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New Scientist
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FBI says North Korea hacked Sony – but what's the proof?
A watched pot never boils but you can teach old dogs new tricks. The science behind sayings
How to train your Komodo dragon: what to do when a giant carnivorous lizard heads for you?
Sweet. Birds build snow tunnels - for fun
All those selfies with penguins in Antarctica could be making them ill
Acid bath stem-cell scientist admits she can't reproduce infamous results
Question Everything in the latest New Scientist book - the perfect gift for curious minds
#Europa's 200-km-high water jets have become a major mystery #Jupiter
This "sea ghost" has broken the record for deepest living fish
Here's what you see when you bounce off a comet #Philae
How to think about alien contact. Step 1: try not to think about what alien life might be like
They said it couldn't be done – but tasty half-fat chocolate is here. And we have the recipe
Despite what Stephen Hawking says, we won't ever be slaves to robots
These giant clams do more work on the coral reefs than we thought #busybusy
Robot insect THE SIZE OF A SMALL DOG takes first steps
Awsm news. #Philae "very likely" to wake up as early as January #RosettaWatch
Beyoncé's tweets as sacred text & error messages that tell a tragic tale: this is code poetry
Rudolph to the rescue: Reindeer geoengineering (plus video exposé of THAT red nose)
Philae lander might wake up as early as January, say scientists at #AGU14 #RosettaWatch
The Monty Hall problem shows how probability is something most of us get deeply wrong
10 years on from the South-East Asian tsunami, we go back
How to think about probability - step 1: ignore your intuition
This is a baby lobster surfing on a jellyfish.
Gravity, electromagnetism, the Higgs field – even empty space isn't empty