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.@IvanKreilkamp on the “Against [X]” formula, a “symptom of a liberal culture’s longing to escape its own strictures”
What People Cured of Blindness See:
“History, well read, is simply humility well told, in many manners.” Adam Gopnik on the value of studying history:
“First of all, I hate that Journey song.” An update from Tony Soprano, seven years after the series finale: #satire
.@wmarybeard, a Cambridge classicist, takes on men who are “frightened of smart women.” Read Rebecca Mead’s Profile:
.@mcgrathben on the everlasting and newly inescapable question: Is baseball in trouble?
.@BorowitzReport: Nation Debates Extremely Complex Issue of Children Firing Military Weapons
“Our motto is now ‘Have It Your Way, If That’s Not Too Much of a Bother.’ ” The daily cartoon @BurgerKing @TimHortons
In the lead-up to this year’s #NYerFest, we want to hear your most memorable Festival moment. Email us: tickets [at] newyorker [dot] com
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According to @jonahweiner, the ending of “The Sopranos” stages “a violent death, patently and unambiguously: ours”
Ten Bushwick roommates have turned their apartment into a punk-performance paradise: @talkofthetown
.@tnyshouts: “Willy is allergic to Korean wailing grass, Georgia red-clay mold, ... and flan.” Back-to-School Time!
“Being gay is a gift from God.” The drag queen and lucha libre star Cassandro talks to William Finnegan: #longreads
“Among the many reasons to mourn Foley’s death is the loss of his reporting, & of reporting in general, from Syria.”
What do @BurgerKing’s global ambitions mean for @TimHortons’ image? @vauhinivara considers:
A 27-year-old piece of conceptual art has returned to Times Square. @JonathanBlitzer on “A Logo for America”
“The pilot of ‘The Cosmopolitans,’ I hope, will win the series an enduring life,” @tnyfrontrow writes: @amazon
Reading about food, @KitchenBee says, is an “exquisite pleasure.” A reflection on the allure of imagined meals:
One of @mcgrathben’s #TNYarchive favorites: Nick Paumgarten’s @talkofthetown piece on the Palisades panther(s)
RT @tnyshouts: At long last, a statement from the selfie-taking monkey (by @billbarol):
This month on the Poetry Podcast, Lucie Brock-Broido reads “Recurring Awakening,” an elegy by Franz Wright:
As Western news coverage of Syria’s civil war dwindles, George Packer on why we need reporters like James Foley:
.@ICPhotog, in conjunction with the @HolocaustMuseum, now offers digital access to its Roman Vishniac archive:
The Return Of The Mittster?
How Shigeru Ban’s radical-chic architecture is making him an exemplar of progressive humanitarianism: