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The New Yorker
Should watching a boat slip down a fjord be touted as the chill person’s television? @nathanheller on slow TV:
Obama to Move to Doorman Building, via @BorowitzReport:
RT @tnyCloseRead: Omar Gonzalez's East Room run--and why it shouldn't turn the White House into a militarized bubble:
“Here is a goddess, and she wants to be your friend.” From #TNYarchive, Anthony Lane on Julia Roberts’s appeal:
Jennifer Gonnerman offers a rare account of life inside the notorious jail for adolescents on Rikers Island:
“You can’t make a call with the Phoney ... But you can make a point.” @TimFiteMusic discusses his latest project:
A new biography revisits the professional achievements and personal troubles of the late comedian Phil Hartman:
How and where do pleasure and motivation—the impulse to eat a piece of cake or to resist it—arise in the brain?
“[Ian] Teh has chosen to depict the world’s most populous country as devoid of people.” @eosnos on haunting photos:
Take a look at our first-ever animated-GIF cover, “Rainy Day,” by Christoph Niemann:
.@bengreenman on what is “easily Prince’s most coherent and satisfying record in more than a decade”
At the Tiny Telephone recording studio, messiness can be a virtue. @jfagone on @johnvanderslice’s “sloppy hi-fi”
RT @RyanLizza: John McCain told me he would support Rand Paul for president if Paul wins the 2016 GOP nomination:
Malick Sidibé photographed British painter Chris Ofili for the magazine this week. Behind-the-scenes at the shoot:
.@theryanbradley sums up his E.V. experience: “enthusiasm for the concept, tempered by a surprisingly crummy reality”
From #TNYarchive: The legacy of Katharine Hepburn, who helped to pave the way for stronger female characters onscreen
Kevin Canty explains the story behind “Story, with Bird,” his piece in the magazine this week:
Does a Yahoo–AOL merger make sense? @vauhinivara explains why it might:
Throughout the week, we’ll be sharing new and classic stories about the inner workings of the brain. Take a look:
In honor of the Supreme Court's opening conference, revisit six classic #SCOTUS stories from #TNYarchive:
.@JohnCassidy on why this year’s @rydercup feud “may well become a case study at Harvard Business School”
“There are few figures in the past twenty years of electronic music as important & as mercurial as @AphexTwin.” —@sfj
.@wrightr on Hassan Rouhani’s dinner for former U.S. officials from all six Administrations since the 1979 revolution
“I don’t hesitate to apply the M-word—masterwork—to this new film.” @tnyfrontrow on Hong Sang-soo’s “Hill of Freedom”
Last summer, Amy Savage collected what would become the @AMNH’s first sample of Manhattan street ants:
Will the Supreme Court choose to hear any gay-marriage cases during its upcoming term? @Socarides considers:
“The glum fact is that ‘Gone Girl’ lacks clout where it needs it most, at its core,” Anthony Lane writes:
Listen to Margaret Talbot’s Comment about Mark Fuller, domestic violence, and privacy:
.@asarahlarson on a new biography of the late comedian Phil Hartman:
“He was a bankable movie star amid fantasy-league assets.” @mcgrathben’s farewell to Derek Jeter:
A slide show of photographs from the growing protests in Hong Kong:
Two weeks into his retirement from professional racing, @thejensie broke cycling’s one-hour record:
Is Apple’s new campus as earth-friendly as the company’s rhetoric makes it sound?
.@JohnCassidy on Obama's Syria strategy: hit and hope
Take a look at Christoph Niemann’s animated, rainy-day cover this week:
Can @SenRandPaul go mainstream with his father’s fringe ideology? @RyanLizza reports:
Podcast: Dexter Filkins & @lawrence_wright on America’s escalating attacks against terrorist groups in Syria & Iraq:
Penelope Gilliatt’s 1978 Profile of Diane Keaton, published a year after the release of “Annie Hall” #TNYarchive
Slide Show: Sebastião Salgado’s “Genesis,” a presentation of untarnished landscapes shot over a span of eight years
In New York, Renzi mania or Renzi remorse? @a_stille on the Italian Prime Minister’s appearance at the @CFR_org:
Using a ten-minute quiz, Cloverpop offers to guide you through big life decisions. @BetsyMorais on the new site:
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Video: California’s Central Valley is gripped by one of the worst droughts on record
Read some of our favorite New Yorker classics on actresses from the past few decades: #TNYarchive
Alec Wilkinson goes record shopping with @ImeldaOfficial:
The European Court ruled that Google must delete certain links that violate privacy. What are the consequences?
In her new book, Eula Biss explores the deep roots of parental anxiety about vaccines, and how to conquer it:
Watch what @tnyfrontrow calls "one of the greatest dance performances in the history of cinema"