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Flee the pain ray, Marines! In-depth article at
#California needs to spend $25 billion on an immense tunnel project to guarantee its supply of fresh water
Did we all come out of Asia? The genus Homo may have evolved not in Africa but in Eurasia
Amazing. First direct evidence that epigenetic changes causes cancer
California's Katrina? If levees fail, thousands lose their homes and 19 million without water
Bloodsuckers fed on dinosaurs 130 million years ago
Leftover corn stalks + mushrooms = eco-friendly building material that could change the world of architecture
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California's single biggest source of water is a catastrophe waiting to happen
6 bizarre landforms created by global warming
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Out of Africa - or out of Africa, into Asia, and back again? Unpick our ancestral wanderings
It dominates search and is making self-driving vehicles. Nope, not Google. Baidu.
Hello, Javan kingfisher. Brand new species, straight onto the critically endangered list
ALL dinosaurs had feathers? That's the suggestion from an extraordinary new fossil
Arizona suspends executions following botched execution...
Inside the quantum experiment that splits reality
On an Alaskan glacier, scientists test an ice-melting probe that could one day hunt for alien life on #Europa
Feathered dinosaurs were a lot more widespread than we thought - may have been around since the first dinos
How a simple neutron beam splitter is questioning everything we thought we knew about reality:
Is this the solution to the puzzle of the Falklands wolf? Full story at
Untried lethal-injection cocktails are causing botched executions
Three mindblowing quantum paradoxes explained - with candy! Read more: