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New Age Blog
Healing Colour 27th July - Blanched Almond: A light brown to help you out of a rut and move forward... #spiritual
Gebo - Rune for 27th July: The rune of balance regarding give and take in relationships and life. R... #spiritual
Tarot Card Judgement 27th July: A warning not to jump to conclusions or if people are judging you t... #spiritual
#spirituality Book Review – To Be and How to Be: To Be and How to Be Transforming Your Life through Sacred The...
Healing Colour 26th July - Cornflower Blue: A soothing and relaxing pastel blue with green and red ... #spiritual
Wunjo - Rune 26th July: The rune of joy, relationship wise things are looking good or you may get a... #spiritual
Tarot Card Five of Cups 26th July: Whatever is bothering you leave it behind and move on with the p... #spiritual
#spirituality Book Review – Going Deeper by Jean-Claude Gerard Koven: Kindle Edition ——————– Going Deeper How ...
Advertise Your New Age Courses and Workshops for Free: Its getting harder to promote on search engi... #spiritual
Healing Colour 25th July - Bisque: Its red/orange to fire you up and keep your system going with gr... #spiritual
Advertise Your New Age Courses and Workshops for Free
Swedish #Body #Massage course stats this Saturday in #Edgbaston, #Birmingham - intensive over the next month!...
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Hagalaz - Rune for 25th July: Confrontation with past expectations and behaviour patterns, now is t... #spiritual
Tarot Card Queen of Wands 25th July: A good sign for business relationships or they will help you a... #spiritual
Astrology Forecast 24th July: A dreamy, romantic but super-sensitive Cancer Moon continues direct d... #spiritual
#spirituality Clear Past Life Karma with Meditation: How To Clear Past Life Karma by Liz McCaughey We have man...
Healing Colour 24th July - Medium Blue: Its calming and comforting for those in physical and emotio... #spiritual
Sowulo: The sun rune it will help protect you and light the way on your journey, stay focused and l... #spiritual
Tarot Card The Hanged Man 24th July: You could be at a crossroads where you need to let go of somet... #spiritual
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Healing Colour 23rd July - Goldenrod: Gold can give a feeling of being valued but this is a dark go... #spiritual
Dagaz - Rune 23rd July: Meaning day and the association of everything that is beneficial of dayligh... #spiritual
Tarot Card Ten of Cups 23rd July: Communal and family contentment and happiness also relates to pos... #spiritual
#spirituality Wolfsangel Rune for Protection: Runic symbolism was commonly used during the Middle Ages as a me...
Healing Colour 22nd July Silver: Its really silver grey and while things may seem gloomy look on th... #spiritual