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New Age Blog
Healing Colour 31st July - Deep Sky Blue: Its deep because you may be thinking about who and what y... #spiritual
Ehwaz - Rune 31st July: You could be up against someone who is as strong willed as you are which ca... #spiritual
Tarot Card Nine of Wands 31st July: A sign of being on the defensive but are you fears real or imag... #spiritual
#spirituality Ecotherapy – A Prescribed Walk in the Park: We use the term Ecotherapy to describe the benefits ...
Healing Colour 30th July - Firebrick: You maybe stuck in a rut and need to take the heat while you ... #spiritual
Algiz - Rune 30th July: A good omen for risky ventures but you need to be cautious and not complace... #spiritual
Tarot Card Seven of Pentacles 30th July: Life maybe OK but is it worth the effort and perhaps you s... #spiritual
Astrology Forecast 29th July: An analytical, service-oriented, detailed yet pedantic Virgo Moon con... #spiritual
#spirituality Ace of Cups – Tarot Love Relationship Outcome & Reversed: Ace of Cups – Love and Relationship Ou...
Healing Colour 29th July - Medium Slate Blue: A pastel blue to inspire and support encouraged with ... #spiritual
Thurisaz - Rune 29th July: If you are going through a crises look after yourself and know your limi... #spiritual
Tarot Card King of Wands 29th July: You may be presented with a challenged to change things for the... #spiritual
Weekly Tarot Forecast Monday 28th July – Sunday 3rd August 2014: The 3 of PentaclesThere is a sens... #spiritual
Healing Colour 28th July - Cornsilk: A light red/yellow for energy to help problem solving with blu... #spiritual
#spirituality Book Review – The Zen of Financial Peril: The Zen of Financial Peril The Art of Happiness in Cri...
Pertho - Rune 28 July: Make your own choices but destiny, fate and luck may play a part in revealin... #spiritual
Tarot Card Two of Cups Reversed 28th July: Its all about passion that initially ignores the obstacl... #spiritual
Healing Colour 27th July - Blanched Almond: A light brown to help you out of a rut and move forward... #spiritual
Gebo - Rune for 27th July: The rune of balance regarding give and take in relationships and life. R... #spiritual
Tarot Card Judgement 27th July: A warning not to jump to conclusions or if people are judging you t... #spiritual
#spirituality Book Review – To Be and How to Be: To Be and How to Be Transforming Your Life through Sacred The...
Healing Colour 26th July - Cornflower Blue: A soothing and relaxing pastel blue with green and red ... #spiritual
Wunjo - Rune 26th July: The rune of joy, relationship wise things are looking good or you may get a... #spiritual
Tarot Card Five of Cups 26th July: Whatever is bothering you leave it behind and move on with the p... #spiritual
#spirituality Book Review – Going Deeper by Jean-Claude Gerard Koven: Kindle Edition ——————– Going Deeper How ...