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The New Yorker
Robert Hass has won @POETSorg's Wallace Stevens Award. Revisit some of his work for the magazine:
Stuck with house guests over the long weekend? David Sedaris understands. From #TNYarchive, "Company Man"
Sandra Gilbert’s “The Culinary Imagination” explores the allure of food writing:
West Bank video-game studio PinchPoint's first release is here. @SimonParkin talks with the @SpermaniaGame team:
#Longreads for the Long Weekend: Revisit Calvin Trillin’s 1989 Profile of Penn and Teller
With the rise of “goodwashing,” Shigeru Ban’s architecture has become an example of progressive humanitarianism:
"I’m done with this story now, and am as mystified by it as the next person." Joseph O'Neill on his latest: #fiction
“I thought I knew everything.” @JohnCassidy recalls first arriving in America, at the age of twenty-one:
Derek Jeter’s “ease, his daily joy in his work, has lightened the sadness of this farewell,” Roger Angell writes:
MT @CultureDesk: @joshuarothman on the marketing campaign NASA used to get Americans on board with an Apollo mission
RT @SportingScene: Roger Federer’s Nine Racquets
If Hello Kitty's not a cat, what is Mickey Mouse? @ColinJStokes analyzes other cartoon "animals" #satire
Podcast: Dexter Filkins and @tnyCloseRead on the threat of ISIS and the challenges Obama faces in his response to it
A song about leaving New York for the weekend, by @MarcPhilippe200:
At one of the nation's oldest black newspapers, journalism and activism mix. @williams_paige on the @StLouisAmerican:
Roger Angell’s farewell to Derek Jeter, accompanied by next week’s cover:
RT @vauhinivara: Why Abercrombie & Fitch isn't cool anymore.
.@JohnCassidy recalls first arriving in America, thirty years ago:
“Good thing you’re working out, because you wouldn’t want to get porky!” On sexism in Congress:
With @LastWeekTonight, John Oliver has mastered must-share T.V. @iancrouch on virality as a new metric of success:
“Antioxidaaaaaaants . . . forty-five flavonoiiiiiiids . . . ” @henryalford imagines a future kale shortage:
.@iancrouch on the @nfl’s new domestic-violence rules:
The new cover of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” is “strangely but tellingly misbegotten,” Margaret Talbot writes
Why @Abercrombie has decided to shed its once-ubiquitous logo from its clothing:
What are journalistic duties when your city's under seige? Great @williams_paige #Ferguson post.
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MT @eosnos: Sometimes a headline writes itself: "Deliberating Bodies: Sexism and Congress"
A daily cartoon lamenting the end of summer Fridays:
Read David Denby’s take on the new comedy “The Trip to Italy”
.@NathanBurstein imagines an update from Tony Soprano, seven years after the series finale: @tnyshouts
“We are far more likely to be made by history than to make it.” Adam Gopnik on the value of studying history:
“I give ’em my music, that’s what matters.” From #TNYarchive: Bryan Di Salvatore’s 1990 Profile of Merle Haggard
Poet Henri Cole’s twelfth dispatch from the streets of Paris: @pageturner
Every night this month, the words "This Is Not America" flash above Times Square just before midnight:
This weekend, more than a hundred E.D.M. acts take over Randall's Island for @ElectricZooNY: @goingson
“‘Against [X]’ works best when X is a sacred cow.” @IvanKreilkamp on click-bait polemics:
.@Rebeccamead_NYC looks at how classics professor and feminist heroine @wmarybeard takes on her Twitter trolls:
A San Francisco flower market sits in a neighborhood transformed by tech. @vauhinivara on a SoMa flower struggle:
“Rather than asking, ‘Did Tony get whacked?’ we might want to ask, instead, ‘Why did Chase whack us?’” #Sopranos
Meet the inspiration for Maggie the Cat. @JohnLahrwriter on Tennessee Williams and Lady Maria St. Just: #TNYarchive
Ken Auletta asks: Could Nick Davies have unravelled the phone-hacking scandal without becoming more of a participant?
.@JohnCassidy on the good news about Medicare and the budget:
Having company over for Labor Day weekend? Revisit David Sedaris’s story about dealing with house guests: #TNYarchive
.@IvanKreilkamp on the “Against [X]” formula, a “symptom of a liberal culture’s longing to escape its own strictures”
What People Cured of Blindness See:
“History, well read, is simply humility well told, in many manners.” Adam Gopnik on the value of studying history:
“First of all, I hate that Journey song.” An update from Tony Soprano, seven years after the series finale: #satire
.@wmarybeard, a Cambridge classicist, takes on men who are “frightened of smart women.” Read Rebecca Mead’s Profile:
.@mcgrathben on the everlasting and newly inescapable question: Is baseball in trouble?
.@BorowitzReport: Nation Debates Extremely Complex Issue of Children Firing Military Weapons
“Our motto is now ‘Have It Your Way, If That’s Not Too Much of a Bother.’ ” The daily cartoon @BurgerKing @TimHortons