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Scotland's scientists breathe easier after No vote #indyref #scienceFTW
Epilepsy gives woman compulsive urge to write poems #poetry
Who needs fingers? A new gaze-tracker lets you connect to gadgets with a glance
Bulldog ants are fighting dirty in a vicious turf war with spiders #zoologger
Last week's Apple Watch launch is just the latest step towards ubiquitous self-monitoring
Murderer and rapist Frank Van Den Bleeken has won the right to die: should this be allowed?
Tick tick boom, the Earth spits out a moon. Full in-depth article at
Jesus on toast! Frictional coefficient of banana skin, dog urination studies. It's the #IgNobel awards
Equip yourself for Australia's shaky jobs market with a science degree.
Scientists think the sun's polarity is in the process of reversing right now
Our sun's long-lost sibling, formed in the same cloud as our solar system, lives in Hercules
Global population may boom well beyond the year 2050
Rainy, with a chance of tornadoes, on the sun… Read more about our mysterious home star:
Did a nuclear time bomb deep inside the young Earth tear the planet apart?… In-depth article:
Imagination: Why we spend so much time exploring realities that don't exist…
Today on New Scientist: why imagination matters, artificial sweeteners and health, cross-species baby criest and more
Just one day left to win a VIP museum trip to London including 4* hotel. Log in free to enter:
We're getting closer to a quantum internet. And that'll be good for security.
Tiny changes in air temperature could power the sensors of the future
A mother deer will rush to help if she hears a baby seal - or even human baby - cry. Why?
Scotland should look to Estonia and Iceland if they decide to go it alone #indyref
What would Scottish independence mean for science? #indyref
It is 2062, and the youngest people now voting in Scotland's #indyref are now approaching retirement...
Bask in the green beauty of the aurora borealis lighting up a glacial lagoon
Psychedelic bird droppings? No: colliding galaxies, 40 to 600 million light years from Earth…
How's that diet soft drink taste? Artificial sweeteners cause glucose intolerance in mice
"Just keep swimming..." It turns out clownfish really DO make epic sea journeys
This "birthday machine" experiment reveals pretend play is serious business… Read more:
China clamps down on dirtiest coal to curb pollution
Finding Nemo is real: Clownfish make epic sea journeys
Our imagination could be key to our health and the power behind the rise of human civilisation
Online now: special report on imagination, the sun's strange side, aliens inside you and more
Want to work for New Scientist? We have job opportunities available in editorial, marketing and development
The sea ice around Antarctica has hit a record high - and it's down to, erm, global warming
Today on New Scientist: preferred vs promoted online, Cornish Jaws, psychology experiments we'd ban now and more
Boeing and SpaceX bag NASA's $6.8bn space taxi prize
Unbreakable ceramic! Crush this ceramic cube... And it bounces back
Read the article on the alternative ways to run a planet, featuring Nishimura's striking photography:
Tatsuro Nishimura tells how he created a stunning image for our article on the end of nations:…
Leaky wells, not fracking, polluted US drinking water
Stem cells used in landmark therapy to save Japanese woman's failing eyesight
Have we solved the mystery of the Tunguska event at last? Blast from the past at
"Uninhabitable Australia?" New Scientist Live is coming to Sydney. Book your tickets now.
Stand up now! Desk jobs and TV can slash your life expectancy, even if you work out every day
Today on New Scientist: Socrates among psychopaths, a "language gene" in mice, app saves stressed students and more
You thought entanglement was odd? Quantum discord turns the weirdness up to 11.
Spared by their smartphones: failing students saved by stress-sensing app
CUTE OVERLOAD. Close-up portraits of the adorable creatures of the night
Hackers are evolving a new role for themselves as the white knights of democracy