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10 years ago John Ioannidis showed science was mostly wrong. But things are getting better
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Universe's dark age lasted 380k years after the big bang. Now we see before light was set free
Hermit style: Meet the sea's most decorated animal
Antarctic sea ice recently reached record coverage. It turns out it's thicker than we thought
Now you can run your own experiment using CERN's public LHC data
A severe El Niño 17 years ago stunted Peruvian children's height
The Three Gorges dam provides 2% of China's electricity, but changed the lives of millions
There's a mirror world of negative temperatures reaching from minus infinity to absolute zero
6 daily hrs of TV means you may die, on average, 5 yrs younger (and reading may be no better)
Parts of Antarctic sea ice are 3 times thicker than expected
How we smashed the diffraction limit to make a microscope that can see the impossible:
We travelled down the Yangtze to find the real stories behind the biggest dam in the world
The intuitive sense of self is an effortless, fundamental human experience - and an illusion
What put a kink in the polar vortex and caused the snowmageddon? Blame the Great Lakes
It turns out Saturn's calming nature keeps Earth friendly for life
Can you spot the snowshoe hare? Of course you can - its iconic camouflage may be its undoing
Light speed: it's the ultimate speed limit – or is it?
Risk-taking revolutionary leader, friendship specialist or tall bright spark - which are you?
A bout of high-intensity exercise does not cancel out the effect of sitting for hours on end.
In the hunt for gravitational waves, we've just got to go off-world
Snowmageddon! What's behind the freezing weather that has hit the US?
Spending your days sitting still slashes your life expectancy. How does your day stack up?