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The New Yorker
Roger Angell previews the World Series:
Bill Hader’s old barista might be the one that deserves most of the credit for Stefon:
Is the Chinese economy about to fall off a cliff? @JohnCassidy on a new report:
Today’s daily cartoon by David Sipress:
.@BorowitzReport: New Texas Law Would Require Candidates for Governor to Show Proof of I.Q.
“I knew immediately that Greifenhagener Straße 227 was my dream temporary rental.” An @Airbnb review, in @tnyshouts:
“If you type ‘Billy Joel’s house’ into Google maps, you get Madison Square Garden.” A Profile by @NickPaumgarten:
“If forty seasons have taught us anything, it’s that @nbcsnl always finds a way to survive.” @iancrouch on the show:
Steve Coll on how Edward Snowden changed journalism:
On this month’s poetry podcast, James Richardson reads and discusses “A Single Autumn,” by W. S. Merwin:
RT @reeveswiedeman: Ariel Pink swipes through Tinder in Staten Island en route to singing with a children's choir:
“If you are young & a New York artist lacking a trust fund today, you are pretty surely in Brooklyn.” A new art show:
“If Ebola can change, we can change, too.” Richard Preston reports on the scientific race to contain the virus:
A video from Jane Mayer’s #NYerFest interview with Edward Snowden:
Since 2009, Thomas Sauvin has sifted through more than half a million negatives depicting everyday life in China:
“Sportswriting has always been transactional.” From Bob Ryan to the Players’ Tribune:
“The audience and the director, it’s an S&M relationship, and the audience is the M.” –Quentin Tarantino #TNYarchive
Taking Pictures: A Way for Photographers to Protect Their Work
At #NYerFest, @BorowitzReport asked @Sethrogen about one of his earlier gigs—writing jokes for a mohel in Vancouver:
RT @CultureDesk: @joshuarothman on the fascinating lives of the real Amazon warriors.
“Here I am, a Palestinian Arab who only knows how to write in Hebrew, stuck in central Illinois.” –Sayed Kashua
In magic circles, @ApolloRobbins is regarded as a kind of legend. Read a #TNYarchive Profile of the pickpocket:
“The romance of space travel got hold of me.” Tom Hanks discusses his short story in this week’s issue:
On this week’s Out Loud podcast, Richard Preston clears up misconceptions about the current Ebola outbreak:
.@vauhinivara on the rehabilitation of California’s ballot measure:
MT @DavidGrann: Essential read: Richard Preston, author of The Hot Zone, reports on scientific race to contain Ebola
Don’t fall for it: #Banksy is still anonymous. Revisit @laurenzcollins’s story on the invisible man of graffiti art
At @PublicTheaterNY, Sterling K. Brown plays a slave fighting in the Confederate Army for his freedom: @goingson
.@BobEckstein shares drawings and stories inspired by bookstores around New York City:
Listen to @jelani9’s Comment about why our government doesn’t look like the people it’s supposed to represent:
Today’s daily cartoon by David Sipress:
In 2009, photographer Thomas Sauvin discovered a trove of anonymous negatives in a recycling plant outside Beijing:
.@sbrickman on a @Columbia design challenge to develop low-cost technology-driven solutions to Ebola:
A look at this week’s cover, “Fun and Games in Congress,” by Mark Ulriksen:
Read a début work of fiction by Tom Hanks, in this week’s issue:
MT @JeffreyToobin: My interview with @BarackObama (& @SenatorReid) re #scotus, judges, and the Constitution.
In this week’s issue, Richard Preston looks at how genomics research can help contain the Ebola outbreak:
This week, we’re sharing classic #TNYarchive stories about filmmakers, including Martin Scorsese, Mira Nair, and more
A look at photographs from @moises_saman’s project “Discordia: The Arab Spring”
A conversation with S. E. Hinton, the woman who “almost single-handedly brought the Y.A. genre into being”
Podcast: Dexter Filkins, Steve Coll, @wrightr, and @jonleeanderson on their experiences covering the Middle East
Was Beethoven too great for the good of music? Alex Ross on the composer’s profound influence:
What happens when Patricia Marx brings an emotional-support snake into a Chanel boutique and a turtle to the Frick:
In Comment, @jelani9 explains why our government doesn’t look like the people it’s supposed to represent:
Why have copyright protections grown and grown? Louis Menand on what the intellectual-property battles really mean:
Six pieces from #TNYarchive about directors and the craft of filmmaking:
“I have also volunteered as a tutor, helping public-school children learn to lie about it.” College-Application Essay
Eleven Posts You May Have Missed This Week
In a #TNYarchive story, Alice Waters explains her culinary philosophy to Adam Gopnik:
Video: Staten Island residents describe their experiences with a post-Sandy buyout program