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Nagano, Japan, is home to the people with the longest life spans. @jameswdelano’s photos of their daily practices:
From our collection of #TNYarchive stories about comedians, read @danagoodyear’s 2005 Profile of @SarahKSilverman:
“There are few things more dangerous than the perception that one is a danger,” @jelani9 writes: #Ferguson
Out Loud Podcast: @nathanheller and @joshuarothman discuss whether élite colleges are bad for the soul
Steve Coll on the wrong questions about kidnapped journalists:
“And the Emmy for biggest out-of-context spoiler goes to...” Today’s daily cartoon: #Emmys
Is @BurgerKing’s plan to acquire @TimHortons and move its headquarters to Canada about more than taxes?
“The cast of characters is complicated.” @tnyCloseRead on ISIS, Assad, and America:
According to my math, this is strange but plausible: Could an Independent in Kansas Swing the Senate?…
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RT @JohnCassidy: With emotions running high, it's time for some Type 2 (Kahneman) thinking on Iraq and Syria.
“Stuntism is to art as weeds are to horticulture: plants in the wrong place.” Peter Schjeldahl on illegal public art:
.@asarahlarson reflects on the weirdness of last night's #Emmys
“More than anything, the Hanx Writer is about making noise.” @silviakillings on the new typewriter app:
RT @CultureDesk: "I am eight, and I am afraid of everything." @lenadunham writes about growing up in therapy.
A NY choreographer conjures the memory of S. A. Andrée, who attempted to reach the North Pole by hydrogen balloon:
RT @nxthompson: Is teaming up with Assad to stop ISIS like teaming up with Stalin to defeat Hitler?
B. K. S. Iyengar, who died last week at 95, was a central figure in the popularization of yoga as we know it:
“There have always been men who are frightened of smart women.” @Rebeccamead_NYC profiles @wmarybeard:
David Denby reviews Steve Coogan and @RobBrydon’s new comedy “The Trip to Italy”
St. Louis was once “one of the most formidably segregated cities in America.” Landon Jones remembers a 1953 summer:
Many were convinced that Your Old Droog was @Nas, in disguise. @jaycaspiankang debunks the hip-hop conspiracy theory:
In honor of @BryanCranston's win at the #Emmys, a look at @tadfriend's Profile of the actor:
Not even I, Haterade Buzzkill, would deny that True Detective featured incredible direction. Congratulations, True D!
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