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New Scientist
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Number of eggs a woman has predicts heart attack risk
On its first trip into the solar system, comet buzzes spacecraft orbiting Mars
Read the world's first buyers' guide to quantum computers:
Apple and Facebook offering egg-freezing to women isn't that bad, says this pregnancy expert
On Thursday, China is going to launch a probe on a round trip to the moon
Vietnam is weaning itself off rhino horn - but more are being killed than ever before
Six ways a science degree will change your life… (Sponsored by Monash University)
Employers are turning to wearable tech to track their employees at work, rest and play
Genitals started out bony, were used sideways, then went out of fashion for millions of years
Locked-in people's awareness revealed by rainbow hair
A robotic, top secret US spaceplane has landed. But what's it been doing?
A fetus's arthritis genes can affect the mother. And dads might be to blame
Oldest genitals found. 380million years old. Copulation then went out of fashion for eons
If the painkiller paracetamol/acetaminophen were a new drug, it probably wouldn't get approval
Can Google Express deliver on same-day shopping?
#Ebola. The complete guide to the deadly virus:
This poisonous little devil frog is sexy - and he knows it
Anyone can be an Estonian e-resident now - but what does that even mean?
These are neurons, and the yellow dots are synapses
Greenpeace has undermined its own scientific credibility and its ability to shoot down Owen Paterson
Saturn's moon Mimas might have its own subsurface sea
We can stop extinction of nature's 'walking dead' - we proved it with the golden lion tamarin
Would we have civilization without coal? By 1820s, UK needed forests larger than the country
Two lethal viruses are devastating amphibians in Spain in a pretty gruesome way
Future spacecraft will be able to seek geysers on comets without any human help
SO VERY CUTE. Lemurs use the same family toilet
These fires have been burning for millennia. Now we might know why. #eternalflaaaame
In an alternate history without coal, the industrial revolution could have launched in Norway.
Crash diets are bad, right? Turns out they're no worse than slow-and-steady ones
Welcome to the crazy world of first-person drone racing
Skippy's ancient relatives were HUGE and walked around instead of jumping
Crash diets are no worse than gradual weight-loss when it comes to keeping it off
Hurry! Only 5 seats left at New Scientist Live in Sydney. "Uninhabitable Australia" Oct 28
New study says follow these 12 points and you can halve your risk of getting cancer
Inside the fast, crazy out-of-body experience that is first-person drone racing
These 'roos were made for walking: Extinct giant kangaroos didn't have hops
"Forget steampunk: this is a hydroelectropunk world" An alternate history with no fossil fuels
Mini MRI machine could check bone health for astronauts on the ISS
Bored of Rosetta selfies yet? Nope, we're not either. Here's a BRILLIANT new one
Wow. This serene image captures thunderclouds high above the Amazon rainforest
There could be a million cases of Ebola by January << in-depth explainer
UK students:This is the final week for entries in to the #AstellasAppChallenge. Get some great tips here: (sponsored)
Reality. Relativity. Cause and effect. Free will. Which doesn't work in the quantum world?
'Be proactive in responding to climate change,' Pentagon tells US military
Seeing is believing when it comes to stem cell therapy. Blind man recovers enough sight to ride his horse
Supplements are a $30b business, but most are pointless, or even harmful. What's worth taking:
Got time for a story? Gather round and let this robot spin you a tale
Toddlers are petri dishes of disease. Could we use them as early warning system for outbreaks?
What I'd ask Spider-Man, mascot of bio-inspiration
Pakicetus, the earliest whale, stars in an intriguing story of whale evolution