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The New Yorker
“The Magician’s Land,” “Bulletproof Vest,” and other titles reviewed in the Briefly Noted section of the issue:
“For him, comedy was smaller than life.” Kelefa Sanneh on @BillCosby’s legacy:
Is it possible to control cancer without killing it? Jerome Groopman on an experimental new drug:
From #TNYarchive: @raffiwriter on an audacious plan to create an energy source that could save Earth from catastrophe
Dollar stores are doing well not because the economy is improving but because the income disparity has widened:
David Denby on “The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them,” a “romantic drama measured out in teaspoons of misery”
.@CharlayneHG on what the Pistorius-Rice moment teaches us about dealing with violence against women:
Throughout the years of the Cold War, a subgenre of cartoons flourished, poking fun at the humble Russian inventor:
Why @tnyfrontrow finds Pascale Ferran’s new film to be “an artistic disaster, but a fascinatingly symptomatic one”
.@BorowitzReport: White House Vows to Use Every Synonym for War Against ISIS
A short story by Danielle McLaughlin, published in this week’s issue of the magazine:
Out Loud Podcast: Kelefa Sanneh, @asarahlarson, and @magger discuss the complicated life of Bill Cosby
A complete retrospective of the Taiwanese director Hou Hsiao-hsien's work opens tonight at @MovingImageNYC:
.@JohnCassidy on the conservatives who praised Obama’s ISIS speech:
“There is hope…in the sharing of stories and difficult conversations.” @CharlayneHG on Oscar Pistorius and Ray Rice:
In 1994, David Remnick heard Ian Paisley preach in Belfast: “His power is physical—more particularly, vocal.”
Will we ever be able to erase memories and reactivate them at will? @mkonnikova on a series of new studies:
.@EricKlinenberg on his terrifying encounter with a snake: “City life doesn’t teach you how to deal with this.”
This week, @tedcruz delivered “a stirring speech with an unlikely twist,” raising a good point about campaign finance
In this week’s issue, John Lahr takes an in-depth look at Al Pacino’s career and legacy:
On this week’s Political Scene podcast, William Finnegan and George Packer discuss income inequality:
A primer on the Scottish independence vote, by @JohnCassidy:
In the new British prison drama “Starred Up,” David Denby writes, “you’re held by every exchange, every fight”
“I’ve seen Stonehenge. Next?” @Rebeccamead_NYC on why the bucket list privileges a restless consumption of culture:
Who is the video-game developer behind the recent #gamergate debate? @SimonParkin on Zoe Quinn:
Through his stunning photos of the WTC in the early morning hours, Konstantin Petrov left behind “a ghostly record”
.@sfj shares a track-by-track guide to the new U2 album, which he calls a “modern-rock wet wipe”
RT @CultureDesk: Nick Paumgarten on trying to remember what life was like the day before 9/11.
How Walter Benjamin and Theodor Adorno’s early critiques of pop culture can help us think about society today:
Podcast: William Finnegan and George Packer discuss fast-food workers’ fight for a higher minimum wage
“[Obama], who only last year talked about winding down the ‘war on terrorism,’ has come a long way.” —@JohnCassidy
.@jaycaspiankang on why tonight’s Ravens-Steelers game “will feel more like a weird, dutiful sideshow”
In 2001, Konstantin Petrov photographed quieter moments at the WTC’s sky-top restaurant:
.@PGourevitch: “Nothing that Obama said in his speech was as revealing as what he didn’t say.”
Why Google and other bigger Silicon Valley companies opted out of Internet Slowdown Day:
RT @emilynussbaum: A blog post on my new beloved sour-sitcom, FX’s “You’re the Worst”
Are You Ready for Some Football? @jaycaspiankang wonders who is going to say yes tonight:…
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“I want you to know I’ve never been happier. You made my life.” A 9/11 hero and his love story: #TNYarchive
.@Rebeccamead_NYC on bucket lists and “the YOLO-ization of cultural experience”
.@Andrew_Solomon on the terrifying dilemma facing pregnant women who suffer from depression:
Today’s Daily Cartoon: If the @nfl ran Homeland Security
RT @tnyphotobooth: A search for images predating #September11 revealed the prolific photography of a WTC electrician
In a special @talkofthetown section following the September 11th attacks, nine writers grappled with the tragedy:
“It was a businesslike address rather than an inspiring one.” @JohnCassidy on Obama’s speech and his war on ISIS:
A look back at James B. Stewart’s 2002 story on 9/11 hero Rick Rescorla: #TNYarchive
At 74, Al Pacino sometimes asks himself, “When am I just gonna sit back & smell the golf balls?” The answer: not soon
Obama’s Coalition of the Willing and Unable: @JeffShesol examines last night’s speech
Knut Egil Wang photographs the Norwegian ritual of spending weeks in Mediterranean beach towns each year: