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Newt Gingrich
RT @usnews: VA reform in the palm of your hand? @PeterRoff on @newtgingrich's new idea: #tcot Via @USNewsOpinion
Could #smartphones be the key to replacing the failing Washington bureaucracies? Yes.…
.@WSJ book review: 'Innovation Breakdown' by Joseph V. Gulfo -another case of #fda blocking medical innovation…
Confronting #ISIS -- 'It Takes an Army to Defeat an Army' - @CalThomas in @townhallcom…
Just flew the lewis and clark trail. Ellis the elephant is with them in from "sea to shining sea "coming in october
Finding a doctor has never been easier thx to @ZocDoc. Talked w/COO Dr Kharraz in new #podcast
Finding a new doctor has never been easier thanks to ZocDoc, a new app that allows patients to locate doctors based on area, availability, and insurance. Talked with ZocDoc COO & founder Dr. Oliver Kharraz in latest #podcast. Listen here:
DOJs #OperationChokePoint is closing down bank accounts for businesses across the US. Join the fight at
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Watch my speech from @AEI today with my plan to replace the broken veterans service system.
Today at #AEI I laid out a bold plan to replace the current veterans service system, which is a bureaucratic failure broken beyond repair. This is the first step in a much larger plan to transition from late 19th century bureaucracies to 21st century citizen-centered government. If you agree it's ti
RT @CallyGingrich: Newt addressing the many challenges at the VA today at @AEI. @ American Enterprise Institute
At @AEI about to lay out plan for replacing current vet service system w/ a 21st century model. Watch live
In 1 hour: @newtgingrich reveals his plan for improving #veterans’ health by harnessing 21st-century technologies.
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Talking at @AEI at 12pET today about establishing a 21st century veterans service system. Watch live here
Will share my thoughts on #Hillary's interview in @TheAtlantic on @CNN newsroom next. Tune in.
RT @AEItech: Tomorrow @AEI: @newtgingrich visits to talk about veterans and technology! Sign up here:
Will be speaking at @AEI tomorrow about 21st century #Vet service system. RSVP for event here:
Just completed From Sea to Shining Sea, to be released October 13, 2014.
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Receiving a lot of good questions in my @facebook q&a. Ask a question here…
Answering questions on my @facebook page now about #ISIS, #BokoHaram and #Hamas. Ask a question here:…
Hosting @facebook q&a at 3:30pET on #ISIS, #Hamas, and #BokoHaram. Join conversation here:
Discussing #isis, #hamas, and #BokoHaram on @CNN now. Tune in.
.@newtgingrich argued on @NewDay: 'nobody wants to tell the truth' about radical Islam. Agree?
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#Obama should look at PM Stanley Baldwin& Pres. Buchanan to see what happens when leaders continuously reject reality
RT @GOP: @Reince Op-ed Why has free-market competition & innovation put bureaucrats& city govs up in arms? #uber
.@GOP is exactly right about choosing innovators like @Uber over prison guards of the past…
Duolingo, one of my favorite #apps, is the focus of this week's #podcast. It's truly changing the way people learn a new language. Have you tried it yet?
RT @jimgeraghty: Reminder: In January, President Obama dismissed ISIS as al-Qaeda's "jayvee" team.…
Enjoyed talking with Myra Adams at @BIZPACReview. Interview here:
RT @BIZPACReview: BPR Buzzworthy with Newt Gingrich: We’ll survive Obama’s damage, but we’re still losing the...
Proud to introduce legislation that will get more technology in the classroom. Thanks @newtgingrich for your support!
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House #GOP Chair @cathymcmorris has great, forward-looking idea for blended learning
Took the new silver line from mclean to ballston. It worked well.
Did you use @Uber this wkd?i focus on them & the prison guards of past trying to block them in this wk's #podcast…
RT @DouthatNYT: My Sunday column: Obama's Impeachment Game:
.@newtgingrich @ananavarro @marclamonthill @erikkaknuti live now on whether the #GOP will "screw up" taking over the senate. Will they?
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Happy in the green room before today's @cnnsotu panel. Watch in a few minutes on @cnn.
CIA director Brennan said “Let me assure you the CIA was in no way spying on [the committee] or the Senate,” for lying he must resign.
Another good piece by @jackiecushman - Republicans -- Future Versus Past…
Tomorrow: @newtgingrich, @THEHermanCain& @GregAbbott_TX among speakers on final day of @ALEC_states annual meeting in Dallas
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Congress made important progress on #VA reforms this week but this needs to be beginning not end of reforms
Given today's speech about "hating", when President Obama isn't golfing he is whining. Please Mr President, go back to golf.
Where is the outrage? Doing @facebook q&a about this around 4:30pET. Interested in hearing your thoughts.… #Mosul
My new #podcast focuses on #Uber and the effort by some people at the University of California to protect the past by preventing new ideas. Let's stop these prisoners of the past and promote innovation instead. Listen here: