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New Scientist
How do you visualise the airflow over a wing? Better ask a computer - they're better than you
Grow fat, get thin? We put brown fat to the test
Eureka by machine: How computers will be the mothers of invention
"I’ve taught computers to paint portraits – and how to code"
The longest penis length relative to body size in the animal kingdom #junkoff
What kind of boring are you?
How to hack your attention span: the latest tips for staying focused
You think you know who you are? Think again.
How do you program a computer to be creative? Ask Darwin
"Our telescope could give everyone their own galaxy to study"
Don’t miss out on tickets for any of the fascinating, upcoming @newscilive events
Feeling lucky? Enter our competition to win this big pile of books:
Live cells stuck together like Velcro could mend broken hearts
The Pluto-chasing spacecraft New Horizons has a new destination: a small body called 2014 MU69
First proof that quantum weirdness really is as weird as it seems (sorry Einstein)
These insects might be tiny - but they roar at each other like lions watch>>>
Our number’s up: Future computers could do mathematics our brains will never understand
Terminator-style ‘skin’ quickly repairs itself after a gunshot
Why do we live in 3 dimensions? Knottiness might explain it
Being in a bad mood doesn't slow you down - but being happy gives you a brain boost
How do birds fly when it's really really foggy? Well, they struggle...
Could do better: How to clean up the world of online reviews
Fatter than your siblings? It could be because you’re older

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