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New Age Blog
Astrology Forecast 24th July: A dreamy, romantic but super-sensitive Cancer Moon continues direct d... #spiritual
#spirituality Clear Past Life Karma with Meditation: How To Clear Past Life Karma by Liz McCaughey We have man...
Healing Colour 24th July - Medium Blue: Its calming and comforting for those in physical and emotio... #spiritual
Sowulo: The sun rune it will help protect you and light the way on your journey, stay focused and l... #spiritual
Tarot Card The Hanged Man 24th July: You could be at a crossroads where you need to let go of somet... #spiritual
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Healing Colour 23rd July - Goldenrod: Gold can give a feeling of being valued but this is a dark go... #spiritual
Dagaz - Rune 23rd July: Meaning day and the association of everything that is beneficial of dayligh... #spiritual
Tarot Card Ten of Cups 23rd July: Communal and family contentment and happiness also relates to pos... #spiritual
#spirituality Wolfsangel Rune for Protection: Runic symbolism was commonly used during the Middle Ages as a me...
Healing Colour 22nd July Silver: Its really silver grey and while things may seem gloomy look on th... #spiritual
Othila Rune 22nd July: A solid and secure home life leading to personal growth and more socialising... #spiritual
Tarot Card Ace of Pentacles 22nd July: Creative energy and vitality for prosperity and new beginnin... #spiritual
Healing Colour for 21st July - Lemon Chiffon: A light yellow that induces clarity, helps problem so... #spiritual
Fehu Rune for 21st July: Growing wealth in terms of knowledge as well as money but it must be used ... #spiritual
#spirituality Should I Really Pay More for Organic Foods?: Organic food has gotten a lot of air play over the ...
Tarot Card King of Pentacles 21st July: A good omen for financial matters and relationships but you... #spiritual
Tarot Card King of Pentacles 20th July: A good omen for financial matters and relationships but you... #spiritual
#spirituality Runes – Birth Chart, Hours, Half Months: Hour Runes The 24 runes of the Elder Futhark can be use...
Healing Colour for 19th July - Dark Orange: For emotional support in dealing with fears, phobias, s... #spiritual
Tiwaz Rune 19th July: Making a sacrifice for justice which will succeed if you are doing the right ... #spiritual
Tarot Card Queen of Wands 19th July: A positive omen in all aspects of life that can lead to emotio... #spiritual
#spirituality We Are God – No, Really!: We Are God – Search Within Yourself! The world is becoming a friendlie...
Healing Colour for 17th July - Lavender: Its a light blue/grey, you cannot make your mind up but so... #spiritual
Hagalaz Rune for 17th July: Expect sudden disruption to your life and plans usually from the past, ... #spiritual