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Every hour, the sun rains enough energy on our tiny planet to satisfy our needs around the globe for a year.
First There Was Grubhub, Now You Can Have Birth Control Delivered to Your Door (@NewsweekEurope)
Anyone can take this Stanford class on "How to Start a Startup"
Nuking the moon and other secrets of the Space Race.
The Pacific Starfish Die-Off Continues, but There Is New Hope (@NewsweekEurope)
Decades after Holocaust, Auschwitz guard charged with 300,000 counts of accessory to murder
Ebola Frontline: Three-Day, Nationwide Quarantine Begins in Sierra Leone (@NewsweekEurope)
A real-life invisibility cloak built out of nanoscale metamaterials
Just one dose of an antidepressant can change brain connectivity within three hours
Schizophrenia is not one but eight distinct genetic disorders
Shocking news: young people smoke weed when they're feeling down
25 percent of Americans would support their states seceding
Elmo ↓ Costumed characters blow-off NYPD’s summit. Occupy Sesame Street.
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Airline food ↑ There’s a service wings it to your door each week. BYO-barf bag.
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Stalking and cyberbullying, hate crimes of the Internet age
NFL Commissioner Goodell promises broad changes, offers no specifics
Wall Street gets its zing back as Alibaba shoots out of the gate with IPO
Obama administration launches celebrity-studded #ItsOnUs campaign to end sexual assaults on college campuses
How to talk about death: report says Americans need more end of life planning
Sony creates SmartEyeglass to rival Google Glass
Windows soak up the sun's power to create energy
Scottish Nationalist leader Salmond quits after losing independence vote
The stolen girls of Nigeria (#BringBackOurGirls) are still not home
1 in 4 Americans would support secession of state from U.S.
Breaking news: Alibaba opens at above $94, well above its $68 initial price
What it's like to have your photo from the World Trade Center returned 13 years after 9/11
Russian polling expert calls Scottish independence vote polling methods "last century"
A five-star destination in the North Atlantic. Can an inn save Newfoundland's Fogo Island?
The most important international competition in human history. Secrets of the Space Race:
Punishment for "Happy we are from Tehran" Pharrell Williams tribute video: 91 lashes each for six young Iranians
"Cash commuters": Why Europe's super rich are resorting to smuggling cash
The day Scotland said 'No': A grey morning after in Edinburgh
Over to the Aberdeen No voter here. "I believe the romantic side of me would say yes, but it's not that simple." .@Newsweek #indyref
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Ukraine President secures U.S. military aid but not weapons
Feminist video game critic receives bomb, death, and rape threats
Andy Murray joins Alan Cumming, Sean Connery, Annie Lennox in support of Scottish independence
Living longer, but aging faster? First HIV/AIDS generation reaches retirement age.
"So help me God" will no longer be required in U.S. Air Force oath.
What time is the Scottish independence vote result due?
Scottish police on standby during independence vote as vandalism incidences reported around the country
Another Scottish vote: women can now be members at the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews
Just spoke with a Scottish bartender. "I would do anything to be home right now." Feel your pain bro #indyref .@Newsweek .@dogstoevsky
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"We don't have a voice of our own. We're represented by London." - a yes voter in Williamsburg, Brooklyn #indyref @Newsweek
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It's 9:40 p.m. and .@dogstoevsky and I have just seen our first kilt of the night .@Newsweek #indyref
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No solidly leading yes with 2/32 councils declared #indyref @Newsweek @lvzwestcott
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Apple boasts it can no longer give your data to police, even with a search warrant
Fantasy Football Week 3: Alt Bros in the suburbs, plus Nick Kroll's week 3 picks