive
Should Twitter have taken down the James Foley video?
Podcast: @tnyCloseRead and @jelani9 discuss the events that followed the killing of Michael Brown in #Ferguson
RT @CultureDesk: Christoph Niemann’s beach GIFs for a troubled August.
“When we tell people they are a good match, they act as if they are.” OkCupid’s @christianrudder on user experiments:
Last week, @coreyfishes took over our photo department’s @instagram feed from Bristol Bay, Alaska. Take a look: